Missing Doctor Who Episodes Discovered - Now Official News from The BBC*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by TheLazenby, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I don't think Big Finish is involved w/ "SHADA" coming in December 2017, it would be great to include the Ian Levine (Fan edit), but it doesn't appear the BBC is that complete with Special Features material going forward.

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    I think every official animation has been from a different company. Which basically means they've all been annoying in different ways. In theory, I'd rather have a good animation to a telesnap reconstuction, but they're all so distracting.
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    Just my luck - WYCC auctioned off its broadcast spectrum and is no more as of 10/25/17. Well it was good while it lasted.
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    A very nice Blu-Ray package for:

    I like this over "steelbook" design, the feature is not episodes, but one complete 138 min. program. I thank the BBC for including much of the original cast for voice-overs with animated portions.
    I hope 2018 encourages BBC to explore more missing or Lost "Classic" episodes to be revisited and released on physical media in coming years.
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