New John Lennon release on the horizon?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by beatleroadie, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Liverpool, England
    Mine is 93 and was washing the front downstairs outside windows when I left. She gave up going up a ladder to do the upstairs windows when she was 88.
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    Yokohama, Japan
    Sounds like you may be referring to this post, which was simply marking the anniversary of the Acoustic release from 2004, rather than a new collection “coming out” : Twitter
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    Your mum sounds amazing.
    Sadly, my mums got quite advanced Dementia now, which slowed her down considerably. But she was a one woman tour de force around the house until it got the better of her. She still tells me of the days when her mother would do all the washing in big copper things and it would be a two day thing with 'blueing' and starching. Her mum only had one leg and she would get down on her stump leg and polish the floors. Mum said that after mum had done her cleaning, my grandmother would go around the house with a white glove on, and if there was any dust or dirt showed up on the glove, mum would have to do it again. As Monty Python says, 'you tell that to the kids today and they wont believe you"
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    Is that what that was? I was skimming through Twitter and seen Lennon Acoustic, thought it was something new without reading it. You and I both know there's got to be mountains of unreleased Beatles, Lennon, Macca & George still. They were so prolific. Thanx for the correction. Peace
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    Since IMAGINE is still Lennon's best known solo hit, what about a deluxe edition of that album in the style of the recent Sgt. Pepper edition?

    Disc 1 - New remix of the original 1971 Album (with a different LP cover)
    Disc 2 - Stripped down, "pre-Spector" mix of each song (a la DF Stripped...If Imagine is POB with sugar on top, let's blow off the sugar and get a version that sounds like its predecessor. Maybe sneak in an instrumental How Do You Sleep on this disc!)
    Disc 3 - Power to the People, Happy Xmas, + studio outtakes and demos
    Disc 4 - All Imagine album film material

    Same could be done for Walls & Bridges with all the "Menlove Ave." and other early versions of those songs included.

    A LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY revamped release and a LENNON 80 box set would be the other great ones.
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    Just the other week my family had the pleasure of an exclusive Mop Top Tour of Liverpool.

    Our Tour Guide Stevie T really certainly earned his money.

    Perhaps the most moving part of the tour was the time spent in the graveyard of Woolton Church.

    We saw the Eleanor Rigby grave and then the spot at the back of the graveyard where John Lennon and the lads played in 1957 :-


    I was pleased to pick up a signed copy of the Len Garry Book en route....

    .....but surely a new release is due on the 60th Anniversary ?
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    There several projects that could still be released for Lennon
    1 Live in New York City.
    Multi discs with both shows and rehearsals. There is also video. The original is pretty terrible.

    2 Walls and Bridges. This is a record that begs for the stripped down approach that Double Fantasy received in 2010. This could easily be a multi disc set with the original quod mix, 2005 remix and all of the Menlove Avenue mixes.

    3. 1976-1980 demoes. My dream project with be for Julian and Sean to work with these in a similar fashion to what the Beatles did with Free as a Bird and Real Love.

    4. A singles collection with the Yoko B sides and special mixes.
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    ithaca, ny
    Walls And Bridges had an original quad mix? hmm.. that could be interesting. I don't necessarily think it needs the "stripped" treatment [IMO the production is *perfect* for what it is], but I would love to hear more of the demos/rehearsals ala Menlove Ave.

    5. A multi-disc "Best of Lost Lennon Tapes". I never heard the broadcasts nor most of the boots presumably derived from them. [Just matters of timing and location and dollars.. ;-) ]
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    Man I remember listening to the Lost Lennon Tapes back in 1988 once a week and recoding the shows on cassette.
    Now I'd like to find my lost Lennon tapes.
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    they could release something like "Lennon Live"...include better versions/remastered Elephant's Memory stuff, and add 1) Live Peace in Toronto cuts, 2) Sinclair concert tracks, 3) Live performance of "Imagine" for Lew Grade, 4) Encore of '74 NYC Concert with Sir Elton....

    Expanded Imagine seems to have most potential...demos, additional tracks with Harrison?

    Lennon: Between the Lines--some collection of interesting mid-70s or 1980 stuff like: Memory, Now & Then, Real Love, etc.

    Doesn't seem to be much left, really.
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  11. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    Why release the horrid Lennon home demo of Now & Then. Instead of a groovy cool Beatles version sitting on McCartneys studio shelf...

    Finish those Milk & Honey songs, with guitar solis & backround vocals & real final mixes !

