Massdrop Ortofon MM Cartridge Sale Thru April 10th

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by DigMyGroove, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. DigMyGroove

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    Los Angeles, CA
  2. Bobby Boogaloo

    Bobby Boogaloo Heavy on the grease please

    Mid Atlantic USA
    Any solid difference b/w the red or blue for a Technics SL-1200? Bronze/black way out of my price range.
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  3. canonlon

    canonlon Forum Resident

    Ontario, CANADA
    I’ve had both the red and blue. The red is good value and I enjoyed using it. If you can afford the blue then I’d recommend the upgrade.
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  4. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    Don't really want to turn a good deal thread into a cart debate but the red is definitely a budget cart so it would really depend on what you are currently running. but from everything i've read the Blue is much better than the red.

    I'm VERY tempted by the Black at this price, but I've got a vintage Empire that sings right now
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  5. recstar24

    recstar24 Forum Resident

    Glen Ellyn, IL
    I don't think you could find a black used for that price, no? What a deal
  6. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    nope. thats about half off as far as i can tell.
    its so cheap i'm tempted to buy it and just set it aside till i need a new cart.
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  7. PoeRaider

    PoeRaider Forum Resident

    I'm not sure I can resist the black at this price either. It's one I've always wanted to try. But I don't even remotely need a new cart atm. I guess I'l sleep on it, there's still a few days left on the drop.
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  8. masterbucket

    masterbucket Forum Resident

    Georgia US
    At these prices Black is definitely the way to go.....needle replacement is about the same price.
    I'm in.....
  9. glide

    glide Forum Resident

    NY, NY, USA
    Has anyone found it curious that there are photos of both the verso and standard mount on the drop? Based on the photos and descriptions it is very unclear which we are getting.

    If they are sending out verso mounts I would expect a 97% return rate.
  10. Bob_in_OKC

    Bob_in_OKC Forum Resident

    Dallas, Texas
    The specs also mention the PnP
    In the discussion, it says the Massdrop is for the standard 2M cartridges.
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