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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lonson, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. dzhason

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    You may be an audiophile if... you use phrases like "brick walled recording" and refer to said recordings as unlistenable. :D
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  2. Lonson

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    Chardon, Ohio
    Been too long since I've heard this one. (From the Coltrane box set "Side Steps").

  3. Jacline

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    Montreal, Quebec
    1. Audiophile
    2. Foodie
    3. Wine enthusiast (or craft Beer)
    4. coffee connoisseur

    These? Applied to me? Maybe before, but not anymore (well, No. 1 was always out--I simply enjoy music, whichever way I can listen to it) .

    See number 5, though:

    5. All New 1967-1972
    Miles Davis junkie

    That's moi right now.
    Hello, I must be going. I cannot stay, I came to say I'm overdosing on Miles, and the albums I'm listening to are hard drugs for me. Yesterday, I added to my playlist, for good measure (and this is where you can really start questioning my sanity), the Live-Evil album and of course the Cellar Door Sessions.

    I am going insane. It's way too much. (But is there any other way to enjoy music? I mean, personally, I usually need to be hit right over the head by what I'm listening to. If not: boring...)

    Leaving here now to go OD in peace. ;)

  4. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    Coincidently I am listening to John Coltrane too, on a Paul Chambers lp A Jazz Delegation From The East that also has Kenny Drew and Philly Joe Jones.
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  5. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    I opened my CD of Live-Evil earlier today and gave it the first listen (I've been into electric miles for quite a while, just never picked up Live-Evil before because I already had most of the studio tracks elsewhere), of course, it made me want to get the Cellar Door Sessions now so that I can hear the complete unedited live takes. I really like the edited together pieces, sort of like a painting done with the raw live tracks as the palette, but confess that whenever I was into a certain thing they'd have going the edits would snatch it out from under me.
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  6. scompton

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    Arlington, VA
    It was unlistenable on the high end system. Brickwalled recordings are listenable on on my gear, even the 70s era Stax earspeakers. I'll take non-brick walled recordings over brick walled ones if available and reasonably priced. But if the music is good, I can thouroughly enjoy any poor recording as long as the music is good.
  7. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    I'm there with you, just saying though... you may still be an audiophile.
  8. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    I don't necessarily have to choose headphones or no music, we frequently like to have music on at home in the background (as opposed to TV). I'm fortunate that my wife is a music enthusiast, and a mean classical guitarist, so I don't have to worry about her being annoyed by it, but it's just not quite the same listening experience, though, with kids running around and playing and doing this or that. So, my time for real listening is usually limited to after everyone is in bed, so if I want to get some good volume then it's gotta be headphones. Or, while I'm working at home during the day and the kids are at school, but my office is in another room off to the side of the living room, so I'd really have to crank it up and point the speakers towards the door... but I usually decide to have mercy on our nanny and not torture her with loud jazz music all day.

    I got interrupted earlier while listening to The Real McCoy, so right now I'm giving it another go... it is indeed a real barn burner, I have to say, though, that my favorite tracks are the two ballads.
  9. I guess most people in Seattle pay their taxes just like everyone else. Jimi makes up for Kenny and I'm not a baseball fan.
    Never heard any Soundgarden. :p

    My hometown is Leeds, England and our football team is owned by a shady Italian businessman with a conviction for fraud, one of the most famous sons of the city turned out to be a serial rapist and paedophile and we have a crap public transport system with no rapid transport for a conurbation (West Yorkshire) approaching 2 million. Still a great city though. :cool:
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  10. btf1980

    btf1980 Forum Resident

    I'm definitely the first two. Swap wine with whisky and then you got me. In moderation of course.
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  11. Forget Messi, if you want to see the beautiful game played at the highest level, check out Ronaldinho (the Brazilian, not the Portuguese) playing for Barcelona in the 00's. He was breathtaking.

