NAD Stereo Amp 3130 == Help

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by MILKEY, Apr 25, 2011.


    MILKEY Active Member

    My amp has a hum or static on the left channel.
    At higher volumes you almost don't know its there.
    My service guy wants $50 to look at it, if he fixes it fine if not more money.
    Any suggestions. Thanks
  2. Troyh

    Troyh Well-Known Member

    Milkey, I was just in the same spot with my 3120. It has a hum/static only when the phono stage is engaged.
    I ended up replacing it with a new NAD and use the 3120 downstairs.
  3. sushimaster

    sushimaster Well-Known Member

    filter caps are probably nearing the end of their service life.
    Your tech will probably change them both (I think there are two if I'm not mistaken)
    Buddy of mine had a NAD 7020 which essentially is the same as 3020 but with a tuner that I worked on awhile back.

    - Sushimaster

    MILKEY Active Member

    Thanks == To All==
    Will the $50 cover the repair?
  5. Mohojo

    Mohojo Well-Known Member

    My advice is to make sure that the technician is familiar with NAD. Someone who knows the brand well and has experience with their amps will probably find the fault quickly and this will make the repair economic.

    I used to have an NAD 7240PE receiver and I learnt the hard way that giving it to the wrong person to repair is a lengthy and expensive process.
  6. sushimaster

    sushimaster Well-Known Member

    If it is indeed the capacitors, new parts should not cost more than $20 from Digikey, maybe even less. Labor will probably incur substantial costs since it involves trouble shooting, un soldering/removing the old caps, installing/soldering new ones, testing/burning in the unit. Way more than $50 total I would imagine.

    Considering that a new NAD - C-316BEE can be had for $350 at Audio Advisor. So it may or may not be worthwhile.

    - Sushimaster


    MILKEY Active Member

    Thanks again==
    My tech may or maynot be trusted to do it right.
    Can you give me some alternate NAD Amps or Receivers that can be found on eBay
    with reasonable price that from new had little or no problems
    Thanks ==Again
  8. sushimaster

    sushimaster Well-Known Member

    To me NAD means big bang for the buck...I don't know of any other brand in this price range that offers so much performance for the money.

    I would start looking out for a nice used NAD C325BEE.
    It's the model before the current C326BEE.
    It's a 2 channel solid state integrated at 50 watts per channel.

    It has nice features like soft clipping, Power'll definitely want to change/upgrade the jumpers on the back (pre out/poweramp in) & maybe power cord down the line.

    My buddy bought one used on eBay...I was so blown away by how clean/fast and powerful it sounded when he brought it over, that I went out and purchased a used NAD C372 shortly after.
    I've had it for 2 years in my main system and I still love it. Good luck.

    - Sushimaster

    MILKEY Active Member

    Hello Again
    My 3130 was attached to bad speakers causing most of the problems.
    The inputs for CD PHONO etc I believe need an internal cleaning
    Any advice what is involved in a general internal overhaul or cleaning
    Oh, I will use a qualified technician for this service charged $50 to open it up
    Thanks Again

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