New Paul McCartney album "Egypt Station" coming September 7, 2018*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by etcetera, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    Frank, I wasn't going to let the cat out of the bag, but your post is dragging the exclusive scoop I have out of me.

    It's still a closely guarded secret of course but there aren't any individual videos because ...
    The new album is the soundtrack to Paul's NEW MOVIE, Give My Regards To Broadstreet 2, the sequel !

    The album is long finished but what's holding it up is the movie's production .

    They realize its almost impossible to top the "edge of our seats"suspense of the first movie, what with our hearts pounding wondering if Paul was going to get the master tape back,etc, so they keep doing script rewrites .

    Also they can't find the white cat costumes used in the first film.
    Paul wants the band to wear the same costumes, wigs and white face makeup while he sings "Meat Free Monday" in the new film.

    Besides "Meat Free Monday" the new soundtrack album and film will include new versions of "Freedom", " P.S Love Me Do", "Please Don't Bring That Banjo Back" , "Sie Liebt Dich" and in a touching tribute Paul is covering John's "Nutopian International Anthem"

    Now that's all you're getting out of me.
    I want the rest to be surprises!
  2. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    Well, you're certainly far more of an expert on "old scratchy voices", Glenda, so I'll bow to your advanced age wisdom on that. :hugs:

    In some of the "New" interviews, Paul mentioned that sometimes producers were "too respectful" of his voice, and I think he realized at the time it might need some "juice" to make it sound better. Since I'm just an uneducated rube from potato country, I'm not sure how those alterations will be achieved - I just thought I'd mention that some folks here might wanna prepare for some tricks.
  3. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    Well , seeing that you are from potato country , you should realize that Pauls best bet for decent vocals these days are...(wait for it)....mash ups!
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  4. revolution_vanderbilt

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    New York
    You should have kept it to yourself. :winkgrin:
  5. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    Ha! You're just jealous because I have the inside scoop. :p :D
  6. revolution_vanderbilt

    revolution_vanderbilt Forum Resident

    New York
  7. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    I don't think it's done or even near done, last Paul interview says about 8 songs finished I believe and Wix is saying he's got around 20 songs "working" so still sounds not done at this point

    Hopefully after Australia is done he can go in and finish this thing
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  8. ZippyPippy

    ZippyPippy Forum Resident

    Paul : Dee-dee-dee-dee, dee-dee-dee-dee... Think we're finished!
    Wix: Sounds great, Paul! Just bear me, let me work on a couple of things on my end... Greg, any thoughts?
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  9. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    It might not take long.

    Don't forget, when Paul has the time he can work at the speed of sound. :D
  10. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    Campbell, CA
    I had that song stuck in my head all day! ;)
  11. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    As to so called studio trickery by McCartney in fairly recent years. Because of his advancing age. That would be a far cry from the experimentation for new sounds the Beatles were doing in the 60s. Although McCartney has certainly done his share of experimenting as a solo artist. Electric Arguments, McCartney 2, Liverpool Sound Collage & so on.

    But on Chaos & Creation a then 63 year old McCartney allowed Nigel Godrich to do a lot of things to compensate, although not autotune per se.

    On Chaos some of the EQ, mixing, choice of material, arrangements seemed to cater to the reality of McCartney nearing his mid 60s. A lot of falsetto vocals he might have done in full voice. 10-15 years earlier. A lot of organic & mellower sounds that an older McCartney could sing with less strain & still cut through the backing track. A marvelous job of blending textures, EQ from Godrich & great writing from McCartney.

    On the other hand MAF rocked pretty hard with a lot of harder rockers & power pop & just a few ballads. It really had a non organic digital feel. Dave Kahne no slouch, but less adept & tailoring everything to enhance McCartney lead vocals. You Tell Me, See you Sunshine, & Gratitude he sounds awful imo. I'm a huge fan, he's great love his work, but for whatever reason, both albums Kahne produced have some cringeworthy vocals.

