MOFI Sketches of Spain the last word on this album

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TommyTunes, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Just received it and listening to it right now. This is the last word for me on this iconic album. Never has Mile's every breath been so vividly captured. The orchestra has the weight that all other versions lack. Gorgeous thick rich sound. I have many pressings, absolutely none capture the essence of the recording as well as this pressing.
  2. glenecho

    glenecho Forum Resident

    Is this an LP or the SACD? I love the SACD but I don't know if I'd qualify it as being better than the original LP (or even a few reissues).
  3. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Sorry LP
  4. glenecho

    glenecho Forum Resident

    Thanks for the heads up...looks like I'm gonna have to purchase what must be my 12th version of this album...
  5. bferr1

    bferr1 Forum Resident

    TommyTunes, have you been able to compare it to the RSD mono LP?
  6. LeeS

    LeeS Blue Note Fan

    Listening to the LP now and have to agree with Tom. The best I have heard. Quite ahead of the very good Classic as well. Better than RSD version although that is mono.

    Highest recommendation.
  7. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    I've been happy with my Classic Records 200g release but I'm going to have to get this one. MFSL has really been on a roll of late with many outstanding releases.
  8. theron d

    theron d Forum Resident

    Baltimore MD
    bump any more reviews for the Mofi versus the Classic 200g, RSD mono, etc....
  9. RelayerNJ

    RelayerNJ Forum Resident

    Whippany, NJ
    There's a few Miles reissue threads that should cover this. I can't recall reading a bad review on the mofi lp. I've been contemplating it because my 6-eye is a bit noisy and there's a lot of quiet parts on the recording.
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