Neil Young Launches Online Archives (1st December 2017)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Defrance, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. noname74

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    Suddenly? Not quite.
  2. rockclassics

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    Exactly. I don't see this lasting long term. Count me out on this.
  3. bradman

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    The 96/24 audio of the DVD set is more than good enough.
  4. George Blair

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    Neil's had a crew of stoners working on this since before the intetnet was available. Almost ready yet? :)
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    You can't always get what you want. Heh
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  6. footlooseman

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    at her feet
    dude wheres my archives?
  7. marcb

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    Unless you'd prefer the bluray.
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  8. DmitriKaramazov

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    I think Google Play is around $15 per month, but that's a huge catalog.

    POno is defunct, plus Neil reneged on a promise about continuing BluRay content for Archives, well that's two strikes against him.

    Hey, Neil is bigly beloved, no question. I'd follow Neil almost everywhere but I don't want to re-buy, again, in a streaming environment, all the official titles I already have, several times over.

    Physical media is a must for us dinosaurs! Streaming for me is a huge Meh.
  9. DesertChaos

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    Two strikes? HD CD was it for him, then DVD-A, then Blu-ray, then Pono (did I miss any?) this...he has gone past struck out. Yes, his heart may be in the right place in wanting the best quality, but his brain is so fried he can't see reality anymore, and that flirting from format to format just enhances the cynicism the has made the skeptics even more so.
  10. markbrow

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  11. Chemguy

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    Excellent question. A buck...and that's too much.
  12. Having read Neil's new Archives note referenced in the Hitchhiker thread I think we can draw the following conclusions
    1There will be no further big Archives boxes
    2All the type of stuff that appeared in the file boxes and timelines in Volume 1 will be on this new site for all his currently released music
    3All currently released music will be available to stream from the web site
    4All currently unreleased music that he intends to put out will be on the timeline in it's appropriate chronological spot but with no track listings ,artwork or other information.Neil says this music will be formatted as albums which almost certainly means it will get a physical release but probably only 1 album at a time.
    My questions are what will be what will be available if you want access to the files but don't want to access the streaming and what distribution will there be for all the concert films and other filmed material(will they be released like Human Highway and Rust Never Sleeps or will they only be on timeline?)
    Not everyone is going to get the format that they want but at least there is movement at the station.
    Free The Archives!
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  13. Mbd77

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    Thing is - and apologies if this is a bit of a touchy subject - if these are download only, then a bootleg label is bound to step in and make a proper 'Neil Young Archives' box set out of it on compact discs with replica cardboard sleeves, etc...

    Something like multi-cd box set of the unreleased tracks and then the unreleased albums as individual CDs.
  14. RoyalPineapple

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    You are making these errors:

    A) Assuming that what Neil says will be the same as what he actually does.

    B) Assuming that what he wants to do now will be the same thing as what he will want to do in 6 years (or 6 months/weeks/days).

    I love Neil's music. But any of his statements must be taken with a pinch of salt; he is as changeable as the wind. The only safe bet is on things changing/not turning out as planned.
  15. Artery1

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    I got Archives I on blu ray and had to buy a FS TV, BD player and surround system to play it in my living room. I was kinda hoping for another big box just so the second half of Neil's christian name could be seen on the shelf... Oh well.

    Anyway, a practical question for those who might know. Just what gear might I need to connect this Rustify streaming thingy to an input on an audio amplifier for my music room? I have a Pono but that would surely need some kind of adapter to go online etc. Would I need a PC with an awfully good soundcard with outputs? Anyone any idea at all just how this would work out? I have an Oppo 1o5D. Could that be used?

    Suggestions please.
  16. folkfreak

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    downloads ? yes please. Streaming ? no thanks.
  17. Zongadude

    Zongadude Music is the best

    And when the website is shut down (in two or three years after it has started), everything on it won't be available anymore, and therefore lost.
    Just like the bonus online stuff from the Archives 1 box set, wich was very cool but got closed two years ago, when they shut down the server.
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  18. stef1205

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    I don't know what people are talking about. All I can see on the website is Archives, opening soon, it is not quite clear how this will happen. If you are so fed up with Neil Young's inconsistency, you should really stop listening to him. I'm happy with what i have got from him and if he continues releasing good albums and some archive stuff or remastered albums in GREAT quality.... .... The man does not owe anything to anyone.
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  19. GregK

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    I like the idea of this, but if I'm paying for something, I want to own a personal copy of it. It could even be a download, I don't care.
    Also, this whole file drawer/timeline thing was just a nuisance on Vol 1. I spent more time trying to figure out how to get around it or somehow shut it off than actually browsing it. Just give me a comprehensive set of liner notes in a book/booklet, thanks.
  20. Syscrusher

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    Ya I don't think we all need to talk about "no physical releases" when the very first album is coming out on CD and vinyl. Though I would love a blu-Ray with some indigo ranch visuals thrown in.
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  21. Syscrusher

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    Maybe it should be, for those who purchase Volume 1?
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  22. Syscrusher

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    I really love the AVI book and I'm really hoping for a AVII companion so I can reference the songlist at the back that, even shows the unrecorded stuff.

    I'm a memeber of Jack White's Vault and and the monthly fee is very much worth it for the beautiful box sets they give you every three months, but I almost never utilize the online Vault. With Neil I know I would use the online portion (on my phone of course as I don't own a good computer) but what I really want in another Blu-Ray box set ... and a trailer!!! That was the most exciting part of AVI, watching that initial trailer that came out.
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    Pono's in a coma.

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