    Then off to Electric Arguments he sounds really good on most of it. But they were very simple songs & the echo & reverbs & sauce was very thickly applied... So he was 67 for Electric A ?

    Kisses on the Bottom he sounds pretty froggy to me, really tough songs & arrangements.... He was aged but still sounded good on I Want To Come Home IMO...supposedly recorded with Geoff Emerick there is an entire unreleased album of those sessions, in the same big orchestra at Abbey Road doing ballads.

    Then "NEW" blew my mind. Because he was 70 I believe, & singing a variety of Rock, hard pop, ballads & sounded really good. 4 different producer's, but NEW has a lot of continuity, despite a pretty wide variety of different genres & players, producer's & such. Only on Early Days ( where it's deliberate ) & a couple others does his voice drag it down a little. At 70 on the title cut, he sounds 'older' but not old, almost like he was in his 40s instead of 70.

    But it's been ( or will be ) another 5 years since then. At 75 how will he sound ? Is Kurstin the hands on soup to nuts producer ? Or has McCartney brought in others, or taken over more himself, because he wasn't fully enthused by Kurstin ? Is that why it was rumored to be coming & then pulled from a projected release ? That could be anything, maybe McCartney wrote a few last minute songs he wanted to include, or wanted to book Abbey Road for big orchestras.. I wish we knew more about Kurstins level of involvement.

    On NEW it did seem to me they were using modern digital tricks like autotune or melodyne & nifty digital editing & all that stuff. But I'm no expert, sometimes I can't even tell if it's being used on my own session. That stuff can be applied liberally or modestly.

    As far as using it as an outboard effect like delay or reverb, the way Cher's producer used it on her song "Believe" years ago. I literally almost break out in hives, thinking about how horrible an idea that is.

    I hope he's written some good new tunes, & that he can sing them well. After 20 years of loyal service, I hope the band gets another crack at doing the tracks with McCartney. Although after a terrible debut like Driving Rain eek ! But I blame Kahne for that album. Maybe wrongly, but the band sounds good on tracks they played on. On New, Chaos & MAF.

    As a wise person said a couple posts back hopefully we'll know in 3-4 months. The single if it comes a couple weeks earlier should tell us something.
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  12. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Those music videos are NOT for Paul's new album. They are promo films for the ONGOING Archive series ... ;)
  13. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Personally Im confident that Pauls next album will be his best ever -at keast during 2018.:)
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  14. jpgrbtalls

    jpgrbtalls Well-Known Member

    Given the 4 plus years gap since NEW, I am hoping it is a double CD album.
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  15. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Ah, it's the age old question with McCartney, isn't it- "How many songs does he really have?" as George Martin put it.
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  16. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    Why do you think they promised the new album to ticket purchasers for this summer’s US tour, if it’s that far away from being finished? Not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve never heard of an artist giving away a copy of an album potentially a year away from its release. I wonder if we’ll hear - at some later date - about an album being nearly finished and then recalled. That might seem to explain things. :shrug:
  17. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Well, those albums were offered for Sept and Oct shows which is already quite a time removed. Paul's interview in mid to late October in South America said he has 8 songs finished ( I think that was the quote or half the album done). Now you have Wix saying 20 songs "working". To me, that isn't saying they are done. So to me, evidence points to unfinished.

    I think that they expected the album to be done by those shows but that has not happened. Why? The million dollar question. Exact reason, not sure of why? I have heard a couple of things that I can't share or even hint about. Even with that, still mostly a mystery
  18. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    I don t see much of a mystery that Ab album in the making is delayed for whatever reason. It happens all the time. People here also Rens to forget that the new album never been officially announced in any way.
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  19. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Very true, never was announced in any way. As far as mystery...there is and isn't
  20. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    From what we know of McCartneys studio archives. Let's say from Press to play in 1986 until the present day. Just about every album has at least 2 albums worth of material. It seems just as a matter of course in his ( McCartneys ) preference is to cut 20-30 songs for each album & whittle it down for release. Some of these appear as b sides, bonus tracks & what not, some don't. I'm still waiting for 1-2 unreleased tracks from Chaos. One is called drowning fish or something like that. There is a 3rd Ringo-McCartney jam track from Flaming Pie I believe that didn't come out. Also on Flaming Pie, there are several notations for an unknown song called Cello In Ruins done with Lynne. There's at least several tracks eventually confirmed but never heard from the Driving Rain sessions. One called light of Lightest Weight, that turned up years later on an EP by son James McCartney... There's an entire unreleased album from the I WANT TO COME HOME sessions done with Geoff Emerick & apparently utilizing an orchestra on many of the tracks.

