My new car has no CD player :-(

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by kwadguy, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. JustGotPaid

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    Nissan is the Chrysler of Japanese cars. :agree:
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  2. vinylkid58

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    Victoria, B.C.
    Wow, that's mean.:laugh:

  3. cdash99

    cdash99 Forum Resident

    That's because they put all their creative resources into Infiniti. I owned a G37 for a time and that thing was a rocket ship.
  4. Methodical

    Methodical Forum Resident

    Never knew folks felt this way about Nissan. Didn't they used to be the bomb at one point in time - 300z, 350z etc.?
  5. darkmass

    darkmass Forum Resident

    Hmm, at one time, yes. But really not since the Datsun 510....the "poor man's BMW".

    Datsun 510 - Wikipedia
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  6. Claude Benshaul

    Claude Benshaul Forum Resident

    And GTR, yes hard to beat them there but somehow this is also the same company that manage to manufacture plain vanilla cars that are so boring that they are used as the company car for the invisible man.
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  7. jeffmo789

    jeffmo789 Give The Gift of Music!

    New England
    May I ask what worked? I've had a Coldplay one stuck for about two months!
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  8. Many people would love to have their Coldplay CDs stuck in a player.

  9. jeffmo789

    jeffmo789 Give The Gift of Music!

    New England
    But how many want to hear Coldplay every single time they drive somewhere? :laugh:
  10. Bob_in_OKC

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    Dallas, Texas
    I had a 2002 Infiniti Q45 that came with cassette player and a CD changer. Too bad no turntable.
  11. malco49

    malco49 Forum Resident

    my snappy 2013 honda civic has a CD player.i may have used in a few times.i just use my iPhone for iTunes( i burn any new CD i get to it) or spotify or listen to talk on the radio.really no need for CD player anymore.
  12. Sevoflurane

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    West Yorkshire
    I'd scrap the car.
  13. SquishySounds

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    My 2013 Toyota RAV4 has a CD player. I used it exactly once when I picked-up Nirvana's Unplugged in NYC for $5 at Walmart. Then I ripped it to iTunes. All my car listening is from my iPhone Bluetoothed to my car
  14. testikoff

    testikoff Forum Resident

    Say, no CD player, but how about gapless USB playback of lossless or AAC/MP3 audio? Any car media players capable of that?
  15. Car manufacturers are always looking to cost expenses and unnecessary weight on most models. As younger consumers move almost entirely to using their phones as music listening portals, I could see the day very soon where lower end models almost entirely do away with music devices.

    They'll remain on luxury models where extra options are needed to help sell the cars.
  16. Byrdsmaniac

    Byrdsmaniac Forum Resident

    Who wants to waste time on this pointless chore?
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  17. riskylogic

    riskylogic Forum Resident

    Maryland, USA
    I recently discovered that the Miata I've had for several months does in fact have a CD player. It's mounted between the glove box in back of the seats just behind the removable cup holders:


    Obviously, you're not going to get a CD in there if the cup holders are occupied. The other problem is that you are probably going to need to keep your spare CDs in the trunk. Well, if you take out the manual there is room for two or three in the glove box.
  18. JayB

    JayB Forum Resident

    I own a CRV a couple years older than the OP and I just plug in my Iphone before I leave the driveway select a playlist and hit the road.

    It charges my phone and plays my favorite music at the same time. Why bother with CD's?
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  19. Gaslight

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    Northeast USA
    There's always this

  20. Nostaljack

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    DC metro area
    The 2017 has one too. I absolutely never use it but it's there. Apple CarPlay has made my life quite simple so that I don't even need to think about the lack of a CD player. The sound is incredibly good too.

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  21. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered

    And their automatics are all CVTs. Yecch.
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  22. scobb

    scobb Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    Time certainly does move on.... I bought a new CD player earlier this year and it didn't come with a car :confused:
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  23. MrRom92

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    Long Island, NY
    It's already done so there isn't really much of a chore. I could drag and drop a sizable amount of my collection to a small thumb drive and probably never have to look at the thing again.

    Infinitely more pointless chores come into play when said car won't read those files. So now I have to maintain a 2nd audio library and/or waste time converting files? Or now I need an alternative playback device through the aux port? Or now I need a new head unit?
  24. Cockroach

    Cockroach Member

    Visalia, CA
    I have my entire music library, minus vinyl, ripped to MP3 and sitting on a server in my living room, which is also running Kodi. I have them also copied to a 64GB microSD card in my phone. So I can listen to my music with a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a screen literally anywhere, even in my car. And I never have to worry about scratching a CD handling them. I don't see it as pointless.
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  25. Bob_in_OKC

    Bob_in_OKC Frequent Visitor

    Dallas, Texas
    I used to have one of those. That's the Creative hard drive player from before the iPod.

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