Michael Nesmith’s “Infinite Tuesday” autobiography arrives April 18th

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    Some welcome news for us NezHeads out there.

    On April 18, Crown Archetype will release Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff, the long-awaited memoir by Michael Nesmith. The book chronicles Papa Nez’s life from his childhood days in Dallas, Texas through his success with The Monkees, groundbreaking work in music video and virtual reality, and beyond. Four days before the book’s release, however, Rhino Records will issue a companion CD tracing Nesmith’s musical evolution. The April 14 release of Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs – The Music features 14 tracks from Nesmith with The Monkees and The First National Band, and as a solo artist.

    The collection kicks off with the 1965 Colpix single by “Michael Blessing,” “The New Recruit,” before taking in “Papa Gene’s Blues” from The Monkees’ 1966 debut record. Infinite Tuesday also features the first recorded version of the group’s “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” in stereo, as well as the single version of “Listen to the Band” off 1970’s The Monkees Present – Nesmith’s final album with the band for over two decades. Other early favorites include Nesmith’s own rendition of “Different Drum” (famously popularized by Linda Ronstadt and The Stone Poneys), “Silver Moon” and the top 40 hit “Joanne” from his pioneering country-rock outfit The First National Band, and “Some of Shelly’s Blues,” originally mooted as a Monkees track but released by Nesmith on 1973’s Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash.

    Other albums represented here include 1975’s The Prison, the debut record on Nesmith’s Pacific Arts label, From a Radio Engine to the Photon Wing (1977), Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma (1979), …Tropical Campfires… (1992) and Rays (1995). Mike Nesmith has always beat to his own “different drum.” Infinite Tuesday looks to offer a fine overview of his own singular musical oeuvre. You can peruse the track listing and pre-order links below. This autobiographical companion is due from Rhino on April 14!

    1. The New Recruit – Michael Blessing
    2. Papa Gene’s Blues – The Monkees
    3. Different Drum
    4. The Girl I Knew Somewhere (First Recorded Version/Stereo Remix) – The Monkees
    5. Listen to the Band – The Monkees
    6. Joanne – Michael Nesmith and the First National Band
    7. Silver Moon – Michael Nesmith and the First National Band
    8. Some of Shelly’s Blues
    9. Opening Theme – Life, The Unsuspecting Captive
    10. Rio
    11. Cruisin’
    12. Light
    13. Laugh Kills Lonesome
    14. Rays
    Track 1 from Colpix single CP 787, 1965
    Track 2 from The Monkees, Colgems LP COS-101, 1966
    Track 3 possibly from And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’, RCA Victor LSP-4695, 1972
    Track 4 from Headquarters: Deluxe Edition, Rhino R2 77760, 2007
    Track 5 from Colgems single 5004, 1969
    Track 6 from Magnetic South, RCA Victor LSP-4371, 1970
    Track 7 from Loose Salute, RCA Victor LSP-4415, 1970
    Track 8 from Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash, RCA Victor APL1-0164, 1973
    Track 9 from The Prison, Pacific Arts PAC-101, 1975
    Track 10 from From a Radio Engine to the Photon Wing, Pacific Arts PAC7-107, 1977
    Tracks 11-12 from Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma, Pacific Arts PAC7-130, 1979
    Track 13 from …Tropical Campfires…, Pacific Arts PAAD-5000, 1992
    Track 14 from Rays, Pacific Arts 100-057, 2005
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    Great news! Has that stereo remix of "Girl I Knew Somewhere" been available elsewhere? Knowing Rhino, it probably has not. They tend to throw one in for us completists. It's also great we have an overview of his whole career. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see Rhino handle the First National Band material along with his solo albums in the future.
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  3. Lightworker

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    Too bad the ultra-hip Mike John & Bill (pre-Monkees) 45 release is ignored:

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  4. marc with a c

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    This compilation actually looks like a pretty good starting point for folks. I'm glad this is happening.
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  5. JJR

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    I would agree with that and add that "How Can You Kiss Me" which was on the flip side of "Just a Little Love" is another great Nesmith song, my favorite of his early releases and further proof of his talent prior to getting selected to play "Wool Hat".
  6. MagneticNorthpaw

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    I suspect that the lack of masters for these recordings may have been key in leaving them off. I've always loved the Byrdsy 12-string jangle on both, as well "I've Been Searching." "How Can You Kiss Me" would have been a good candidate for the Monkees to have tackled as a band.

