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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tgreg, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Tgreg

    Tgreg Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Memphis, TN. USA
    HI All..Used to go to Nashville all the in only go once every few years..Nashville has been growing at such a rapid some ways jealous..they get top acts that don't come to Memphis...I'm going the weekend of 10/21s to see both NRBQ and Nick Lowe in a single weekend...(why couldn't they come to Memphis...) Anyway....looking for cool (music or not) things to do in Nashville that are not touristy

    I know Great Escape moved from Broadway....need to check their new locations....great record/cd store....also need to check out Grimeys (spelling_)....any suggestions?
  2. Celticray

    Celticray Member

    Richardson, TX
  3. MYKE

    MYKE Columbia 6 Eye Mono - 1958

    Be prepared to sit in traffic a lot. You can't have 100 new people a day moving in, without congestion. Used to be able to get from one side of town to the other in 30 minutes. Now it's hours.
  4. rpd

    rpd Forum Resident

    Don’t pay attention to Myke

    Awesome city...tons of fun..

    Check out Phonoluxe, Grimeys and Great Escape...
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  5. MYKE

    MYKE Columbia 6 Eye Mono - 1958

    Putting out the NO VACANCY sign wouldn't hurt.
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  6. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident

    Last time I was there, in 1982, the place seemed like Mayberry -- guess it's changed a little since then, huh? Doesn't matter, I still want to get back down there sometime. Is it less crowded in the winter months?
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  7. MYKE

    MYKE Columbia 6 Eye Mono - 1958

    Not by much, they keep coming, no matter what the weather. We're planning for a move out of the county, to get back to the Tennessee that's still God's Country.

    Btw, born in Chicago, stayed first 14 years.

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  8. strymeow

    strymeow Forum Resident

    Panhandle, FL
    Douglas Corner Cafe and the immediately surrounding antique stores just a few blocks down from Grimeys.

    pancake pantry if you're an early riser, if not don't do it because tourists. Otherwise Mafiaoza's on 12th for good pizza. ML Rose on 8th for wings and waffle fries.
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  9. Its so hard to reason

    Its so hard to reason New Member

    Double up on Phonoluxe and Grimeys. The Great Escape now on Charlotte I think? Good but not sure I have had any real "finds" there in a while. Check out Mckays..a franchise used bookstore type, but upstairs they have some records and cd's.

    Looking for a music venue? Not sure anyone of note is playing the Station Inn. A real hole in the wall type place, but has some amazing bluegrass history.

    Belcourt Theater is starting their Halloween series, so a lot of random horror or suspense stuff. Probably a little more expensive than a standard theater but can see some odd stuff
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  10. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    Ernest Tubb Record Shop is also a must visit.
  11. janschfan

    janschfan Forum Resident

    Nashville, Tn. USA
    Come to the Country Music Hall of Fame, ask for Jeffery! You’ll find tourists , but they’ll be music lovers... Check out our Bob Dylan/ Johnny Cash exhibit, which has about 4 1/2 more months to go!
  12. Tgreg

    Tgreg Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Memphis, TN. USA
    darn...wish I could...going to see nrbq saturday and nick lowe sunday
    Wow...been a very long time when I went to phonluxe...10 plus years...used to travel to nashville a lot...1999-2001 for work...great escape and phonluxe were my two main places...been there every few years since then...yes..growing and growing
  13. DigitalDave74

    DigitalDave74 Well-Known Member

    Columbus Ohio
    +1 on Phonoluxe. I moved out of Nashville in 2008, so I'm in the same boat as you as not knowing what's still there. The Greenhouse was a really unique bar in, you guessed it, an old commercial greenhouse with a ton of plants still in it. It's next door to the Green Hills Theater. Also, you can't go wrong with the Nashville Public Library Main location.
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  14. Maranatha5585

    Maranatha5585 Forum Resident

    Down South
    Absolute musts:

    CM HOF Museum w/ RCA studios shuttle tour incl.
    CASH Museum
    Hatch Print orig poster shop
    Grand Ole Opry
    Third Man Records .. (record stores in general)
    Record Pressing Plants (tour)
    .. they got a good art museum in town
    .. and street bars and clubs have some v good music.

    Been about 4 -5 years now...
    I'd get a book or do some research for musical history spots.
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  15. fsutall

    fsutall Forum Resident

    Nashville, TN
    For used vinyl and CDs the following are must-visits IMO:
    The Groove
    Great Escape (Madison and Charlotte Ave. locations)
  16. DigitalDave74

    DigitalDave74 Well-Known Member

    Columbus Ohio
    Forgot to add: tour The Ryman
  17. Spear and Magic Helmet

    Spear and Magic Helmet Forum Resident

    Nashville, TN
    Careful with Phonolux- Believe they're only open on weekends now. I'd skip Mckay's too. Unless they've made some massive improvements, their vinyl section is pretty small not worth the drive. Grimey's has great new and used vinyl. Usually good bands in the back too. Mike viola was there last year.
  18. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    And right down the street is a print shop, which is almost a museum of the most significant concert posters in the country. Think it's called Hatch Show Print.
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  19. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Oh - and, also downtown Nashville, if you haven't heard of the "world's best jukebox"...according to Nashville music folk and radio folk. Why? Because it doesn't play anything they play at work! :laugh:

    Seriously though, visit the Beer Sellar, 107 Church Street (ironic address, eh?), order a draft, and just sit n listen!
  20. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    Yes that's the name of it.
  21. lyniv

    lyniv Well-Known Member

    Grand Junction, CO
    and you must eat some hot chicken.
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  22. gregorya

    gregorya Forum Resident

    Be sure to check out the skyline...

  23. janschfan

    janschfan Forum Resident

    Nashville, Tn. USA
    Hatch Show Print moved from Broadway, into the new section of the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, about three years ago. They are busier than ever. They still use the old letterpress method, and our poster designers are second to none! We offer a guided tour of the printing facility , and would love to have all of my SHF compadres come visit!
  24. coniferouspine

    coniferouspine Forum Resident

    We did the tour of RCA Studio B, that was combined with a sort of van tour that drove you around past a lot of "famous" downtown music spots, offices of the great songwriting publishers, famous clubs and the cheap apartment building where Kris Kristofferson lived when he first moved to town and such. The tour was VERY touristy and cheesy, delightfully so, we enjoyed it immensely and it was probably the most darn fun time of our entire trip. Highly recommended. But Studio B was really nice.

    Also as others have said. Country Music Hall of Fame is a really well done presentation. Worth it for the Nudie suits and guitars and Cadiallacs alone.
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  25. The Killer

    The Killer Big Town Tom Cat

    Don't forget the George Jones museum, it's cool.
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