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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lonson, Sep 1, 2016.

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    Note that there were FOUR generations of men named Thelonious Monk, from Monk's father to his son and grandson.
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    New Hampshire, USA
    Wagner is the other context I have for this word, Le Crépuscule des dieux being the standard French translation of Götterdämmerung. Wagner has his place, but these days I'd more often rather spend my time with Monk.
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    For sure, but if Monk himself had appeared in a Wagner opera, in full costume (with hat), that would have been an "happening"

    To quote Monk, when asked "What's happening?", he replied: "It's always happening!"
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    Been a while since I've posted to any of the classical/jazz listening threads, sort of goes in phases for me... Played this earlier in the morning, one of my favorites from John Zorn (Electric Masada's 50th Birthday Celebration). Simply spectacular!

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    I know Monk was diagnosed (by people who may never have met him) with various disorders. Although I did meet Monk, my comment is not based on anything but my experience as the father of an adult child with both autism and bipolar disorder. I believe Monk was autistic, in addition to whatever else may have ailed him. Although many highly accomplished people have been said to have been autistic, it is still an astounding thing for an autistic person to have made a name in this world.
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    This is such a great album.
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    I've never seen that brew, kinda looks delicious.
  8. alamo54us

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    That one I don't have. The only other one currently in the collection is Family Dinner Vol. 2.
  9. Aura

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    Austin, Texas
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  10. jazz1960man

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    Some Sunday afternoon listening.

    Lou Donaldson - Gravy Train
    Chuck Mangione - Bellavia
    Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers

    Wanted to insert pictures, but need to work on how to do that.
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    Chardon, Ohio
  12. Tribute

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    Back around 1974, it was very exciting when RCA France issued all of Rollins on RCA (with some rarities) in great quality. The USA albums had been out of print for years and very scarce. Since then, the older collectors who prized the originals have largely passed their collections on and you can find originals.
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    Much to my surprise, I Called Him Morgan, the great, new Lee Morgan documentary is now available for rent on Amazon video. We watched it tonight, and I'd highly recommend it. Catch it while you can! I recently saw the new Coltrane documentary but liked this one even more.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Trying to keep cool (and my sanity) on another stiflingly hot summer day... It rained a little last night but that just made it more humid. I hate Tokyo summers. :help:
    Impulse vinyl reissue from 1997.
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  15. Tribute

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    Tomorrow, Monday July 17, is the 50th anniversary of the death of John Coltrane.

    A strange coincidence that John passed away, so young, in the heart of "The Summer of Love".

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  16. Tribute

    Tribute Forum Resident

    A nice quality image!

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  17. Six String

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    Chico Hamilton - The Master (Enterprise)

    Absolutely trashed from work today, ten and a half hours. This album is starting to give me a bit of a lift. Little Feat sans Richie Hayward (for obvious reasons) plus a few other musicians. It's like a lost instrumental album by the Feats.
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  18. I've seen that face before... Think I'll dig out a few Atlantics tonight.
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  19. Crispy Rob

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    Oakland, CA
    I've been hunting that one for a while, but had forgotten to add it to my Discogs want list, which usually makes albums find their way to me quicker than otherwise. Thanks for the reminder, I'm a big fan of Lowell-era Feat and need to pick this up, and am a little bit closer to doing so now.
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    If you want to post images you take yourself I have found this site (see link below) to be fast easy and advert free (unlike photobucket ) — free image hosting / image upload
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  21. Stu02

    Stu02 Forum Resident

    I second this motion. A must see...and a non jazz fan I was with enjoyed it as well
  22. alamo54us

    alamo54us Forum Resident

    Starting off the day with this great date.
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  23. Six String

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    Overall I prefer Trane's Atlantic period over the others though I like them all. It has imo a good balance between his straight ahead style of the Prestige era and his edgier The Impulse years. It's like a Goldilocks situation, just right.....
    YMMV as usual.

    NP Red Garland - Red In Bluesville (Prestige) lime green stereo reissue.

    I think this was my first RG album and still a favorite.
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  24. One lesson I learned very early in life, when listening to music, just listen. I save the thinking or reflecting for later. Occasionally a few thoughts wander in that may or may not shape what I listen for on subsequent plays but I try to keep mental distraction to a minimum. I prefer to listen in solitude too, I feel the music differently when other people are around.
    I'm not talking about singing or dancing to music, which is one of life's great pleasures to be shared with others.

    I don't think anyone should worry if they don't like or 'get' A Love Supreme. It's not a jailable offence. It's been eulogized to death and I try to approach it as just an especially good jazz record that I sometimes like to listen to instead of other especially good jazz records. I get more out of it that way and it stays fresh.
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  25. That's more or less how I see it. I started right at the ground floor with Coltrane/Lush Life on a Prestige twofer CD I remember buying in Liverpool. (This after spending the morning in the Beatles Museum down at Liverpool Docks-
    definitely the less significant event that day!) I went more or less chronologically from there up to the live stuff on Impulse!
    On Giant Steps and Olé the porridge tastes perfect..:righton:
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