    Glad the book is getting a lot of fanfare. Can't wait to read it!
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  7. I'm sure they could have done a double CD, there's not exactly a shortage of material, but I'm OK with this compilation.

    The book should be worth buying with MN's history and his humility, musical knowledge and his humour.
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    I like the choice of songs for the CD. Just wished they could've ended with Me & Magdalena.
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    Pretty cool! I am sure he's got some great stories in him, or, at the very least, from his perspective! I think for most people, me included, a single disc is probably JUST enough if one doesn't own much from the man....
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  10. bRETT

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    If you gotta keep it to four tracks each from the Monkees and the RCA years, those aren't bad choices. "You Just May Be the One" is probably the most glaring omission.
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  11. super sally

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    Yep- or Circle Sky
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  12. D-rock

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    Columbus, Ohio
    Would have preferred this much more than the embarrassing New Recruit. Automatic track skip on that one. Others you can't go wrong with.
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  13. klaatuhf

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    Sydney, Australia
    Average collection but just 1 CD is hugely limiting for such a great songwriter but for me track 9 onwards is well below average. My final 6 tracks would be:
    9. Marie's Theme
    10. Rio
    11. Love's First Kiss
    12. Dance
    13. Carioca
    14. Juliana

    He has written nothing worthy song-wise since "Tropical Campfires" IMHO and "Rays" is a total joke. How the sublime "Juliana" is not on this album is amazing. One of the greatest songs ever written by anyone!
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  14. D-rock

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    Columbus, Ohio
    Laugh Kills Lonesome seems to be his fav off Tropical Campfires. Not sure why. It's in my bottom 2 along with Rising In Love. I'd have picked either Yellow Butterfly, Moon Over The Rio Grand or Juliana.

    I disagree about Rays. While not his best .. it does have its highlights. Especially the beautiful "Follows The Heart".

    Also, For the Prison I agree "Marie's Theme" .. maybe edited down or even "Dance Btw The Raindrops" or my fav, "Lampost".

    Also, really should have included "Life Becoming" from The Garden. Another beautiful underrated song in the Nez songbook.

    Let me attempt a my own tracklisting:

    1 Just A Little Love
    2 Papa Gene's Blues
    3 You Just May Be The One
    4 The Girl I Knew Somewhere (Nez vocal)
    5 Circle Sky
    6 Don't Wait For Me
    7 Good Clean Fun
    8 Listen To The Band
    9 Joanne
    10 Silver Moon
    11 Propinquity
    12 Wax Minute
    13 Different Drum
    14 Some Of Shelly's Blues
    15 Marie's Theme (1974 original remaster)
    16 Rio
    17 Cruisin'
    18 Total Control
    19 Yellow Butterfly
    20 Life Becoming
    21 Rays
    22 Me & Magdalena

    ... Wax Minute and Me & Magdalena might not have been contenders since they weren't written by Nez ... Idk

    Whatcha all think?
  15. klaatuhf

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    Sydney, Australia
    Almost totally agree..you won't sway me on "Rays" though lol. "Total Control" does nothing for me so I wouldn't have it on there. Yeah whats with "Laugh Kills Lonesome"??. I find it a really bad song but as you said Nez seems to love it. I find it very boring. After "Juliana" I too would choose "Moon Over The Rio Grande" but I don't particularly like "Yellow Butterfly" but it's far better than "Laugh...". Still hate "Cruisin' " and have never understood its popularity especially with Nez himself. I find it a really stupid song. I'll stick with my original selections from that album. Seeing as you have pushed the limits of the CD (time wise) and also allowed non Nez written material I would therefore also include "Wax Minute" (My favest ever Nez recording) and also like you, end with "Me and Magdalena" (which if he never records another song would be a magnificent way to go out..the highlight of their album). Yes "Propinquity" definitely deserves a place on the album.. classic songwriting. Monkees wise you have to have "Circle Sky" if for no other reason than to prove he can rock! If we were allowed a couple of initially unreleased songs I would add "St. Matthew" and for one more early pre monkees song (yes The "New Recruit" sucks big time and your choice is fine) I would add either his demo version of "All The Kings Horses" or "Don't Call on Me" (a hugely underestimated song in his canon IMHO). Oh yeah "Life Becoming' is a beautiful song as well and deserves some form of acknowledgement.
    Rhino sucks at putting together compilations for most artists. I wonder if Sandoval is connected to this project? Doubtful as he & Nez seemingly don't get on and I wonder if Nez himself chose the track listing, seeing as it's a tie in to the book you would think so but Nez being Nez he probably couldn't care less what Rhino came up with.
    Looking forward to reading his book..he's an unique author just like his song writing and I've always loved his first two books.
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  16. D-rock

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    Columbus, Ohio
    I like the ideal of "All The Kings Horses" and the demo of "Don't Call On Me".

