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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ynnek4, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. One more trivial observation. When I inserted the disc into my computer, none of the programs that I am currently running recognized the disc as far as being able to retrieve information and album cover art from the internet. I have never had this problem with any other disc, my software is usually able to retrieve information for every disc that I play on my computer. I hope that this is only temporary and that MFSL updates their information on the interent to allow me to retrieve the cover art by inserting the disc.
  2. ynnek4

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    what program do you use to get the cover art?

    thanks a lot.
  3. Right now I have 3 different programs, MusicMatch, iTunes and one other which I can't remember right now. I came up with "no info" with every program I tried.
  4. eelkiller

    eelkiller Technically right but still wrong

    This was my opinion of the previous 2 MFSL Lennon titles (that they were smoother sounding than the aluminum counterparts). Sounds as if the people who despised the POB and Imagine MFSL's will feel the same way about this title.
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    I'm probably in the minority here but I like the remixed Imagine. It was scuh a crappy sounding recording before. At least it's a little bit clearer now.

  6. I think that more people here are against the remixed POB, if I remember correctly.
  7. Ed Bishop

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    I'd say that's accurate..the main drawing card for IMAGINE remixed is the wider separation for "Gimme Some Truth" and "How Do You Sleep?".....otherwise, as with the title track, removing the murk also removed the magic of the original mix. Sometimes, murk is better, sometimes it isn't....none of JL's music was 'badly recorded,' he went for feel, not sound quality. Something those who remixed for CD wanted to forget, Yoko most of all. 5.1 would have been one thing--inevitable changes, natch--but the stereo mixes are not something that will grow on you if you're familiar with the originals....

  8. What we need is the original quadrophonic mix of Imagine on CD.
  9. JonUrban

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    You've heard it, right? It's not the greatest 4.0 mix, in fact it's pretty tame. Interesting, but John was not into it, and hated having to do it.
  10. Actually I only heard it in the 70's, and my memory of it is faded.
  11. MikePh

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  12. Ed Bishop

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    No, and neither is WALLS & BRIDGES, though that one's more playful, anyway...

    The LENNON LEGEND DVD offers more promise if 5.1 is ever done for either album in full...

    Thing is, rather than screw around with a stereo remix, the smart move would have been to do a 5.1 for a special edition package that could also have included the stereo remix AND the original stereo mixdown tape, along with demos and other ephemera. Of course, being an easy, logical and perfect solution, that was never gonna happen....

  13. This original album had the famous late-60's early '70's problem of a "missing midrange". It was mixed with horn speakers used as sonic reference, so for it to sound "normal" on modern playback equipment, you had to eq-in a rise at 1-2k or so so you'd hear what the original mixing engineer was hearing.

    The remix does not suffer this problem, neither did the original 'Mind Games' or 'Plastic Ono Band'. This to me is the one reason that the 'Imagine' remix seems more drastically different than the remixes of the other two (well, the altered echo on the POB disc is a pretty drastic differene, I admit). The eq now matches across the 3 albums, where before it did not.

    I did not hear a ton of objectionable NR on the 'Imagine' remix. That it had no depth-of-field whatsoever was my main complaint. Oh, and that for technical reasons they were forced to loop the beginning piano riff - the multitrack tape was stretched.

    AS for the missing chatter from the end of "Meat City", that was just plain stupid on the original cd's and it is out of total ignorance on the remix. John told a very funny joke, and now to hear the punchline you have to own the lp on vinyl.

    I have a Dutch MFP pressing of 'Mind Games' and it is the finest copy these ears have ever heard. Aside: My German 'All Things Must Pass' is pretty amazing too and my Swedish 'Beatles Greatest', so perhaps only the anglo-european countries ever got it right. They sure seem to beat the UK, French, Italian, US and Japanese pressings.
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    That's not the ONLY way to get the Mind Games CD without NR. I own an EARLY UK-manufuactured version that screams with hiss, and is NR free. It was not easy to find. Details here: (my comments about Walls and Bridges also apply to Mind Games):

    In addition, be CAREFUL buying the Japanese early Lennon CDs. They continued to use the CP-32 numbering system on the OBI but put some of them on the TOCP issues! So you can have a sash that says you have the right version and still have the wrong one.

    And here's a new bit of info I haven't posted here about the no NR'd Lennon CDs. SOME of the Japanese TOCP Lennons (including Shaved Fish)--these are the versions issued after the initial CP issues for those of you who haven't been keeping score--are NR free and some are not.

    I'm writing an article on the first pressing Lennon CDs after I receive the last one to complete my collection of them, which is on its way in the mail.
  15. PixieStix

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    I own these 2 versions:
    CDP 7 46769 2
    they both sound no noised, but the japanese CD sound muddier then the CDP.
    Are these CDs different mixes?
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