My Ebay: Deep Purple Overseas Live Vol 1-6, David Johansen 4 CD lot, 2 Knack remasters

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    My current ebay CD auctions include:

    • All 6 volumes of the Deep Purple Overseas Live series that have been released so far. (10 total CD's 1 DVD)
    • A 4 CD lot of the first four David Johanson solo albums
    • The Knack ... But the Little Girls Understand out of print remaster
    • The Knack - Round Trip out of print remaster
    Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions, thanks so much!

    Deep Purple Overseas Live Series 10 CD DVD lot Long Beach Paris Stockholm Graz 826992030326 | eBay

    David Johansen Group 4 CD lot Live In Style Here Comes The Night It Up Rare OOP | eBay

    The Knack ...But the Little Girls Understand [Bonus Tracks] [Remaster] Rare OOP 724353811228 | eBay

    The Knack Round Trip [Bonus Tracks] [Remaster] CD, May-2002 Rare Out Of Print 724353811020 | eBay

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