Louis Armstrong - The Timex All-Star Jazz Show - 4/30/58

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    This is sort of a "Visual Arts" thing, but also... not. So if no one minds, we can discuss the musical aspects, as well.

    There were a total of four Timex All-Star Jazz Shows from 1957 to 1959, two on NBC and two on CBS. As this is squarely the heyday of jazz on national network television, the talent lineups on those programs are truly jaw-dropping.

    My personal favorite is the second show, broadcast live from CBS in New York, which features Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars, George Shearing, The Dukes of Dixieland, Gene Krupa, Cozy Cole, Jack Teagarden and Gerry Mulligan. For my money it's the brightest, brassiest and simply the most "fun" of all four of the shows.

    The host was Garry Moore, who also happened to emcee the program just before the Timex Show, the popular game show, "I've Got a Secret". As it happened, that was also broadcast live from CBS that evening, and since the two studios were just down the sidewalk from one another, "I've Got a Secret" ended with Garry and the panel being marched out the back door of their theater by Louis Armstrong and the Dukes of Dixieland, and after a short commercial break, the entire clan then marched into back door of the "Timex Jazz Show" studio, as the opening announcements began. A rather slick segue.

    The show went off smoothly, and got fine reviews-- unfortunately, although an announcement was made during the program that the show's soundtrack would be released by Emarcy, that album never appeared. And to my knowledge, the program itself was never re-broadcast. So, it appeared that yet another highlight of early television was lost in time.

    Over time, some underground releases of the show finally appeared, transferred from kinescopes, and all rather dire-looking, with fuzzy images and iffy sound. Overall, it was clear that a lot of the energy and joy of the program were sadly lacking.

    Well, I got tired of that being the case.

    For those who are curious, here's a sample of the kinescope that I started with:

    Here's what it looks like (and sounds like) now, synchronized to the hi-fi, home-recorded, reel-to-reel tape soundtrack that I discovered:

    TASJS 043058 - LiveFeed

    As Bing Crosby would say, "Now you gots jazz!"

    And one last treat-- John Cameron Swayze demonstrates yet another way to torture a Timex watch-- with a wonderful little intro by "Pops" himself...!:

    John Cameron Swayze - TIMEX commercial

    The restoration isn't perfect or complete-- this is simply a labor of love. But if you're a fan of jazz, live television, or attempted wristwatch demolition, there's something for everyone... Enjoy!!

    - Kevin
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    Wow! ... That is a beautiful thing Kevin.
    Thanks for sharing, great job!
    I thought you might enjoy seeing this, one of my apex pieces in the collection.

    U.S. Govt. V- Disc 78rpm No. 784A / 784B 1947.
    A- Interview B- Ain't Misbehavin' .. signed in fountain pen by Louis & Jack

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    Wow-- **very** nice!!

    One of my favorite parts of this Timex program (sadly trimmed out of the copy of the kinescope that I have) is a duet between Pops and Jack Teagarden, doing "Jeepers Creepers"... Ruby Braff is in there, as well. It swings quite nicely!

    - Kevin
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    Great performance... I have watched this clip many times (even made my children watch it!! Good for their education...ha, ha) but love the improved sound (and pictures). A truly great performance by Louis and band.

    Well done and thanks for sharing.....going to watch it in the "big" screen tonight.
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    Thought I'd move this one from the "Music" section to where it probably really belongs...

    Enjoy, folks!

    - Kevin

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