Most valuable Frank Sinatra records.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chris Schoen, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Chris Schoen

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    Maryland, U.S.A.
    I have come across many original, fine condition Frank Sinatra records, and am wondering which albums may be the most sought after by Sinatra vinyl collectors. Thanks for any helpful information regarding this.
  2. McLover

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    East TN
    Grey Label Capitol originals in VG Plus or higher condition.
  3. rangerjohn

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    chicago, il
    Original, mint copies of 78 RPMs from the Harry James, Tommy Dorsey and Columbia years are probably considered valuable. But I'm not really sure.
  4. SinatraFan

    SinatraFan Well-Known Member

    Maybe the I Left My Heart In San Francisco single (Side A was The Look Of Love). It was released for only two weeks in 1962 then recalled.

    Or how about the 8-track version of Sinatra-Jobim from 1969 that contained the tracks from their second collaboration together. The album was accidentally shipped and was then very quickly pulled. I remember reading that there might only be three that are known to exist.

    Here's a couple of pictures of the 8-track:

    Sinatra-Jobim 8-track.jpg Sinatra-Jobim 8-track2.jpg
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  5. imarcq

    imarcq Got to keep searching and searching...

    My neighbour knocked on the door with a Harry James 78 RPM with the Sinatra vocal (it was his first release I think?) on Parlophone yesterday and asked if it was valuable. It was an Aussie pressing. I didn't know.
  6. action pact

    action pact ^^ Sandy Warner, "The Exotica Girl"

    Probably not. I don't know about Australia, but I come across Sinatra Columbia 78s ALL THE TIME at thrift stores, flea markets, etc. They pressed millions of 'em.
  7. Mylene

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  8. Bob F

    Bob F Forum Resident

    There were two Australian Parlophone issues:

    A7478: "From the Bottom of My Heart" b/w "Got No Time"
    A7557: "Every Day of My Life" b/w "You Made Me Love You"​

    The A-sides were 1939 Sinatra vocal recordings with Harry James; the B-sides are instrumentals. The first of these was indeed Sinatra's first recording with the James band (July 13, 1939), on the Brunswick label in the USA. (Brunswick was acquired by Columbia after the first Sinatra/James issue.)

    These may indeed be quite valuable...

    Not in 1939: Both Sinatra and Harry James were relative unknowns. They recorded only ten sides together, and none of their original 78s sold more than several thousand copies. It wasn't until Sinatra left James for Tommy Dorsey's band that he achieved fame. ("All or Nothing at All" became a million-seller when reissued by Columbia in 1943, but it was a flop in 1939.)

    The first record ("From the Bottom of My Heart" b/w "Melancholy Mood") is rare and valuable. A copy went unsold on eBay a few years ago, when the high bid of $600 did not meet the seller's reserve price. (I can't say for sure about the Aussie Parlophone issue, though.)

    ~ Frank's Albums
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  9. Blackie

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    Los Angeles
  10. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host

    None really, I mean, Blind Lemon Jefferson valuable, no.
  11. imarcq

    imarcq Got to keep searching and searching...

    Thanks thats really helpful, I'll tell my neighbour Bob not to take it to the thrift store just yet. One of his 78's was 'You Made Me Love You' as I recall. It was a bit dusty though - but not damaged. The sleeves were intact, but had seen better days. Maybe I'll get him to ask a dealer. Bob might be onto a few bob perhaps?
  12. Hamhead

    Hamhead Sinatra promo specialist

    Here's some of the "rarer" titles with the max price they went for.
    Here's a few:

    [​IMG] $649

    [​IMG] $910

    [​IMG] $250

    [​IMG] $250 D10/D10 VG+

    [​IMG] $210

    [​IMG] $203

    [​IMG] $184

    [​IMG] $175

    The MFSL box is getting up there.
  13. Bob F

    Bob F Forum Resident

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  14. william shears

    william shears Active Member

    new zealand
  15. Ricko

    Ricko Well-Known Member

    Spose I'll be long dead and beatified before the Limited Edition Reprise Trunk is worth what I paid for it.

    Were the damned things even sold out before they went to the paper sleeves edition? Didn't see THAT coming...:mad:
  16. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    They should pull all the collaborations between those two. I adore Frank to the heavens, but his bossa nova songs just don't cut it.
  17. william shears

    william shears Active Member

    new zealand
    Good grief:rolleyes:
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  18. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    The promotional issue of the To Love a Child is rare and valuable. Only a couple of hundred copies were pressed, all for VIPs at a Reagan charity function at the White House. Not to be confused with the subsequent commercial issue. This special version has a small spindle hole and a PRO. release number.
  19. Steve Carras

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    Whittier,CA USA
    How about his COlumbia records of the early 50s.:D
  20. Blackie

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    Los Angeles
    Amoeba Hollywood has this on the shelf for $65

    That price is ridiculous. This is typically in the $40 range, even for a nicer VG+ D2/D2 like the one I sold not too long ago.
  21. Jackson

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    MA, USA
    I wish they'd collaborated more, i think Sinatra and Jobim is one of the greatest musical pairings ever.

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  22. rangerjohn

    rangerjohn Forum Resident

    chicago, il

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  23. Bob F

    Bob F Forum Resident

    Re: Sinatra Sings Great Songs from Great Britain

    The image shown in post #7 is not of a valuable item at all. It's the cover of the recent cheap CD reissue by Universal. Note the absence of the Reprise logo and the track list: "Roses of Picardy" was not included on the original 1962 British LP. I don't know what those are worth, but this is rarer than other Sinatra albums since it was not released in the USA...

  24. Bob F

    Bob F Forum Resident

    The most valuable from the Reprise years may be the one's Steve remastered which are still sitting on a shelf somewhere?
  25. serge

    serge Well-Known Member

    Arlington, VA
    I'd say the Reprise promo sampler sent to radio stations is valuable cause he signed them! The Capitol acetates of the LPs must be valuable...

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