Mastering Engineer Brian Lucey Rips MQA...

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Fair Hedon, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Fair Hedon

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    That is about as crystal clear as it gets.

    So far the only group "for" MQA is a small cadre of audio reviewers who are hoping this parlays into increased ad revenue for "MQA Ready" products, and dealers who hope to have people come in and "upgrade" to MQA DACS. There is no other motivation.
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  2. Agitater

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    Auralic has to compete in the same marketplace. It has already paid and presumably continues to pay royalties, as it should, for TIDAL embedding in all of the Auralic streamers. I have an Aries. It’s a great streamer. The top Chinese audio companies keep coming up with really good products. It’s a good thing. Forces the Canadians, American, Brits, Danes, French and Germans (among others) to look to their laurels and stay on top of their respective games.

    There’s no reason that Auralic should pay tithes to MQA/Bob Stuart in addition to the royalties Auralic already pays to TIDAL. MQA/Stuart may come along and convince TIDAL to pay MQA licensing fees, but that didn’t stop Auralic from reverse engineering MQA (or just duping a filter or apodising scheme or whatever) and thereby providing Auralic streamers owners with a firmware update that doesn’t lock existing TIDAL HiFi subscribers out of whatever benefits or differences TIDAL Masters might offer. Seems to me that it’s the operator of TIDAL who didn’t think things through very carefully. If TIDAL or any other HiFi streaming service wants to up the ante and start an allegedly higher resolution tier, mazel tov to all of them. But it’s then an irrational lockout of existing TIDAL HiFi subscribers from full access to Masters unless those subscribers go out and buy a new and MQA compatible DAC/streamer!

    Think of that carefully for a moment. MQA/Stuart really pulled a fast one, and the TIDAL people were sucked right in.

    Some poor schmuck has a full membership to the YMCA and goes for his regular swim one day. He finds out a new, fancier pool has just been added to the facility. But when he gets to the new pool area, he’s told he can only swim in the small shallow end until he buys a new pair of ‘special’ swim trunks for $500 that have ‘special’ qualities that get him access to the whole new pool. It’s moronic. It’s a scam.

    We’ll see if MQA/Stuart sues Auralic over IP infringement, but so far there hasn’t been any legal action. Maybe MQA/Stuart are too busy with other things to sit down with the lawyers? Maybe MQA/Stuart doesn’t want to submit to the inevitable attention and analysis that would occur if he launched an action against Auralic? Maybe MQA is just an EQ routine hidden in a black box. Nobody knows for sure, and MQA/Stuart are not saying much in any event.

    Auralic is just making sure its streamer customers have full access to everything on TIDAL. Whether or not steaming of Masters tracks sound any different or any better via an Auralic streamer with the latest firmware or via an MQA-sanctioned DAC/streamer of the same quality as a given Auralic product is entirely moot.
  3. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    ?? Dealers and reviewers are also enthusiasts. Why not have them be part of the group? How do you know these folks are also not trying to get a better understanding?
  4. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter

    Alright, that's enough. :sigh:
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  5. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter two shillings...they are basically giving the finger to Stuart, knowing that he wants no part of a court case, which in my opinion,
    open up a can of worms and make all internal documents public record and would be very ugly for MQA.
  6. Brian,

    Welcome to the forums—a fun and enjoyable place, although sometimes it is hard to get past all the static. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Eric
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  7. FWIW, I think people here are treating @LeeS unfairly. He has posted his observations which we can all disagree with, but to insinuate he is a shill for MQA is just out of bounds, IMHO. We all get enthusiastic about stuff we like. I can talk about C-J, NHT, Triangle, Anthony Gallo, and Oppo until the cows come home and nobody accuses me of shilling. Heck, on other boards such as Head-Fi, I have served as somewhat of a resource for people who have had problems with Oppo gear (or just troll and bash Oppo gear) since I have some connections to Oppo and can sometimes get questions answered. Yet, nobody has accused me of being a shill.
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  8. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    P.S. On the MQA Developments group...some facts to keep in mind. Peter created the group on May 25th. Bob Stuart was not added until August 20th.

    It's just not accurate to characterize the group as being an industry group.
  9. Hymie the Robot

    Hymie the Robot Forum Resident

    How many people have used the S word vs how many have bitten their tongue would be an interesting poll, no?
  10. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter

    Why isthe group private, if the only intention is to share the wonderful glories of MQA?
  11. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter

    Sorry, but that is not accurate. Any responses he has gotten are deserved. He has positioned him self as a reviewer who
    is going to write publicly about MQA and MQA products yet has admits he has talked to no of the luminaries who have
    been warning audiophiles about MQA, and bases his enchantment with it on one demo of non-commercially available
    recordings. To boot, he shows little understanding of MQA technically, and is an admin of a private user group that
    includes people who stand to benefit economically from MQA.
  12. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    This statement shows your bias FH.

