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    I noticed in the closing credits that this film's soundtrack was recorded in a THX facility by Skywalker Sound. I've only listened to the 2-track stereo through my OPPO BD player set to LT/RT then through a Dolby ProLogic decoder, which sounded fantastic. Does anyone know if this track on the new Scream factory release is the original or a downmix of the 5.1?

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    Here's a bit from the review at www.bluray.com
    Misery Blu-ray

    Misery's sound track options consist of a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Surround remix (2866 kbps, 24-bit) and the film's original DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo (1619 kbps, 24-bit). The latter track was not on MGM's Blu-ray, which also featured alternate tracks comprising eleven language dubs. Misery is a dialogue-driven film mainly restricted to two characters talking so much of the activity occurs along the fronts. The satellite speakers spruce up during the playing of Junior Walker & The Allstars' "Shotgun" and when the timpani is performed on Marc Shaiman's Herrmannesque score. The surrounds also spring to life when Buster and the helicopter pilot (played by Reiner in a cameo) circle around the Rockies. The entire movie was recorded in a THX Sound System Theatre so it has a certificate of high quality. Re-recording work for Misery was conducted in Skywalker Sound South's facilities. There are no source flaws on either track. Audio direction on the lossless stereo is maintained on the front speakers.​

    So it sounds to me like the 2.0 here is the original theatrical presentation, and the 5.1 is a newly created mix.
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