Music Matters Definitive Blue Note 45 RPM and 33 & 1/3 RPM vinyl series (pt7)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MilesSmiles, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. StevenTounsand

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    Austin, TX
    It sounded amazing but I sold it because Bud's vocalizations were just too loud in the mix for me. I couldn't tune it out!
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  2. I actually didn’t mind them! I sampled the album online first and heard the vocals but then the LP didn’t bug me too much.
  3. Gez

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    You need to acclimatize yourself to intrusive piano vocalizations/grunts by listening to lots of Jarrett :)
  4. Guitarded

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    The Monica Seles of Jazz.
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  5. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA

    And who would be the John McEnroe?
  6. StevenTounsand

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    Austin, TX
  7. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
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  8. Gabe Walters

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    Released after the move, but cut before it.
  9. BendBound

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    Bend, OR
    In 1981, a Brit record shop owner where I lived in Northern California, lent me a book on jazz. He was a massive jazz fan and introduced me to dozens of great lps and artists. The book he lent to me was published in 1975 in the U.K entitled, Modern Jazz: The Essential Records. Five critics compiled a basic 200 lp library of what they considered essential Jazz records from the 1945-1970 period. Those critics are Max Harrison, Alun Morgan, Ronald Atkins, Michael James, Jack Cooke.

    Not all of the records I love or even like, but using this guide, over the last 35 plus years I have greatly expanded my library and appreciation for jazz. And a lot of great jazz is released today (e.g., Kamas Washington, The Epic) and certainly since 1970. As noted by a poster above, once we tire of 1960s psych lps, experimental music, and classical, some of us turn to jazz. There we stay, like forever kids in the lost candy store, now appreciating what was elusive before but now enthralled. And, yes, my wife doesn't like that bibbity boppy stuff either. That is why man caves and headphones were invented. :agree:

    The book really touches on what the critics believe are essential, ground breaking, records. So a style may only have a few selections. Blue Note lps are well represented. I used this book to help me force rank what to purchase from Music Matters. Then, as I discovered the artist, I purchased other releases by them. That in turn got me into who played piano or saxophone or trumpet, I purchased those too, frequently using All Music Guide to help me decide what was next.

    At some point, I did an extensive internet search on the so called best (and most underappreciated) Blue Note records (since best is subjective to a point and certainly in the ear of the beholder). I used a Excel spreadsheet to compile "mentions" from published lists and A, B, C grades, as it were. Of course, I used my prior discoveries of artists to mine that catalog. At some point, not withstanding Prestige, Savory, Jazzland, Atlantic (and on...), I had to have every Blue Note record Music Matters released, 45 RPM and 33 RPM. The catalogue holes I filled with releases by Analogue Productions, King and Toshiba releases, Classic, Mosaic, and Blue Note, itself. Along the way, I stumbled across other websites that helped refine my search.

    The last two lps I purchased, The Remarkable Carmell Jones and Don Sleet, both released in 1961. Fine stuff.

    If you are interested, three copies of this title are for sale on eBay as I type this. Here is one: Modern Jazz: The Essential Records 1945-70 - Rare Jazz Catalogue | eBay .
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  10. FashionBoy

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    Toronto, Canada
    Just checked my dead wax and yes it is KPG @ ATM — I also thought it was a Cohearant Audio cut. Regardless the 45RPM sounds fantastic!
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  11. For what it’s worth... I believe my Horace Parlan “Headin South” is 2X45RPM done at CA instead of ATM. It sounds phenomenal, regardless. I’m out of town for a few days so can’t check... but I’ll try to confirm soon.
  12. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    KPG/RR@CA. I posted a list somewhere way back in this thread.
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  13. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

  14. Gez

    Gez Well-Known Member

    Great post. Speaking of books, I am currently working through the book Blue Note Records - The Biography. It was written by Richard Cook, who until his untimely death, was one of the main two people behind the Penguin Guide to Jazz books, which have been one of my main reference checks over the years. Some people don't like the editorial slant of these books as they are quite opinionated but as noted above, it's all subjective, and they are highly entertaining to read.
  15. Awesome, thanks!
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  16. Johan1880

    Johan1880 Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Acoustic Sounds has a lot of AP Blue Notes (45rpm), mastered by SH/KG, with a 50% discount at this moment.
  17. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Man, I have the same issue with that one. Same with listening to Glenn Goulds Bach. That mumbling is distracting to me.
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  18. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    Central PA
    Any thoughts on which ones are a good buy? A best of AP 45 BN's if you will. I see about 245 listed and I've picked out 8-10 that I'm interested in. Not really a 45 fan but at those prices might have to pick a few key titles. Sidewinder,Page One,Back At The Chicken Shack,Up At Minton's,Grantstand,Wyn Kelly and Wes, are a few that look good.
  19. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Forum Resident

    Salem, MA
    For me, the Wyn Kelly, Live at the Half Note, the Illinois Jacquet, Swing's The Thing ("Harlem Nocturne", itself, is worth the price of admission) , and the two Nat Cole albums are killers.
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  20. Johan1880

    Johan1880 Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    If you don't have them on Music Matters, I would recommend Workout and Hub-Tones. The 45s sound better than the 33s in my opinion.
    Other favorites of mine are: Roy Hanes Quartet and the Duke Jordan. Beware of the Up at Minton's, it does not sounds as good as Vol. II on MM.
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  21. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    Central PA
    Thanks, I threw caution to the wind and ordered these on the 1/2 price sale....

    Wynton Kelly Trio and Wes Montgomery-Smokin' At The Half Note
    Kenny Burrell-On View At The Five Spot Cafe
    Hank Mobley-Workout and No Room For Squares
    Grant Green-Grantstand

    Page One and Sidewinder were on the list but I opted to get the MM 33's instead and I passed on Up At Minton's and Back At The Chicken Shack and a few others for now.
  22. nosliw

    nosliw Well-Known Member

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Bad news, everyone. I received the WRONG pressing (75 Blue Note from Universal) and to add insult to injury, the album came back completely mangled and the record is definitely bent, rendering it unplayable! Definitely too good to be true, unfortunately. :(

    I've placed appropriate feedback to the Fulfilled Amazon seller and already requested for a refund from Amazon.

    Here's my photos showing the damage... Wrong and damaged LP from Amazon!
  23. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Forum Resident

    Alpine, TX
    Hi guys, new to the thread. I’ve been digging deeper into jazz this year, mostly with inexpensive reissues like the blue note 75th anniversary series just to explore and see what sticks

    I’m thinking of getting one or two of my favorites on MM but obviously the price is a bit daunting.

    Thoughts on either Blue Train or Idle Thoughts? My BN75 of Idle Thoughts is really noisy, and blue Train isn’t great either plus it seems like a narrowed stereo. I know MM blue Train is mono. I love both albums and my copies aren’t great.

    If I have a modest setup, does it make sense to buy a $50-80 lp?
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  24. Aura

    Aura Well-Known Member

    Austin, Texas
    There are a lot of classics in the MM releases, but those two titles, Idle Moments & Blue Train, would be near to top of the list, IMO.

    As an alternative, many have commented that the AP 2x45 LP versions of those titles are superb, though the jackets will not be gatefold.
  25. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Those titles are all-time classics, and your system is good enough to hear much improvement over the BN 75 series.
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