Metallica "And Justice For All" Box Set Anticipation

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by sons of nothing, Nov 18, 2017.

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  2. steveharris

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    I was just watching a few songs from that 10/10/88 Hammersmith show.I hope they at least have the full audio.Just guessing what could be going into the justice box,the Seattle 89 DVD,One live Grammy performance,a second dvd.Justice on CD,double vinyl.At least one cd of demos/rough mixes,POSSIBLY a remix.B-sides Breafan The Prince.The Dallas soundboard.A concert on vinyl-but how many records will that take like four?I wouldn`t complain,I liked how Puppets had so many live shows and studio recordings and you could still get the three cd version.
    They must have plenty of good stuff nobody has heard yet!
    I can`t wait for this.:cheers:
  3. steveharris

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    Steve Thomas who mixed And Justice For All recently said in a podcast that the Album still will NOT be remixed.He says he sent the band photos and some outtakes but doesn`t even know if the tapes could be saved because they made "five million" edits.That was on Loudwire five hours ago.
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    I'm one of the very few who love the mix as is, but I admit I 'm very curious as to how a remix would sound with the bass guitar more audible, so not completely disappointed (unlike millions of fans I suppose). I was really interested in a possible surround mix though, this means this is virtually impossible but curious however as to what the box will contain. Thanks for the info, won't hold my breath.
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    I almost think they Have to release a version with the bass more prominent. It has become a big general topic of conversation. And just to give Jason some love. He's great. Garage Days has him at least audible unlike Justice. Garage Days is so great. Justice rocks. The sound is kind of dry AC/DC like to me. Which works on some songs, like One. The drums sound great that dry way. And Kirk never had a better solo to me than One.

    I wouldn't mind a new version with the bass up and some opening of the sound. Just for a different take kind of thing.
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  6. rnranimal

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    What does he mean by that about the tapes not being saved because of edits? Most of the songs multis were used on Guitar Hero and they sound fine.
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    I'm down with remixing every Metallica album from AJFA on.... Add bass to AJFA, back the vocals way off in the mix on every album after that. Finally get rid of the loud masterings.

    I used to think AJFA had issues with the scooped mids on the guitars, thus the bass was mixed down, due to instruments stepping on each others frequencies. I heard a mix on YT few years back with bass, and I thought it immediately sounded better. Instruments IMO weren't stepping on each other, just bad mixing.

    Metallica IMO would of been so much better had Burton lived and maintained a say......
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  8. steveharris

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    The producer and a few others(IIRC) went on record a few months back expressing desire to remix Justice.
    I would at least like to hear different outtakes solos and riffs.Puppets was a great box I hope they can do the same for Justice.
  9. I purchased the other three sets, and gladly...and I'm glad I did!

    With AJFA, however, if there's no bass, they won't get my money. In a true Metal Up Your Ass fashion (i.e. the Metallica way), with a big middle finger, I will download the extra goodies on the other discs, and that will be that.

    James is so full of it: "These records are a product of a certain time in life; they’re snapshots of history and they’re part of our story. OK, so …And Justice for All could use a little more low end and St. Anger could use a little less tin snaredrum, but those things are what make those records part of our history."

    Okay, fine, James; let's get another snapshot of the historically correct bass lines that were historically recorded for the album, with your historically correct bassist, who happens to be a big part of your story.

    Some may argue that AJFA is not historically accurate since the story omits a part of history.
  10. stonesfcr

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    Unlike the previous three boxsets, with AJFA we already have a proshot excellent quality tour footage, from Live ****, I dont know how they can top that, maybe they will fill with interviews, which I dont find very interesting from that era, a full remix is what every fan is expecting, and it seems that they dont want to do that (maybe they dont wanna admit their mistake, who knows), but if theres not a remix in the boxset, I'm interested in buying

    The only thing that would interest me if they don't deliver a remix is some extended studio footage, but I doubt that exist
  11. seasonsinthesky

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    Exactly. The tapes were clearly digitized years ago and sitting on a hard drive in Pro Tools sessions ready to be mixed as they please. The expression that a new mix won't be done just confirms the intention of the boxes is for cash and has nothing to do with fan desire (or very little of it, at least).
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  12. ebro

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    Even if they are lazy enough to do a complete remix because of Lars's drum edits, I don't see why they can't just take Jason's bass tracks and mix them over the existing stereo mixes, it would be better than nothing.
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  13. Gila

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    Yeah too bad that Guitar Hero game had only 5 songs from AJFA. Otherwise the "justice with bass" fan mixes would be already all over the place.
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  14. ElevatorSkyMovie

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    Remixing AJFA would be Lars and James admitting they mixed it wrong. That ain't happening.
  15. Greenalishi

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    I have a feeling it will happen. This will be a selling point. Maybe....
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  16. kaztor

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    Don't tread on me???

