Metallica - Master Of Puppets 2017 Remastered Deluxe edition announced*

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    Yeah. However, have you ever wondered what's on Dave's tapes from that era and why none of them have surfaced, other than demos for his first album?

    Dave is prone to exaggeration, yet when he speaks about these songs he's probably talking about early permutations of familiar numbers before NLTL. These might include different riffs, arrangements, etc., some of which are Dave's.
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    Got my box today - hooray! BUT... The info-sheet is missing - boo!
    Sending it back. So annoying, man!
    Been listening to nothing but the first two boxes the last couple of days, then comes the day when I finally get the new one... And I can't even open it or anything! Total downer.
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    Oh, and it wasn't in a black box with foam on the sides like the previous ones. Just a normal brown box. It did have the barcode/cat. nr. stickered on like the first two black ones, though...
    This is silly, I realize that, but I really want the new packing box to match Kill/Ride! Haha.
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    Annandale, NJ USA
    Thank you for the well wishes. No, wasn't hurt. Can't say the same for the deer or my car tho.

    Due to some various issues people have been posting about I finally cracked open the box set an hour ago. I did the download, thumbed through the book, checked out to see if the vinyl "appeared" flat (it did), ripped a few of the live discs and sampled some of the Jason's Audition and Reseda Live CD.

    Overall, very impressed by everything in the box set. I read that someone said that the CDs were jammed into the slipcases and was worried about that. I'm relieved that they are actually in sleeves (which are a tad tight but nothing bad) and then in the slipcase. Seeing the cassette brought back nostalgia but I will probably never play the physical cassette. Thank Thor for the download.

    A minor complaint is that the pins were put in with the back side facing down towards the LP jacket which caused pressure marks all over the MOP jacket.

    I really like for the 3 CD set that the cover is embossed. I feel that's a really nice touch (no pun intended). Hopefully they do that for AJFA as well.

    I am really enjoying the remaster. I want to compare it to the downloaded version (which I believe is supposed to be the Bellman mix, correct?) and hear what the differences are. A side by side will also need to be done to the original CD.

    Metallica really knows how to do these the right way. I don't know how anyone could really ask for more from this set. I also like how they "surprised" fans with the Japan show cassette, I just wish there was a download card for that. Couple that in with the MOP book that was released earlier this year and it almost appears this year was more about Master of Puppets than Hardwired.

    It also brings me back to when I "discovered" Metallica in 1985. At the time I was already into Ozzy and Motley Crue and was discovering Iron Maiden & Judas Priest. The first thrash band/album I had gotten into was Anthrax's Spreading The Disease and I wanted more. I got to borrow the cassette version of MOP from a friend and dubbed a copy for myself. That fall was all about Metallica and MOP for me and my friends. Everyone had either a Metallica t-shirt, jacket patch, poster or tapestry...or all of the above. We were getting all the previous albums and the Garage Days EP. It felt like a musical revolution to us. This was "our" band; our metal. They were unapologetically changing the music landscape and metal in general. These weren't guys in frilly shirts, stage makeup or spandex (although Lars did wear spandex). And Justice For All would, for me, surpass this album because it was angrier and even more complex, but it was a great time to be discovering new metal and all the new bands that would gain popularity as a result.
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    Whoa, is it me or did Metallica get super tight as a band when Jason joined? The live shows with Jason are stunning. I’m listening to the West German 1987 show and it will take your face off! That might contain my favourite live version of The Four Horsemen I’ve heard.

    You can hear James get into the vocal style he’d carry forth onto the Justice album and tour.

    Fantastic playing by the guys here. What a show!

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    Yeah, that vocal style from Justice onward is really not my bag. I mean it's not bad, I can listen to it; it's good, but I think it's a step down from his style on Ride and Master. Different strokes. It just so happens that I have been ruminating on his vocal style lately, and remembering the $5.98 EP.

    When they announced on the radio a "new Metallica song" I had no idea at the time that "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" was a cover song. It blew my mind! A three minute Metallica song! And so damn good!

    With that number he still had that youthful vibrato in his vocals, as well as Last Caress/Green Hell. There was feeling, without so much grunting.

    I forgot, when was it that he started taking vocal lessons because he was tearing his throat up? After Justice, yes? If so, that would figure.
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    Your post made me listen to this on the YouTube. It is a pretty amazing show, wish MOP wasn't cut. The Four Horsemen is really good and Whiplash is another face-melter!

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    I hear you on this one but hey people get older and stuff starts to drop :laugh:

    I fall into the category of liking early screaming James as well as what he became after the vocal lessons. When I saw them on this years tour James definitely still had it.
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  9. Vinyl Fan 1973

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    Awesome, glad you enjoyed that. I've heard a lot of shows, but when I played the CD last night I really took notice, in fact I played it twice in a row. Too bad that MOP was cut as well as would I have loved to had heard that from the set. Just a brilliant set, smoking.
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  10. Vinyl Fan 1973

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    I agree. Just listen to the full demo of MOP from 85, and the vocal style is complete Ride The Lightning era, and it's so cool to hear that track sung in that style.
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  11. Question for whoever wishes to answer. Was the outer box with all the swag in damaged when you received it? I’ve had three from Amazon UK, all in the record company box with the foam protection. One was crushed on a corner, the other two scuffed across the front face of the box leaving off white marks across the surface. All of these have the additional wrapping with the European video classification and different barcode as well as the US wrapping. All of this suggests a handling issue before despatch.
    This has irked me enough to raise it with Amazon who have been very helpful. I have ended up paying a little over £92 for the set. The one I am keeping, unless the vinyl is buggered up, has a scuff on the front face which I can just about tolerate. Clearly this is me being anal about things but there it is.
  12. Vinyl Fan 1973

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    Yes, my box, although purchased in the big black outer box with packing foam, was scuffed up. Along the spine and one corner on the back. Seems weird since I know this did not happen in transit.

    It seems they changed the material of the box this time around. The material and colour of the M logo does not really match the first two boxes. In fact the first two boxes were flawless. The black is not even the same tint as the first two boxes.

    Perhaps they didn’t use the same company as the first time around.
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    I lucked out,mine arrived from Soundstage Direct okay.I bought a set for my brother`s 51st birthday(tommorow)It`s also good.He`s going to love it I`m sure.
    It`s great when you know you can surprise somebody with something they will REALLY like instead of a mindless gift card.It`s just not possible most years.

    I just absolutely LOVE all of this great music! Hoping for No Life and Justice boxes soon!
  14. izombie73

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    I had the weird shavings on the 2nd Live at Aragon Ballroom vinyl. Someone else mentioned having this also. The LP played perfectly though, so no complaints.

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