Made in Holland - The Dutch Music Thread (discussion about Dutch songs)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Echo, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Reno, NV
    I'm not so sure the thread starter had a grasp on their own concept. S/he was fine with Bettie Seveert being brought up, although that band most certainly did reach a foreign audience (I bought Palomine after reading a review in Spin and saw them on MTV a few times).

    I guess my posting a one-hit wonder song that got to #25 U.S. crossed some sort of arbitrary line.
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    the Netherlands
    Who cares wether or not a post is not what the OP meant. If you can't bare thread derailment and going slightly off-topic you have no business being on an online forum anyway.

    Anyway, here is a song I guess nobody outside the Netherlands will know:

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  3. mr_spenalzo

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    I will always love this song.

  4. kaztor

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    I get a kick out of playing the Pop In Je Moerstaal compilations. Big, big fan of Doe Maar, Het Goede Doel, Blof and De Dijk!!!

    Don't have much time now, but I will contribute!
  5. manicpopthrill

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    It didn't help that the thread title doesn't really suggest the OP's true intention. Way too general.

    btw, Bettie Serveert are one of my all-time faves. Best Dutch band ever as far as I'm concerned. :cheers:
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    The Land of Kirk
    I really want to get into Boudewijn de Groot's music, but I need to learn the language first! I recently picked up an import copy of his 1973 album (name escapes me) at a Goodwill in Oregon of all places.

    He made a brief foray into the English language as leader of the supergroup The Tower for 2 singles in the late 60s, and it shows his talents.

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    I am a fan of all of Lorenzo Woodrose's various projects. On Trial, Baby Woodrose, Spids Nogenhat, Dragontears. I have most of the vinyl from these bands, I'm not sure how I became aware of his work, but I truly am a Woodrose junkie. Hell I've even contemplated a crowd funding just to get a Baby Woodrose US show or tour. I know, crazy.
  8. Dan Steely

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    I don't know how far this reached over the Dutch borders, but this was a Dutch hit in 1982:

    What a voice!:D
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  9. ChrisEfterklang

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    the Netherlands
    This is for the Bettie Serveert fans in this thread:

    Former BS drummer Berend Dubbe left the band and eventually started a solo project called Bauer which was at first a sort of lofi, home-made pop project which became ambitious baroque pop with the addition of Sonja van Hamel. After a few albums it found its logical conclusion in a live album by Bauer with the Metropole Orkest in 2006. The two each went their separate ways shortly after that but 10 years later Berend has resurrected Bauer and recorded a new album called Eyes Fully Open. It was one my highlights of last year and I was even more thrilled when he assembled a live band and did a few shows. I saw one of them and even Carol and Peter of Bettie Serveert came out and joined Berend on the song Under The L (they also played on that song on the album). Interesting fact: lots of people hear Berend's voice on an almost daily basis as he is the voice over for the tv station Net5 here in the Netherlands.
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  11. EdogawaRampo

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    Mine, too, despite no own ideas.
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  12. riskylogic

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    Well, Focus, of course. Cluster. Ayreon, duh. Floor Jansen is still Dutch even though she's in a Finnish group now, right?
  13. Platterpus

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    I have some music by Golden Earring, Focus and Earth & Fire on varying formats (CD/LP). I've heard Group 1850 - Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth as well but don't own the album.
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    So what are we supposed to do with this thread now...?
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    Thanks for that Chris. I always wondered what happened to Berend.

    Out of curiosity, how popular is BS in their own country? I mean, do their albums go top 10? Would average Dutch(wo)men recognize them on the street? :cool::D
  16. John54

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    Offhand, some favourite songs by Dutch artists:

    Clan of Xymox - Back Door

    Kayak - Daphne (Laurel Tree)

    Tee Set - Charmaine, Ma Belle Amie

    Mouth and Macneal - How Do You Do

    I've certainly heard of Bettie Serveert but I don't think I've ever heard any of their songs, so I'm off to find some ...
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    Maryland, USA
    It's all ours. A Great Gift. We can do whatever we want with it.

    Yes - forgot about Golden Earring and (Clan of) Xymox, Twist of Shadows, yeah.
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  18. lonelysea

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    You haven't lived until you've been scolded by a Dutchie. I give you Urban Dance Squad-

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  21. The Elephant Man

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    Ohio USA
    My favorite Dutch rock band, almost completely unknown in the US.
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    Your thread all you did is chase people away with your obnoxious all caps responses. Get a grip and learn some forum protocol.
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    So, if I'm reading this correctly, if I have favorite Dutch artists, I am not allowed to share them, on the basis that I know of them?

    AND, Dutch members ARE allowed to share Dutch artists, but if those artists turn out to be popular elsewhere (but these Dutch posters would have no way of knowing that, since outsiders like me would not be allowed to affirm whether various Dutch artists are indeed known outside their homeland), THEIR posts are not valid?

    Also, clarification of the rules of this thread are allowed to be posted in all-caps, but that will not matter to the OP, since he will no longer be a part of the discussion, will not even be aware of whether his clarifications were understood?

    BUT, since all-caps posts are not allowed, the Gorts can be utilized to remove them, therefore disqualifying the all-caps clarification posts, AND, since it was in one such post that the OP told us he was leaving, does that mean he is therefore not allowed to leave?

    And, since he would not know that because he would not return in order to discover this, and since this situation was created by Gort action...does this mean we can finally prosecute the Gorts for forcing the OP to break their own rules, therefore forcing them to banish him?

    On the potential that this may force the Gorts to banish themselves...this is now MY favorite thread, too! :goodie: Hoisted by your own petards, HA-HAAAAAAA!
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    Hey, no threadcrapping.

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