    Take those remaining Dakota Demos & get a team of Jack Douglas or Sean Lennon or Julian or Jeff Lynne or Giles Martin & turn those demos into Masters ;!!!!!!!
  12. beatleroadie

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    A LENNON LIVE 2CD set would be fantastic.

    CD1 could be dubbed "STAGE" featuring the best of the Madison Square Garden songs, taken from BOTH shows finally, and the three Elton John concert songs as bonus tracks. (let's just forget the STINYC live cuts and Live in Toronto).

    CD2 could be dubbed "SCREEN" and be a collection of all of John & Yoko's live performance TV appearances (mostly in 1971/72 but also the 1975 Old Grey Whistle Test version of "Stand By Me" and the 1975 Lew Grade Special version of "Imagine" and "Slippin' and Slidin''"). Plenty of cuts to fill out a disc!

    And yes, Sean and Jeff Lynne should definitely get hold of all of John's Dakota demos and the multitracks of the Milk & Honey songs make a new LP out of those. The technology is much better now than it was during the Beatles Anthology. They could sound quite good cleaned up. They should produce it and bring in Julian to sing on a couple of them, and Paul and Ringo to play on a couple of them also. Wow, what a dream that would be—incredible!
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    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Instead of the Menlove Avenue mixes, which were edited and slathered in 80's sounding digital reverb, just use the raw "Jesse Ed Davis" tape of the July 13 '74 rehearsal session that was the basis for the Something Precious And Rare boot- way superior to the Menlove versions IMO. Yoko definitely used the best performances from that session on Menlove Avenue, but the remainder (including goodies like "Beef Jerky" and "Move Over Ms L") have a nicely loose feel that deserve official release as well.
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    It's weird that Walls & Bridges, with Johns only #1 hit, and having really catchy melodies and perfect playing and singing throughout as well as very confessional lyrics, gets kind of brushed aside in favor of Plastic Ono Band and Imagine all the time. It would be like if Paul never gave much attention to Band on the Run years after its release, but only did lots of promo for McCartney and Ram.

    Plastic Ono Band is an artistic masterpiece, but as a listen its not always to people's taste or mood. Imagine is incredibly uneven. I can't listen to half the songs on it.

    By comparison, Walls & Bridges is John's crowning achievement as a pop artist in my opinion. "Nobody Loved You (When You're Down and Out)", "Scared" and "Bless You" are incredible artistic works. "Whatever", "What You Got," "Beef Jerky", "Going Down on Love" and "Surprise Surprise" are all really fun and they groove. Front to back it has everything that makes John "John." And a deluxe re-issue with the "Something Precious and Rare" tracks included, more of John's childhood drawings, Bob Gruen's iconic 1974 photos and a little write-up by Julian Lennon compiled in a new book + "Move Over Ms. L" and some remixes as bonus track, is definitely in order!
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  15. Mike Visco

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    Newark, NJ
    Walls and Bridges remains my favorite Lennon LP from start to finish.
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  16. Mike Dow

    Mike Dow I kind of like the music

    Bangor, Maine
    "(Just Like) Starting Over" also hit #1 in the U.S. and U.K. (albeit after John was killed). "Woman" also went to #1 in the U.K. (#2 in the U.S.).
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    Portland, Oregon much as I admire Plastic Ono Band, it's not really an album that begs to be played. Not really the right album for when i'm waking up in the morning and want to hear some tunes. not really a great home from work/start the weekend vibe. not really fun to listen to while i'm cooking or doing chores. about the only time i play is when i'm surfing on the web and it occurs to me, oh yeah, i haven't listened to that in a while.

    I admire Imagine too, but it doesn't quite work for me as an album. I've written this before, I think both Paul and George were better at recording albums that were fun to listen to start to finish. I listened to side one of Dark Horse last weekend and loved it, and I don't even regard Dark Horse that highly.
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    ontario, canada
    POB is an album that really creates its own world when listened to. I think its definitely the best (and most 'complete') thing he's ever done but it sure ain't easy listening. For years I never got why Ram was crapped on by the critics so much at the time of its release, but after I just happened to listen to RAM immediately following POB on one occasion not too long ago - I suddenly and totally understood why. I don't really agree (and think the direct comparison of the two is a bit unfair) but I now at least do get where they were coming from.

