Music Matters Definitive Blue Note 45 RPM and 33 & 1/3 RPM vinyl series (pt7)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MilesSmiles, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Absolutely agree! What a phenomenal record. I was / still am very tempted to go and buy the 45. I also really dig Grant Green “Matador”.
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  2. AnalogJ

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    I think you meant Classic Records 33.
  3. geddy402

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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the thoughtful responses. My wallet won’t like it, but it looks like there may some MM purchases for me in the near future. Either that or maybe Santa can bring me one or two!
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  4. nosliw

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    I think I got lucky finding a brand new copy of Cannonball Adderley's Somethin' Else 33RPM on Amazon Canada for $55 CAD, officially fulfilled by Amazon. As soon as I saw the price, I grabbed it immediately. Let's hope this is not a case of too good to be true...:sweating:
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  5. asindc

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    I‘m just getting around to listening to the last few MM BNs of the series. Man, I love Wahoo! Great compositions expertly performed by a great ensemble. If you don’t have this in your collection, get it! It prompted me to pull up more Duke Pearson on Tidal. Listening to The Right Touch as I type this. Pearson seems to have similar talent to Wayne Shorter in that they know how to compose a tune that hits the right notes.
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  6. I picked up MM “Wahoo!”, having not been too familiar with it, and I also love it. I also recently picked up an original prsssing of his Christmas album - highly recommended as well!
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  7. AnalogJ

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    I didn't know he did a Christmas album.

    I just placed an order for Art Blakey's Indestructible (I just love that cover), as well as Freddie Redd's Shades of Redd. They will be an early birthday present to myself.
  8. Check it out (for what it’s worth I know it is available to stream on Apple Music too):

    Duke Pearson - Merry Ole Soul
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  9. SuperFuzz

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    Ron at Capitol can indeed cut all analog, with a preview head and no digital delay. I think the Capitol system was up-graded (down-graded? ha) a few years back to allow this. Confirmed by Ron to Michael Fremer on his Analogplanet website.
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  10. recstar24

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    Just got my first set of music matters earlier this week, starting with art Blakey/jazz messengers mosaic and Hubbard's open sesame. The sextet on mosaic is on fire! How can you not dig those horn parts. The sound explodes off the speakers, what dynamics. And the vinyl is perfect, the covers are gorgeous. So impressed with the whole presentation.

    And while Freddie is clearly an amazing player, Tina brooks' ability as a song writer is very much highlighted on open sesame, what a fantastic arranger and player. Was inspired enough to snag that Tina brooks true blue that popped up for sale as well on the classifieds forum!
  11. recstar24

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    This post and your previous post inspired me to start getting my next music matters cart going (face palm)

    I've got indestructible in there (the 45), with lee Morgan playing with fuller and shorter holy smokes they will sound killer. I also threw in for now somethin else and blue train because I don't have them in any form and obviously they are needed :) but how do they compare to the AP 45's? One things for sure I love the music matters covers whereas the AP 45 BN covers were less than impressive...
  12. AnalogJ

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    Fortunately, AP has caught up with their recent releases in terms of covers. They're now of similar quality to Music Matters stuff.

    On their own, the AP 45s are still killer. I have Art Blakey's Moanin' and it's wonderful. I have several other 45s from that period including a couple of the Miles Davis' Prestige albums, Sonny Rollins' Way Out West, Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas", and Sam Cooke's Night Beat. They're all relatively great sounding. Some may say that Kevin Gray's move to Coherent with upgraded cabling has bettered the sound a bit. I'm not sure it's night and day. Music Matters was still doing their 45 series when Kevin Gray moved to Coherent, and Art Blakey's Indestructible was done at the new facility with the new cabling. That means comparing the 45 and 33 would be worthwhile if one wanted to hear the differences.
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  13. recstar24

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    Thanks @AnalogJ I recently picked up three of the AP 45 BN reissues - lee Morgan leeway, Kenny Dorham whistle stop, and Jackie McLean jackies bag - and all sound fantastic. I'm definitely getting the Blakey but maybe I'll look at getting something less "mainstream" to add to that cart and get the AP 45 of somethin else and blue train which I believe can still be found around $50 each.
  14. AnalogJ

