Monkees Record Store Day exclusives 2016

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JDistheone, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Some of the threads here mentioned replacement bonus disc will come lately. So what's wrong with bonus disc?
  3. Alan G

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    I bought the box a few weeks ago and emailed a picture of the set to Dr Rhino late last week. Within a few days they replied that they were putting a corrected copy in the mail that day. It would not hurt to send them a gentle reminder.

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    I think you are referring to two separate issues, David. All of the original copies of the box contained a mispressed Instant Replay, which did not include "The Girl I Left Behind Me." Rhino did a complete repressing of that title and began shipping out replacement discs around June/July. Since there were no issues with the record sleeve itself, they shipped the replacements in a plain white cardboard sleeve.

    With respect to the bonus disc, many copies of the box (at least two or three dozen, based on comments here and on FB alone - probably more in actuality) were assembled incorrectly and included multiple copies of some albums. In my case, I had a box with two copies of More of the Monkees and no bonus disc. The bonus disc itself was pressed fine; it just wasn't included in my box originally. Other people online mentioned different box packing errors, including someone whose box not only included the ten discs but an an additional copy of Headquarters shoved in it.
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  5. David P. Hill

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    Thanks. I just sent another email to Dr. Rhino. Stay tuned!
  6. John Bliss

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    Are UK boxed sets black vinyl, or has Rhino started pressing more in the US on black? I see some in local record stores and I want to be sure I get a colored Vinyl box, not black.
  7. David P. Hill

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    I also called and talked to Dr Rhino. I was lucky to get him. I needed the Monkees replacement, received in couple of days.
  8. John Bliss

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    Any idea who mastered or pressed these? Can anyone look and share deadwax info? Discogs doesn't have that information.
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    I wouldn't bother. For the first album, they used the old horrible Rhino LP master! It's a crappy rush job.

    The HDTracks releases are also complete garbage, mostly made from copy tapes and not masters.

    Andrew Sandoval was not involved with these releases and he is extremely embarrassed by them, so keep that in mind.
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  10. John Bliss

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    Went ahead and bought a box. Price too good to pass up. There were actually 2 at the store. Just opened it.

    The American repress (which is what mine appears to be) is a non limited edition, has all the correct songs, in the correct order on Instant Replay. RE-1 Deadwax. No RSD sticker anywhere, or any mention of 'Start your ear off right'. Bar code on back. Colored vinyl is the same colors. Ian Sefchick did these! RTI is involved somehow, their handwritten Alpha-Numeric is in the deadwax. Mastered By Capitol also machine stamped, for the curious.

    Haven't listened yet, but I will. Great looking set. So happy to have all of the original albums in one place. I'll find a near mint or VG+ copy of the first S/T album eventually to get nice stereo versions where missing.

    Just thought I'd share.
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  11. radickeyfan

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    a local store just received 2 of these ...and sold both at $250+ within the same day
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    Only $60 thru midnight at during their May 55% off vinyl sale!
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    Couldn't pass this up. Thanks for mentioning it! I hope the one I get isn't one of the messed up ones...(but if so, I'll live)!
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