    The point I'm trying to make, just because McCartney is working on 20 new tracks, in no way indicates he's considering or planning a double album. Unless he says so forget about a double.

    Almost every McCartney album has enough tracks for a double . A few times McCartney has considered & wanted a double. But was either overuled by the label or changed his mind. Red Rose Speedway being the best known example.

    I think one day far in the future when the public is finally allowed to purchase deluxe editions or box sets of outtakes. People will be amazed at just how much recording he has in the can. Few people if anybody come close, maybe Prince & a few people that enjoy recreational studio recording like McCartney does. I'd love to be wrong, at 75 we aren't going to get many more brand new McCartney albums.

    Just as an aside i'd wager McCartney has at least 8-10 albums worth of releasable recordings. Probably twice that. I'd also wager The George Harrison archives have a good 1/2 dozen albums that could be culled, but perhaps needing some overdubbing & remixing more than McCartney....

    Who would expect a good pop or rock n roll album from a 75 year old man ? Yet I do, I'm not expecting to be floored like Band on The Run or Abbey Road. But I'm hoping it's as good as MAF or NEW.

    Getting antsy !
  21. Frank

    Frank Forum Resident

    Looking at his output since NEW, I'm beginning to believe that the concern causing delays may be for the quality of the material rather than the quality of his vocal ability. I mean, besides using decades old melodies in compositions indicating that the muse has flown the coop, the actual Paul McCartney releases since NEW - In the Blink of an Eye and Hope for the Future - just aren't very good. Not terrible, but not much McCartney magic there.

    He may have 20 songs cooking. But are they 20 good songs. Or are they 20 paint-by-numbers McCartney songs like Blink and Hope?

    NEW was pretty good. I wonder if we should just be happy with that.
  22. paulmccartneyistheman

    paulmccartneyistheman Forum Resident

    As much as I love Paul and eagerly anticipate his new album, I fear you may be right.
  23. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    There is no hint whatsoever how Pauls next album will turn out. The fact that Hope for the future might not be a very good song doesn't t have anything to do with the quality of the album. Paul has released his share of average/mediocre songs a few times in the past followed by good albums.
    I wait for my judgement until I've heard the
    thing. If it s a good one I'll be happy if it turn out not so good-well there will always be lot s of great Macca-music out there anyway
    At this stage I see everything new from Macca a bonus to an already brilliant career.
    Guess there are many reasons this release takes time but to speculate about it or even suggestieng it s because of lack of qualitymaterial seems plain dumb to me.
    Let s wait until we hear the album or at least there is some kind of official announcement or information
  24. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    One problem is.. we expect Paul to release albums according to our time frame that we consider realistic, not Paul's schedule and priorities .

    Paul has performed around 70 shows all around the world since 2016. He has a wife and a young teenage daughter that he might like to spend time with once in awhile . Besides interviews and other promos he also probably does a zillion other things daily we aren't aware of.

    He's 75 years old and maybe likes to have a little life away from the business once in awhile .

    So, I wouldn't always be looking for problems with his voice or songwriting as probable reasons we haven't gotten the new album we expect from him ...due to OUR self created release schedule . :D

    Maybe he likes to have a little private time also at this point in his life, besides non stop working .
  25. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Completely agree-making new music is like a hobby for him nowadays that he does when he feels like it and have time to spare. This man has nothing left to prove one reason the next album might be an intersting one
    Time will tell

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