    The breakup was too new and the critics were still looking at the ex-Beatles as "The Beatles", so in their minds they were disappointed by the lighter weight "follow-up" to POB - no not Imagine - but RAM since that was the "ex-Beatle collective" followup up to POB, and listened to in that (unfair) context Ram does suffer.

    I love Ram (it's sometimes my favorite of Paul's albums - its constantly trading places as my #1 favorite with BOTR) and even I was sort of taken aback/stunned at how lightweight Ram sounded that one time (probably only within the last five years or so) I just happened to put on Ram immediately after POB. After that the critical backlash against Paul on Ram's release makes a bit more sense. However it was still massively unfair to him, regardless. He was just doing his own thing - it wasn't his responsibility to provide the follow up album to Lennon's POB.

    As far as Imagine not quite working as "an album" I agree to an extent, mainly because in the case of both Imagine and Mind Games he put the title track/potential hit single first, and I always found both songs to be very strange choices as opening tracks to an album. In both cases those title tracks made more sense as at least a side one closing track, if not an album closing track.

    The song Imagine should be followed by either "nothing/silence" or at the very least a "pause/side break". What it shouldn't be followed by is the jaunty/goofy 'Crippled Inside'.

    Actually its almost as jarring as listening to Ram immediately after POB!
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  19. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    I only wish for a special edition "POB", so I can get a cleaner version of that extended "Remember", where John makes fun of Zappa!
  20. Interesting. Where can I hear that version?
  21. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    The scratchy 'acetate' version used to be on BeatleSource...
    I think this might be it:
  22. AidanS

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    Dublin, Ireland
    Don't forget the show he did with Zappa, I have that on a ripped dvd, well most of it. Would love to see that get a proper release, even if it is only for Well Baby, Please Don't Go. All those television appearances as well, they should gather up all that stuff and release it.
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  23. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    That's wild, there's some digital artifacts with one of the reverbs, had me hearing wood block percussion & Aboriginal Dirigidoos, & eventually 5-6 minutes into we hear there is something actually there, & then weird keyboard comes in like Billy Preston was on the track all of a sudden.

    When they got to the super long delayed bridge, "Don't You Worry" that must be 3.30-4.00 into the track, I got spine tingles, so powerful, that voice, so strident, emotional, powerful.. but it also reinforced my belief a little bit of production would have gone a long way to making greater than it is, ( provided said production was restrained & properly done.) It's just so much like demos, having all 11 songs so totally barren of any musical or vocal overdubs. Leaving some songs totally bare & stripped as they are, would have been very effective, if 5-6-7 of the songs had added just a few things here & there. Another guitar or a keyboard overdub here & there, some backround vocals on a few of the more melodic songs. It's totally stripped, as if you're hearing a work in progress with just a basic track & lead vocal. There's nothing else there on the whole thing. Billy Preston plays an overdub on one song I think or two. The songs & emotion & lead vocals are so powerful, it's great, but without going overboard, I really believe it's too underproduced.

    I think it has been Aiden, unless I'm misunderstanding you.

    Zappa has a solo album or Mother's album with whole Lennon, Zappa, Flo & Eddie bit included. It's interesting because it has, a totally different mix & focus done by his people.

    What confuses me about your post, Lennon also has the five or six songs & jams on 1or2 of the STINYC bonus live jam disc. Did you mean DVD as opposed to audio ? Or you didin't know a live Lennon-Zappa "Well Baby Please Don't Go" & Au & Scumbag have been officially released on audio since 1972, one of the re-releases cut down the length of the 72 bonus live disc, maybe that's all that's left in print. That's probably your point ! I'm so dumb sometimes.

    Oh yeah rereading you're post I see you mean DVD... I have official DVDs of all that stuff, live at the Apollo & Crisler arena & all the tv, Dick Cavett, Mike Douglas, David Frost, & another UK talk show. There's one I'm not sure of, it's John & Yoko on a local NYC station, singing backrounds & playing stick bass behind David Peel I think. Somebody here must know.

    I do know all the STINYC he did live is on one DVD I bought within the last year, all the 71-72 stuff is on it, John Sinclair, Attica State, David Frost Show

    Yeah I've got them right here, don't have my glasses though


    2-The U.S. vs. John Lennon
    ©2006 Lionsgate & VH1

    Great stuff
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    Zack Island
    Never heard that before. So cool. Would've been an interesting (and kinda obscure) single release.^^
    Who's playing the mouth harp in the background?
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    I didn't know about this, I had a bootleg and the MFSL CD. What's the diff?

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