Moto Stream device (provides Bluetooth connectivity to old stereo equipment) $11.99

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    The Moto Stream is a pretty cool little gizmo. It provides bluetooth connectivity to old stereo equipment you may have. It does this by physically connecting (via either minijack or RCA plugs) to an audio-in jack on the powered stereo equipment. Then you can connect any Bluetooth enabled device to the Moto Stream and use that device as the audio source.

    So, for example:

    Phone -> Moto Stream -> Old stereo amp -> Speakers

    The device is also kinda cool looking.

    It supports apt-X hi-fi Bluetooth (better sound quality) and Bluetooth 1 (MUCH better range)

    Buy it here for $11.99 shipped (original price was $50)

    Motorola Moto Stream Universal Bluetooth Bridge 89722N B&H Photo


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