    1. I mentioned I was talking to John Siau at Benchmark, Mark Waldrep at AIX, and Charlie Hanson at Ayre.

    2. I heard a demo at Mytek in addition to the LA Audio Show.

    3. As I mentioned earlier, Peter made me an admin so I could add my friends.
  13. Rt66indierock

    Rt66indierock New Member

    Scottsdale Arizona
    Steven Stone has not been a skeptic in any conversation I've had with him in person or on line about MQA. This quote is in response to a post of mine three months ago on his website. "Do you write for the Wall Street Journal? Your comments indicate an anti-MQA bias, which is not a good position for a journalist..." Forgetting I'm not a journalist.

    I don't think Peter Veth runs the company he works for. He is a Country Manager generally a marketing position.

    I going to take you at your word that you are exploring and trying to learn more about MQA. So I suggest you spend some reading the MQA posts on Computer Audiophile. The "MQA is Vaporware" thread is only 225 pages and has 226,401 views.
  14. Edgard Varese

    Edgard Varese Royale with Cheese

    To be fair to Lee, the "Fans of Audio Research Group", of which I am a member, is also private. It tends to keep the troll population to a minimum.
  15. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    P.S. If you know Peter McGrath then you know he is considered one of the top classical recording engineers. Most of his recordings are commercially available on the Harmonia Mundi and the Audiofon labels. And if anything, they are the ideal recordings to test MQA as they are so well done.

    The Mytek demo was entirely from commercially available recordings.
  16. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

  17. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    Also it allows us to determine if the potential member has a history on facebook and therefore is much less likely to be a disguised business or spam bot (or troll).
  18. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter

    No, this is what you said:

    "Yes, it's always good to hear from both sides. I know Mark Waldrep well and I know John Siau from Benchmark and I'm currently reviewing both the AHB2 and the DAC3 from them. I already interviewed John but not on this topic."

    You say you "know" Waldrep", not that you spoke to him about MQA. And you state right here you did not discuss MQA with Siau.

    And this is what you said about Hansen: "I might talk to Charlie at Ayre as well."

    So your post is false above.

    And why are YOU the only other admin?
  19. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter

    False. I know multiple people who were at that demo and asked McGrath who stated unequivocally
    the MQA'd material was not commercially available in the resolution they were recorded in.
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  20. Fair Hedon

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    MQA not part of New and Updated Recommendations for Recording Deliverables and Hi-Res Music Production

    Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing Publishes New and Updated Recommendations for Recording Deliverables and Hi-Res Music Production

    Reflecting its ongoing mission to educate and offer technical guidelines, the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing has officially published a new paper titled "Recommendations for Hi-Resolution Music Production"; and an updated version of its historically influential "Recommendations for Delivery of Recorded Music Projects." Always record at 24-bit and 96kHz or better, says the Recording Academy.

    MQA is not even mentioned in their PDF:
  21. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter

    This piece covers in incredible details McGrath's recording techniques. If you believe
    a digital filter and lossy DSP "improves" these recordings, you are quite gullible.
    Capturing it Live with Peter McGrath

    And if you do recordings, why not have Uncle Bob encode them in MQA for you for comparisons?
  22. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    You are taking things out of context here. Someone suggested I should talk to both sides and I agreed. I then mentioned Waldrep and Siau who I have known for a while. I added I might talk to Charlie because Charlie is a bit of a curmudgeon so I am not sure whether he wants to talk or not. So the conversations will take place in the future.

    I'm also talking to people who favor MQA like Bob Stuart and David Chesky. I am also planning to talk to Peter McGrath. I do classical and jazz recordings in Atlanta and Peter has been a mentor. I first started talking to him in the 90s.
  23. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    I will see if Bob or Michel from Mytek will do that.
  24. LeeS

    LeeS Audio Research Fan

    This is meaningless. These organizations are always conservative.

    A better indication is what the far more respected AES says. Michel and Bob are preparing a white paper last I heard.
  25. Fair Hedon

    Fair Hedon Active Member Thread Starter

    Why would Michel be able to do it? Has he been train to encode MQA?

    And why wouldn't Stuart do it? You are obviously impressed..what better way then
    to spread the goodness of MQA then encode your files so you can publish what you hear?

    Why only McGrath and Atkinson so far?

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