    I was just a kid in England in 1970 but the Mexico World Cup is a formative memory for me, England had won in 1966 and there was still the feeling we were good enough to achieve back to back victories. We still had Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton and a mature squad. Mexico didn't work out for us but Brazil were playing on a different planet. To beat an Italian defence 4-1 in a World Cup final shows how good they were. Likewise I was really sad when Cruyff's team were done in by German efficiency for years later.
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  12. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    WP Kenny Clarke Meets The Detroit Jazzmen (Savoy)
    With Tommy Flanagan, Kenny Burrell Pepper Adams and Paul Chambers recorded in 1956 just before Kenny moved to Paris for good.

    NP Pony Poindexter - Pony's Express (Epic) yellow mono label.
    A smorgasbord of horn players from the aforementioned Pepper Adams to Phil Woods, Dexter Gordon and Eric Dolphy.
    Almost forgot, Gene Quill, plus Pony on the straight horn. It makes for some great ensemble playing too. One can play the blindfold test and try to pick out the musicians without peeking at the credits.
  13. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    After The Real McCoy, I finished off Miles' Live-Evil from earlier today by listening to disc 2. That got me in the mood for

    Now Playing: Dave Douglas - Freak In

  14. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    I'm not much for sports but if I were I think I would go for soccer, er... football :cool:
  15. brimuchmuze

    brimuchmuze Forum Resident

    Tomasz Stanko's New York Quartet - December Avenue


    Purchased the 88.2/24 download.

    The sound of this album is very warm and relaxed (recorded in the south of France). Performances are largely the same, with a few exceptions. That doesn't mean it's soft however, and there are some smoldering tracks.

    The playing reflects the fine musicians in the quartet: Gerald Cleaver, David Virelles, and Reuben Rogers

    That said, based on a few listens, this album perhaps does not rank with my favorite Stanko releases (time could change that). Some of his previous releases and groups were of a very high standard that are hard to top. Still, a very enjoyable listen, and you'll want this if you are a fan. Would love to hear this band live.
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  16. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    Tomasz Stanko has a very consistent discography.

    NP Chic Corea. Tone For Joan's Bones (Vortex) stereo lavender label.

    What a band, Woody Shaw, Joe Farrell, Steve Swallow and Joe Chambers are killing it. This may be my favorite album by Chic.
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  17. WorldB3

    WorldB3 Forum Resident

    I guess I would say I am a 2.5 on this.

    1. Sort of. I would say I have a hodgepodge set up that is around 2-3k instead of the 30k and up systems you see by some folks on SH. I will seek out good vinyl but more of a bargain hunter for quality. The prices for original pressings for some titles seem outrageous to me and gong MM 45’s seems like a slippery slope (I like my Liberty Blue Note’s, Fantasy two-fer’s and 33 rpm Speakers Corner re-issues just fine though I am sure the MM’s sound amazing). I do feel I should support Mosaic and Mofi more often however.

    2. I eat healthy and smart but no. The Bay Area tech bros who take photo’s of their food on social media instead of eating it and pay just to have a reservation for a place to eat ruins the whole scene. For some reason what you buy at a farmers market or stand in line for 20 minutes to get from a food truck cost $5 more than if it was bought at a store produced by the same people, seems silly. Eating well should be accessible and a right for all and not just for the well to do.

    3. Major beer snob yes. I know the difference between a good bottle of wine and a bad one and how price points and quality change as you go higher, but like going full audiophile I don’t want get to that point where only bottles 20$ and up are the only ones worth seeking out.

    4. Yes on this one. I can’t drink bad coffee.
  18. WorldB3

    WorldB3 Forum Resident

    Yeah, Ronaldinho was pretty good from 04-06. :)

    Barca don't have the success they would have later without him. I was pretty bummed when Cruyff passed last year.

