Mid 70's Canadian bands

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mknappe, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. jrice

    jrice Forum Resident

    Halifax, NS Canada
    My friend Peter and I have put together a website that you might enjoy:

  2. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    Weird, I just edited my post & linked to your site :eek:
  3. mknappe

    mknappe Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Sunnyvale, CA, USA
    Wow, lots of people from Nova Scotia! April Wine played here last night at the Marquee - first time in several years that I couldn't make their show. Anyone go?
  4. jrice

    jrice Forum Resident

    Halifax, NS Canada
    I'm getting shivers!
  5. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    I remember ZON, but not fondly. I bought them for the album art work and the colored vinyl. Other than that, they're forgettable. Styx want-a-bees or something.
  6. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    As a matter of fact, LYNX were a much better Canadian band, out of Toronto I think, than ZON.
  7. sound chaser

    sound chaser Forum Resident

    North East UK.
    I only saw them once, supporting Rush on the "Hemispheres" tour 1978 ish I believe it was.
    They then organised a headline U.K. tour a couple of years later, round about "Universal Juveniles", I got real excited, bought my ticket, then they cancelled due to poor ticket sales, and the U.K.'s taste in music has declined ever since IMO.
  8. Jontario

    Jontario Member

    I believe they were the openers on the American "Hemispheres" tour as well. At the time, I was quite certain that tour would be what was needed to really establish the band in the USA, but I don't think they ever really caught on stateside.

    EDIT: Looks like they followed Rush aroound a lot more than I remember! :)

    Here's a LINK to a Max website with some interesting info.
  9. Victor/Victrola

    Victor/Victrola Makng shure its write

    Yes, I have the Chilliwack's Greatest Hits cd. I bought it in Chilliwack, BC while on vacation, coincidentally. It gets an 8/10.

    "Dreams, Dreams, Dreams" is a supurb album, and one that's on my wish list to be issued on CD. The song "Something Better" (NOT a remake of the Beatles' tune) is my favorite track.
  10. Bolero

    Bolero Forum Resident

    Max Webster had some great tunes...even a bit of Frank Zappa influence on some songwriting. ( "I've got no fire on me!!" ) Kim Mitchell was a hell of a guitar player, some ripping solos :thumbsup: I read a quote where he said he was sick of being dragged around as Rush's support band...they shared the same management & there wasn't much push to get MW headlining anywhere.

    gotta love the Rush/Max Webster collaboration on "battle scar" though :edthumbs:

    most of the Canadian music of the '70's was pretty forgettable for me...can't stand any of those other bands.

    except for Neil Young, early Rush, and some early Guess Who

    Goddo's "under my hat" is a great song though

    for more recent obscure Canadian band, check out "Big Sugar"...great, great bluesy guitar playing, some killer songs. they split up & Gordie Johnson is now down in Texas starting over ( as "Grady" ) cause he got fed up with the Canadian music industry. but they put out a few excellent albums
  11. tootull

    tootull John Norman

    Damn, sniped by a Canadian :hide: You may be right. ouch! just a little-perhaps the Canadian sealed their fame. :D
  12. pig whisperer

    pig whisperer CD Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    Yes. Excellent song. The Canadian album I listen to most is Teenage Heads "Frantic City" from '79 or '80.
  13. mavisgold

    mavisgold Forum Resident

    bellingham wa
    Greatest Hits - Chilliwack - Solid Gold Records (CBS Canada) VCK-80129 - © 1988 CBS Records Canada Ltd (p) 1983 Solid Gold Records

    Oh What A Feeling: A Vital Collection Of Canadian Music - Disc 1 - MCA (Canada) Juno 25 (set) Juno-25-1 (disc) - Compilation (p)© 1996 Canadian Academy of Recording Arts And Sciences - Manufactured and distributed in Canada by MCA Music Entertainment
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