Lowell George-"Feats First" documentary

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    Found this by accident streaming on Amazon. Started to watch expecting some cheaply done thing, but was pleasantly surprised at how good, and complete it is. Featuring in depth commentary by music writers Barney Hoskyns and Bud Scoppa, former band mates, associates, and characters of the era, it's a very entertaining piece with some good vintage video of Lowell/Feat, Zappa, and more. Well worth a watch, particularly for fans.

    Feats First: The Life & Music of Lowell George (2015) - IMDb
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    Thanks for the heads up!!!
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    I just watched it. It was great, thanks!
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    I must see this.
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    Watched this last week. Essential for LG fans.
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    Thanks for the heads up. This is a great documentary of a great band.

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