    Speaking of Italian defenses as much as I hate Juventus I wouldn't mind seeing Buffon retire with a CL title this year. Of course Athletico Madrid deserve it also but than again Monaco wouldn't be bad either as they play fun attacking football and their window will close after this year.
  19. David Ellis

    David Ellis Forum Resident

    Cheshire, UK
    I sympathise, early '70s, Don Revie's anti football team, they were so awful to watch and a disgrace to the game. Football aside great city though.
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  20. David Ellis

    David Ellis Forum Resident

    Cheshire, UK
    I was lucky enough to catch this brilliant quartet at the local hall, 5 minutes walk, last night. Two hours of bliss. Can't understand why there were only 40people there (capacity 60). They played a varied set including a couple of Ellington numbers but mostly Jon Shenoy's own compositions.
    Jon Shenoy - sax
    Will Bartlett - organ
    Sam Dunn - guitar
    Chris Draper - drums
    Had a really interesting conversation with the guys about influences.
    They're on a UK wide tour so I urge anyone who can to catch a gig.
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  21. scompton

    scompton Forum Resident

    Arlington, VA
    I saw Cruyff play late in his career when he played for the Washington Diplomats. I remover being amazed by what he and another Dutch player could do.

    Since soccer/football got no press coverage then, I had no idea who he was. The only player I knew was Pele. This even though I played as a kid on a club team. To give you an idea how barren soccer was in the 70s, I played on a club team because there were no leagues. The last year I played before aging out was 74. That year there was only 100,000 youth players in the entire US. Most of the other kids in our team were kids of immigrants.
  22. BKphoto

    BKphoto JazzAllDay

  23. miklew

    miklew Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    From allmusic. I have seen this one a few times on my travels.

    This compilation should be titled Blue Latin because it's more of a sampler of various Latin jazz styles than just a bossa nova-jazz mix. In an age of overzealous marketing and grab-bag reissues, though, the oversight is understandable. Thankfully, the misguided approach doesn't dim the quality of this very enjoyable Blue Note release. The six actual bossa nova tracks in the collection -- out of 14 -- range from effervescent, hard bop treatments by Hank Mobley ("Recado Bossa Nova") and Cannonball Adderly ("Sambop") to languid ballad renditions by Ike Quebec ("Loie") and Eliane Elias ("Waters of March/Agua de Beber"). The most authentic and best of the bunch is Duke Pearson's "Sandalia Dela," which spotlights Brazilian stars Airto Moreira and Flora Purim. Another standout is John Patton's B-3 organ bossa "Latona," which features inspired solos by guitarist Grant Green and vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. Throughout this collection, in fact, excellent solos and support abound by the likes of Lee Morgan, Joe Henderson, Willie Bobo, Dom Um Romao, Nana Vasconcelos, Horace Silver, and J.J. Johnson, among others. The remaining numbers on Blue Bossa showcase everything from mambos to calypso. The highlights here include Horace Parlan's piano trio number "Congalegre," Kenny Dorham's superbly arranged, large ensemble original "Afrodesia," and Donald Byrd's cool cooker "Ghana." If you fancy more authentic Brazilian jazz, bossa nova, or otherwise, then check out Blue Note's excellent Blue Brazil series, which features Brazilian musicians exclusively. If you are a jazz fan with a yen for Stan Getz and the whole stateside bossa nova craze of the '60s, then Blue Bossa is a great buy.
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  24. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    NP Don Friedman Trio - My Favorite Things (Eight Eight's) Japanese BSCD2
    Cup of 1990 Pu-ehr in hand.
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  25. dzhason

    dzhason Forum President

    I don't think that how much one spends on their equipment/gear/beer/etc necessarily is what qualifies one as an audiophile/whatever, I would say it's more just a level of interest. Perhaps marketers and salespersons use the term as a sort of buzzword to try to sale stuff, and others maybe to try to imply, intentionally or not, some form of elitism; but I don't believe that is what defines being an audiophile. Surely there are wealthy individuals who have super expensive setups just because they can, and perhaps feel like they must, but really aren't all that interested by the sound or the music.
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