New John Lennon release on the horizon?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by beatleroadie, Oct 16, 2017.

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    New John Lennon App features Double Fantasy demos
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    Straightforward Yoko autobiography. I'm serious. Including her career as a serious artist.

    Like Jane Asher, she had a multi year front row seat for the Beatles and nobody has sat her down for a serious extensive interview. One of the few aspects of the Beatles that may yield new information.
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    This isn't intended as a bash Yoko post, it is just my honest opinion. I don't think she would be capable of delivering an honest or accurate accounting about the years of 1968 through now about her time with the Beatles and Apple. I believe we would get a Yoko-centric storytelling that would be similar to all of the false and orchestrated tales that John and Yoko devised to make themselves look good through the years.

    I suppose such a book would be no worse than books by Albert Goldman, Peter Brown, or even Geoff Emerick. Some parts interesting, some even factual, but a lot of errors, falsehoods, and stuff that is just made up with a definite agenda. I'll pass.

    Talking simply about her own career, she might do better...but then I have zero interest in that.

    Jane Asher? I reckon there's some actual integrity there, and I'd appreciate reading any book that she would write.
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    My request, a blue ray collection of Yoko & John films, "Bottoms", "Erection", all of them. Nice artsy stuff from two artsy people.
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    Just need a bit of help and despite searching could not find the answer. Which Lennon (and with Yoko) albums did MFSL issue in the 2000s. I have Live Peace, POB, Imagine and Mind Games. Did they do Walls and Bridges and Rock n Roll? I think there is a Double Fantasy as well.

    Back to this thread and yes it has been a while since there was any new official Lennon product save the vinyl reissues. I would just put out a straight copy of the old Vigotone Imagine All The Outtakes triple cd. Should sell ok.
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    I think with Yoko now at 84 years old, the baton is going to be passed to Sean if it hasn't already. What he will do to re-invigorate his fathers legacy from time to time is anyone's guess? apologies if this has been stated upthread.
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    This is it. No more projects until Yoko croaks. The next Lennon release should be under Sean watch.
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    Yeah, I was more thinking that at 84 she will have slowed down considerably. My mum is 83 and I can't imagine her doing much more than doting around in her armchair and ringing me up to see if I'm eating ok :D
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    The publisher I work for has just done a kids book with her and we're aware that she's not in great health these days. It's been mentioned that she's been quite unwell.
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    I don't think Yoko has anything left of John's. Other than a couple of raw demos.

    Unless she chooses to have the demos overdubbed ala Free As A Bird.

    That is, to take unproduced home demos commonly known as " The Dakota " demos, & using digital editing, & modern technology. Choose hand picked arrangers & musicians to turn the demos into proper finished records. Perhaps something like he would have done himself, had he lived.

    Having said that, I can easily think of several Lennon compilation albums, that haven't been done yet.

    For example a complete Lennon live album, using the tracks from 68,69,71, & 72 & 74 all on one live album.

    There are also the Milk & Honey tracks that fall somewhere in between demos & finished masters.

    There are also quite a few non album singles, b sides & studio outtakes, that could be compiled into a type of Shaved Fish or Menlove type of comp album.

    Of course more remixes could be done, the way Double Fantasy Stripped was done 5-6 years ago.

    The big ticket item Imo. Would be hiring either Giles Martin, Jeff Lynne, Jack Douglas, or even Lennon's son(s) in tandem with one of those producers. To create a type of "Brainwashed" as was done for Harrison in 2002.

    There are pretty easily a good 10-14 Dakota demos, that have never been produced, for example.

    1. India India
    2. Serve Yourself
    3. Dear John
    4. Life Begins At 40
    5. Grow Old With Me
    6. You Saved My Soul
    7. She Is A Friend Of Dorothy
    8. Sally & Billy
    9. Help me help myself
    10 One Of The Boys

    That's not a definitive list. Just 10 of the better Dakota demos that haven't ever been produced. There's a good 8-10 more at least.

    Sadly no such plans are in motion that I know of.
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  12. I REALLY wish there was a 1980 Box Set myself...
    I'd add in these 7 ... with special emphasis on the first 2, as being pretty strongly finished enough (and I'd venture better tracks than a few on that initial list of ten... my preference of course...)... the 3rd is finished enough & well known too, obviously...

    My other hope (that wasn't/isn't a Box Set) would be a double CD with one CD just the raw Lennon Demos & the other being something like The Threetles work, wherein other folks contributed backing tracks to those very same songs to flesh them out & finish things up...
    11. Illusions (Not For Love Or Money)
    12. Whatever Happened To...
    13. Now & Then
    14. Gone From This Place
    15. Across The River
    16. It's Real
    17. My Life
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    See above post #2. It's already been announced that Yoko will publish a new book on the Imagine recording sessions later next year. That's probably the closest we'll get to an autobiography.
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    hopefully a true JL release...
  15. Michael

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    wasn't this box set subjected to heavy NOISE REDUCTION? or am I thinking of something else? I have it, butI haven't listened to it in years...maybe that's why?
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  16. Yes, heavy NR in places. I’m not sure about the 4th disc, though.
  17. THIS needs an official release—all of Lennon’s officially released rarities compiled on two discs.

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  18. I noticed a problem with the above track list—“God Save Us” is NOT a John Lennon track (as I am sure you all know), but rather is credited to “Bill Elliot and Elastic Oz Band.” However, its B-Side, “Do the Oz,” is credited simply to “Elastic Oz Band,” with John and Yoko on vocals (and John on guitar).

    A demo of “God Save Us” exists with John supplying lead vocals over the same instrumental backing track as the released version, and I believe it is available on the Anthology box.
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    The version of "God Save Us" on Anthology has John's guide vocal.
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    John shoulda kept that one for himself IMO, it would have worked well on Imagine.
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  22. Yes, mentioned in my post.
  23. Yes, mentioned in my post.
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    Well the only reason the song (actually originally named 'God Save OZ') even existed in the first place was because OZ Magazine was in financial/legal trouble and John wrote it as a "benefit single" to raise funds. Of course it likely would have sold far more if he had sung on the released version and been credited on the label.

    Anyway I don't think its better than anything on Imagine - well except for 'Soldier', but then its not nearly as good as the "Anthology Version" of Soldier. If I wished he'd put something different on the Imagine album, the 'Anthology' Soldier would be it.
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    There was something on Twitter yesterday about a Lennon acoustic collection coming out.
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