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    Well, I'm sure others can chime in even better than I can, but if you're looking at a few that I know that are 'sort of' out there, I can recommend Grant Green's Solid, which has George "Ezz-Thetic", an avant-garde composer. The rest of the album isn't so out there, but almost all of it is hard-driving bop. A second album I really love is Larry Young's Unity. This album takes organ jazz to a wholly different place. It's compositionally and instrumentally somewhat out there, but not so much that it will have most listeners to run out of the room. It has great energy. A third album, one that I have yet been able to warm up to enough to purchase, is Eric Dolphy's Out To Lunch, an album that will take most listeners out of their comfort zone. It's compositionally way out there. It's quite popular in this forum. I have listened to it a few times and it's just not something I'd pull out very often. I do like to be challenged, for sure. In some ways, it reminds me of Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite Of Spring", but has less for my ears and soul to grab onto. Someday I might change my mind on it. I do like being challenged as a listener. But it's an album that would drive my wife out of the room, for sure.
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  15. AnalogJ

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    I forgot to finish the composer's name. Sorry about that. It's George Russell who composed "Ezz-Thetic". He taught at the New England Conservatory of Music, and wrote the book, Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization. Again, it's not typical of Solid in terms of composition, but it shows a side of Grant Green where he can tear through hard bop, contrasting with the more soulful side he often shows on his Blue Note albums.
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  16. Gez

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    My wife could be driven out of the room by Kind of Blue - although she could stay for Skinny Puppy - she has close to zero tolerance for jazz but is very good about letting me play a fair bit of it. Dolphy's Out to Lunch was a gateway drug for me to free jazz. It took a while at first but once I started to understand more how the artists were expressing themselves, I was in. The next steps were the first few Ornette Coleman albums, followed by later period Coltrane. I can really relate to the comment about being challenged as a listener, because after years of classic rock, blues, reggae, punk, post-punk, synth-pop, indie rock, etc., I was after new sounds once and awhile. This drove me into industrial music, ambient, noise, free jazz, experimental stuff and most enduringly, extreme underground metal.

    Back on topic, I pulled out the MM copy of Bud Powell's The Scene Changes and I must say it is a hard swinging little gem if you like piano trios.
  17. Gabe Walters

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    The 45 of Indestructible was done at Acoustech. KPG@ATM in the dead wax. And I think the cable upgrade—or at least one of them, if there were more than one—was done after the first four 45 titles were cut, according to Joe Harley in the first part of this monster thread. The upgrades at Cohearant were to electronics, and possibly another cable upgrade. But the first upgrade was Canare to Audioquest, so it seems odd that Harley would upgrade Audioquest to Audioquest at a later point. Maybe there was some technological advance in carrying electrons over wire in the intervening years? :)
  18. The Scene Changes is magnificent!
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  19. AnalogJ

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    That's on your dead wax? Someone put out a list of release dates and Indestructible was on it as having been done after the move. But if not, I sit corrected.

    I'd still take the 45 over the 33.
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  20. alanb

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    Playing - Adam's Apple Wayne Shorter now !

    Gotta say every time i put this on i am BLOWN AWAY!!!

    Poopy kicking stuff i tell you - Shorter is there growling and really blowing - Herbie Hancock just riffing away on the pianner behind him and Joe Chambers banging away on de drums like crazy.

    Heaven! Whole album = amazing.

    Chief Crazy Horse = tribute to Trane! ( anyone watched the Doc on Trane on Netflix - it's good )
  21. mpayan

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    My favorite MM BN.
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  22. AnalogJ

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    It is a great album. I took a chance on it, having not heard it before. It has become one of my favorite's.
  23. timzigs

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    Similar journey for me. Been down the many roads of experimental "electric" and "electronic" music, but there is nothing more true than a mingus, coleman, or coltrane record. It's like coming home :)

    Another :thumbsup: for "Adam's Apple" -- not a bad track on the album. Just picked up the seemingly underrated "Etcetera" on BN Connoisseur.
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  24. StevenTounsand

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    It sounded amazing but I sold it because Bud's vocalizations were just too loud in the mix for me. I couldn't tune it out!
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  25. I actually didn’t mind them! I sampled the album online first and heard the vocals but then the LP didn’t bug me too much.

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