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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Wie Gehts?, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Wie Gehts?

    Wie Gehts? New Member Thread Starter

    I see on Acoustic Sounds' website that a K2 HDCD version of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong's Ella & Louis is available for pre-order. The label is shown as Lasting Impression Music. Does anybody know anything about this reissue label? I'm surprised that HDCDs are still being manufactured.
  2. Wie Gehts?

    Wie Gehts? New Member Thread Starter

    I'll answer my own question. :laugh: I called Acoustic Sounds and spoke to a very helpful chap by the name of Nate, who informed me that Lasting Impressions Music is a new venture by none other than Doug Sax. :goodie:

    Apparently, Doug feels that HDCD's sonic potential was never fully realized and that combining it with an updated K2 process can yield markedly better sound. Time will tell. No estimate available on when the new Ella & Louis will actually be on the street, by the way.
  3. Wie Gehts?

    Wie Gehts? New Member Thread Starter

    Wow, no fans of Ella and Louis together? Incredible.
  4. John DeAngelis

    John DeAngelis Forum Resident

    New York, NY
    I'm a big fan of those two LPs by Louis and Ella ("Ella & Louis" and "Ella & Louis Again", right?). Really great stuff. I didn't post because I didn't know anything about the label you were asking about. I look forward to hearing a report about the CD.
  5. Ken E.

    Ken E. Forum Resident

    New Providence NJ
    The 180-gm vinyl released a few years back is TO DIE FOR IMHO. Few LPs I own or have ever heard compare to it, most of those have Senor H's involvement.
  6. Wie Gehts?

    Wie Gehts? New Member Thread Starter

    Thanks to whichever moderator modified the thread title; the original title was somewhat misleading.

    I have the Verve CD of this and while it sounds okay, I'm sure Doug Sax will improve on it significantly. My only concern is that an HDCD-compatible player will be required to hear the difference.
  7. bluesbro

    bluesbro Forum Hall of Shame

    Yeah, Im looking forward to it too. I have the latest Verve CD and it sounds lifeless to me.

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid

    its good to hear a new and maybe better version is coming out...but i've got a couple of issues on this already and i'm getting to the point where i'm not going to keep re-buying the same titles no matter how much better they sound....

    still its a worthy title and anyone who is a fan of either needs this one, so might as well hold out for it.
  9. PoeRaider

    PoeRaider Forum Resident

    Wow a new label with Doug Sax involved, great news. Not familiar with the Ella and Louis work mentioned, but this looks like a good time to check it out.
  10. b&w

    b&w Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up. This is great news. It's classic and essential american music. Great stuff :righton:

    This label is an extension/conversion? of Winston Ma FIM label. I have quite a few of the titles and they do sound very good. Doug Sax hasn't been involved with any of the titles from them yet, so this is exciting news.
  11. bluesbro

    bluesbro Forum Hall of Shame

    Anyone has any updates?

    Recently I snatched a copy of the MFSL Double CD "Ella and Louis again"; and it is an incredible sounding set. The difference between this and the regular Verve is very noticeable, to say it politely.
  12. Mike in OR

    Mike in OR Through Middle-earth...onto Heart of The Sunrise

    Portland, Oregon
    I will be looking forward to this, my latest player has the latest HDCD software available. Right now I am currently seeking out additional HDCD titles.
  13. Todd E

    Todd E Active Member

    You may have stumbled into the wrong forum, then.
  14. LeftOfTheDial

    LeftOfTheDial Active Member

    rhode island
    one of the best pairings there ever was. i adore this lp.
  15. apileocole

    apileocole Lush Life Gort

    :agree: Great CD set. Louis, Ella, Oscar Peterson Trio. Recorded at the Capitol Tower; some tracks have been issued in stereo of varied quality mastering, but as far as I know the whole set only in mono, and that seems to be just fine in this case.

    Love Louis' Willow Weep For Me. The trumpet he plows through can be emotionally cathartic, worth the price of admission by itself, and to get vocals at his idiosyncratic best and such great accompanyment... the cup runneth over! Ill Wind and Autumn In New York have incredible mood and texture. The Astaire & Rogers classics are fab here. Really there are few other recordings of any of the standards they cover here which can compare let alone best.
  16. Sheffield Steel

    Sheffield Steel Active Member

    Did the LIM K2-HD of Ella & Louis ever see the light of day? It's showing as available on pre-order at Acoustic Sounds, and no mention of it on the First Impressions Music site. I got a copy of the album from HD Tracks, but for all the merits of hi def, it sounds rather cold and I'm sure even a humble 16-bit CD from LIM/FIM would be far superior...
  17. LeeS

    LeeS Blue Note Fan

    May Audio Marketing was at AXPONA with most of the LIM catalog and I did not see it there. The big seller was their version of Linda Ronstadt's What's New.
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