Louis Armstrong - Ambassador of Jazz 10 CD Suitcase Box Set - €40.50

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by Todd Fredericks, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Todd Fredericks

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    A New Yorker
    Great deal for anyone in the Amsterdam area. The Media Markt/Fame store near Centraal Station is having a Father's Day box set sale.

    I just got this one for this incredible price. The sale price is €44.99 but if you use their Fame discount card (you can get one at the store) there is an additional 10% off.

    A lot of other great box set deals.......

    Mini Boxenlijst Vaderdag 2016 | Laatste Exemplaren / Op=Op! | Fame Megastore »

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  2. Turmatic

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    Wish I was there. This is cheaper than the 4 disc set...
  3. Unbelievable. The 10 disc set is even £200 now here in the UK!
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  4. Mr. H

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    I picked one up a few months ago for just over 100 USD on discogs. I think with patience one will be able to pick this up reasonably. I'd been looking for quite some time.
  5. Jason W

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    Mill Valley, CA
    I'm still looking.
  6. Galley

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    If you do happen to find one online, be sure that they pack it very well. The cardboard interior of the "suitcase" is rather flimsy. Mine arrived with several tears.
  7. Jason W

    Jason W Forum Resident

    Mill Valley, CA
    good to know (and, bummer!).
  8. I also found one on Discogs (new and sealed) earlier this year for 100 Euros.
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