    I agree "Cruisin' " is a very silly song but given its significance and being a "small" charting 'hit' ... just seems right to include it.

    Of coarse same goes for "Propinquity" ... how'd that get missed????

    Heck CD1 could have been the complete Nashville sessions plus a few more essential Monkees tracks and CD2 a more thought out Solo disc.
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  17. JJR

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    I think it would have been a good time to put it all out there. Feature Nez as a performer, writer, producer, group member. To that end, we could have seen maybe four discs.

    Disc 1 - Nesmith sings Nesmith - How Can You Kiss Me, Joanne, Silver Moon, In the Afternoon, Two Different Roads, Marie's Theme, Rio, Casablanca Moonlight, Magic, Julianna, Rays

    Disc 2 - Monkees sing Nesmith - All the King's Horses, Mary Mary, You Told Me, The Girl I Knew Somewhere, Daily Nightly, Don't Call on Me, Listen to the Band, Good Clean Fun, Circle Sky, Nine Times Blue (live)

    Disc 3 - Nesmith sings others - What am I Doing Hanging Round?, The Door Into Summer, If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again, I Fall to Pieces, I Looked Away, Wax Minute, Talking to the Wall and Me and Magdalena.

    Disc 4 - Nesmith writes/produces/arranges - Different Drum - Stone Poneys, Mary, Mary - Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Some of Shelly's Blues - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Propinquity and Seven Bridges Road - Ian Matthews, I've Never Loved Anyone More - Lynn Anderson; Frankie Laine - Pretty Little Princess, Different Drum - The Lemonheads
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  18. bRETT

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    Boston MA
    I can see why "Magdalena" isn't on there, since there aren't any songs he didn't write.
  19. JuanTCB

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    Brooklyn, NY
    For some reason, I was under the impression that the songs on the CD followed the tracks he used as an outline to structure the book. I could have just made that up without realizing it, however...

    That said, a solid 2-3 CD Nez career retrospective would be most welcome and might solidify his legacy in a lot of peoples' eyes.
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  20. klaatuhf

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    Sydney, Australia
    Nez didn't write "Seven Bridges Road". It was written by Steve Young.
    Overall I like your 4 CD concept..could pad out each disc to it's max and fit on quite a few more tracks too. On Disc four I would add a couple of Nez written tunes performed as instrumentals by Red Rhodes like "The Crippled Lion", "Lothario in A" or "The Great American Thunder Turkey" and something from the wonderful "The Wichita Train Whistle Sings"..maybe "Don't Cry Now". I'd also add "This All Happened Once Before" (aka "Two Different Roads") by Mary McCaslin from 1967. Yes an in-depth 4 CD Retrospective of Nez is long overdue.
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  21. JJR

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    Yes. "Seven Bridges Road" was included as a Nez produced and arranged number. Given its later success, using almost the exact song, by the Eagles, it once again shows Nesmith's foresight and another example of how he is still overlooked for his contributions. I was going to put on "Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning" by Bert Jansch as well. In a real retrospective, just producing others probably wouldn't make the cut. But since it is all imaginary anyhow, I did.
  22. Jamey K

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    On order!
  23. DmitriKaramazov

    DmitriKaramazov Forum Resident

    It's up at Amazon!
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  24. D-rock

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    Columbus, Ohio
    Question is ... although I have this on preorder and it will be a nice added edition to the forthcoming Book and Audiobook ... what on this compilation is unique and can't be configured through iTunes using the existing released tracks and a jpg of the album cover? ...

    I personally would have liked a more expanded comprehensive edition with alternate and rare tracks. Also include a few newly recorded tracks ...

    ... I have a feeling Sandoval wasn't involved .. prob more like Nez and maybe Hughes from Rhino ....
  25. Wingsfan2012

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    Junior's Farm, IL
    I have both the book and CD on order from Amazon and arriving tomorrow. Not as big as the "Good Times" hype of last summer but nice all the same!

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