    Anyway, why skipping over Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning?
  17. nodeerforamonth

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    I've been a Metallica fan since '83 and so I've been keeping up with them all over the place since then (through good times and bad) and I just find it funny that until about 5 years ago, not one person cared about or noticed (the lack of) bass on "And Justice For All". Now all of a sudden, it's like some sort of mantra that people just spew forth nonstop.

    It's like some sort of weird bandwagon that everyone's jumped on all of a sudden. Back in '89, the lack of bass on the album was nothing anyone noticed or cared about. Same thing about Lars' drumming. In fact, from '84-'99, Lars won almost every "best drummer" poll and award from whatever magazine that had them.
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  18. John Porcellino

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    AJFA is a great album, but it's better with bass. Been that way since day one for me. I'm glad that at least there's the fan versions online. Would buy an official remix in a heartbeat, but without one this set is a pass for me.
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  19. Jiri Smahel

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    Czech rep.
    There is a cover on Japanese pressing The Prince. It has slightly audible bass and I think the bass should sounds like this (I'd turn it up a little bit though).

    It was very hard to follow rock or metal from The West when you lived behind a iron curtain. But even the communist tried very very hard, we discovered metal at the end of '80. First I heard Metallica was Master of Puppets around 87 or 88, I was 15 years old teenager hungry for metal records.
    We listened to boogleg tapes from Poland and traded copies of copies like crazy. Vinyl record of Motorhead on black market cost 1/3 of my mother month salary so it was totally unreachable for us.
    I write this because we listened our loved Metallica (Iron Maiden, Motorhead etc) on this
    And you are right, nobody cared about "no bass" on Justice back in those years because we'd been hungry for something else.
    Now I'm 43, I've matured but I still listen to my favourite records from my childhood. I know them very well. I also think I've got a little experience in listening music during all those years. I also bought some better equipment than is the Panasonic tape recorder.
    So the experience wants me to hear the record as it should be (to my today's taste) with a bass line audible to make my feelings reach the nirvana and die in peace.
    On the other hand I totally understand James' statement about historical view.
    Now, Metallica is a huge trade mark with lots of customers and some of those customers want some product. I'm going to buy the boxset anyway but it won't hurt them to add a remixed record as a bonus.
    Now about Lars, he was very respected drummer and I loved his way of drumming even I had no clue how to play drums. He has his unique style and he was very easy recognizable. But something change when I listen to Ride, Master of Justice and then Load, Magnetic or Hardwire. He was able to make his drum kit alive but I can't feel it any more.
    I'm not good in description of someone's playing and English is not my first language but I hope you know what I mean.
  20. Greenalishi

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    It's interesting earlier someone quoted James as saying music is of it's time and should not be messed with. Sometimes people go back and mess with something and it looses something. People have told me the vocals on the first record sound terrible. I love that sound. I think bringing in a little bass won't mess with the sound too much. But, who knows....
  21. rnranimal

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    The thing is that they do have Jason's original bass lines. That's not messing with the original recording like replacing early vocals. Justice has an obvious flaw that happened because James and Lars were being dicks, so it would be cool if we could finally have a version with the original bass as it was recorded. It's a fair assumption that they originally intended to have bass on the record or they wouldn't have paid Jason to record any. The "Lars and James are dicks" version will always exist and be there for people to hear. They are going overboard with the whole "We shouldn't change the music" stuff. They aren't being asked to change any music. All they have to do is add in the original bass tracks to the standard mix and bam, we have a mix with audible bass and nothing else was changed. Or they can just give us downloads of Jason's original bass for each track and we'll do it ourselves. Then they wouldn't be changing anything at all.
  22. Clanceman

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    Dead nuts on!
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  23. Curious. I hate to say it, but from my view there is a lot of presumption here, as I noticed the lack of bass straight away in 1989, and I know a number of other musicians who did. This was all in light of hearing Jason's bass on the $5.98 EP, but people were curious to hear what would contribute to an album of original songs. No much, because we couldn't hear him. We commented on it, and noted also that his songwriting contributions was next to nil as I expected credit somewhere in the Cliff Burton range, given that Jason did a lot for Flotsam & Jetsam.
  24. Frosst

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    It's a masterpiece. My favourite Metallica album and One is their greatest song along with Master Of Puppets. For me the lack of bass has never been a problem and I don't get those who complain about it.
  25. If there's a bass player in the band there should be some friggin' bass!

    It states on the album that Jason Newsted is in Metallica. It states on the album that he plays bass.

    People want what it reads on the label.

    How would you like to open up a can of tuna and get ground dog? I've been saying that since '89. :D

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