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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by beowulf, Nov 3, 2017.

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    Not a fan of the tube protectors, but other than that it looks pretty cool IMO. Vaccum Tube Preamp with a Solid State Amp 100 watts into 8 ohms ... $3500 msrp

    The MA252 Integrated Amplifier is the first hybrid integrated amplifier from McIntosh. Taking retro design cues from the legendary McIntosh MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier, the MA252 combines the best of vacuum tube and solid state circuit design to create an amplifier that’s both visually and sonically stunning.

    The preamplifier stage uses two 12AX7a and two 12AT7 vacuum tubes housed inside stylish protective cages; the output stage is a direct coupled solid state amplifier that delivers 100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohm speakers or 160 Watts per channel into 4 Ohm speakers. An all analog design, it comes with 2 unbalanced, 1 balanced and 1 Moving Magnet phono input for turntables. All 4 inputs can be given user-friendly names in order to simplify user control. Bass and treble tone controls help fine tune your music to your personal preferences. A full range subwoofer output is included for use with a powered subwoofer to further enhance low frequencies.

    The MA252 features our McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™ which are connected to advanced high current output transistors. These transistors eliminate the typical amplifier warm-up time so that the MA252 is in peak operating condition from the moment it’s turned on. A powerful control microprocessor is used for smooth system operation, along with some of the latest audio-grade circuit components that deliver the best possible sound.

    Thanks to its solid state output, the MA252 is our first product containing vacuum tubes to include our patented Power Guard® technology. Power Guard monitors the output signal for signs of overdriving and makes real time micro adjustments to the input signal to prevent harsh sounding clipping that could potentially damage your speakers. If Power Guard is activated, the 2 vacuum tubes connected to the affected audio channel(s) will flash an amber color; they will return to their normal green color when the clipping has stopped.

    Other McIntosh technologies found in the MA252 include Sentry Monitor™, High Drive headphone amplifier and gold-plated speaker binding posts. Input selection, bass, treble, tone bypass, balance and input offset levels can be adjusted using the front panel knobs or the included remote control; all settings and input selection will be shown on the OLED display. The entire unit sits atop a beautiful polished stainless steel chassis with a classic McIntosh-styled die cast aluminum name badge attached to each side. Contact your local dealer to learn more.
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    That's the perfect advertisement.
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  3. I was thinking that it looks like a very nice design. I can see this being a pretty popular integrated amp for McIntosh, at a relatively decent price (for McIntosh anyway). :laugh:
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    Thank for sharings...would love to have a listen.
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    Interesting, nice price. I think. Hopefully you can turn off the green tube lights
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  6. so this is a solid state amp lacking autoformers? hmm.
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    I'm only 35 minutes from Audio Classics.....I'd better call Ernie and see if one of these is available for audition!

    Yup, no autoformers....the spec sheet reads direct coupled.....

    Add autoformers and it would be $1K more.....
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    Yeah, I don't see any mention ... just wondering if they felt is was necessary due to the tube pre or to cut costs?

    Agree, probably more due to trying to come in at a lower price than sound wise.
  9. And as we all know, the first Mcintosh hybrid integrated was the MA230 in 1963!

    I'm sure it's a great amp with or without the autoformers. Although I do love the AF's in my MAC6700.
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  10. beowulf

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    It's a vice versa thing though right? MA230 was a solid ss pre/tube amp, whereas the MA252 is a tube pre/ss amp. Still though you're correct it is not the "first hybrid" and perhaps they should have worded it as the first tube pre/ss amp hybrid.
  11. 62caddy

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    Many DC amplifier McIntosh products of the past are held in high regard- MA6100, MA6200, MAC4100 and MC754 to name a few. Given its price point, OTL amplifier is a reasonable choice for this model.

    Yes, it's the "reverse hybrid" of the MA230. Perhaps they meant the first SS main amplifier with tube preamplifier integrated.

    There's also the more recent MA2275 integrated which is all tube, however.
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  12. yep it’s misleading but seems we all know what they meant. Owned a Ma230 for awhile but eventually did the pre-out mod to bypass that horrible solid state pre.
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  13. Tone controls too! :goodie:

    Great price.
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