New Paul McCartney album "Egypt Station" coming September 7, 2018*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by etcetera, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Eska68

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    Okay, it‘s Friday evening in Europe and we still haven‘t heard anything from our French member here who wanted to post about his experiences listening to all of „Egypt Station“.

    There are several possible reasons:
    - His contact persons got cold feet in the last second.
    - His had a chance to listen to the album and was afterwards abducted by secret MPL employees.
    - The album is so absolutely fantastic that he‘s lost for words.
    - The album is so absolutely bad that he‘s lost for words.
    - The album is being delayed until early 2019.
  2. ampmods

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    I think Paul's touring band is pretty good. I've liked the shows I've seen and the recordings they are part of. But for me personally I'd rather just hear Paul do his thing at this point. He has a special approach when he is alone. In fact... more than anything I'd rather have an album of just Paul alone without a producer and limited to 8 tracks or so and see what he could do these days. Or even just a piano, an acoustic guitar and a bass. It'll never happen... but that would be the album I'd want from him.
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    What is this... radio.. you speak of..? o_O
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  4. jmxw

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    Seems like a fair assessment, especially considering that, as Kurstin noted, whatever approach you can think of, he's already tried it...
  5. jmxw

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    ithaca, ny
    We don't know yet how compelling Egypt Station is.

    We've only heard 2 / 16 of it... :shrug:
  6. jmxw

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    ithaca, ny

    No Brian, and no Wix.
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  7. maccafan

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    No! Driving Rain is the very thing I'm talking about, just glimpses here and there of the band, not even the full band, and that's what they are just glimpses, a few songs on this album and a few songs on that album.

    It's not about second guessing McCartney at all, it's about wanting him to really stretch and put his band to full use in the studio, not a bit of work here and a bit of work there! The one man band thing is cool, but after all these years give the band a real go at it! It's not second guessing, it's wanting to hear a full album of McCartney with the full power of his band propelling him.

    I think it would sound absolutely great!
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  8. Glenn Christense

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    That's exactly my point.

    YOU want him to really stretch and YOU think it would sound absolutely great. Paul apparently disagrees or he would have used the full band for an entire album by now.

    Shockingly, Paul does what he wants and doesn't really look to you, me, or anyone else here for career advice. :D
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  9. Elliottmarx

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    For years I've wanted a Paul McCartney Band album where each member contributes 2 songs, and Paul brings in 3 or 4. The band records and arranges together. This wouldn't need the big Egypt Station push, more like a fun project like Electric Arguments. I think this would be a spirited and fun project.
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  10. Chris from Chicago

    Chris from Chicago Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

    With all due respect... this is exactly what second guessing is. It's a classic example.

    He did this, but I wish he would have done that.
  11. maccafan

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    I don't think McCartney necessarily disagrees, he just hasn't done it. It's just what I think it's time for him to do, nothing more, nothing less.

    I like it, only difference I'd make is McCartney brings in more songs.

    Have it your way, for me, I'm not guessing anything, I'm wanting something.
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  12. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    We all know what you want ny now. We also know that the album discussed here doesn't t deliver that. Wouldn't t it be more fun even for you to discuss that instead and perhaps create a thread called My dream McCartney project were this matter can be discussed
  13. RAJ717

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    Maybe Paul will revive "One After 909" for this upcoming tour in helping promote an album called Egypt Station?
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  14. Wiserforthetime

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    I think Paul would have continued working as a band if Linda were alive. The band idea died with her. He formed Wings early after the Beatles broke up and had her there and even after Wings it was band efforts all the way til off the ground. Linda was sick during flaming pie and the band thing started to go away at that point. Then when she died he stopped caring about a band. If she were here and healthy there would be a band effort. He hasn't really done it since she passed away. I think doing a rock and roll cover album was something Linda wanted his to do for a while wasn't it? So he got a band together and did that for her I think. Then he got a band for driving rain and I think used them a bit as sort of rehearsal thinking tour. Then after that he figured ok got a tour band and now I'll just be solo Paul.
    I'm not saying any of this is for the better or worse, it's just something I notice and believe is true.
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  15. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    There has been a few heated discussions/opnion about the ups and downs if Pauls-as rumored-make political statements on the album.
    Personally I don t mind artists expressing political statemenrs or wiews. I don t think their opnions matters more than others-but they have the same right to express it
    Then there is a question what we mean by politics-If Paul for instance express worries about environmental issues or global warming-is that really a political statement. I m not sure of that since the worries of these things goes well beyond politics. a song with that content I find it difficult that anyone could find offensive
    If McCartnwy on the other hand make a song directed to a specific political issue like Brexit or comments about certain political leaders it can be more controversial and dividing. Still nothing that would put me of even if I had different wiews.. Don t really see why-as some here says-songs like that should b hateful. As a rule I guess that th more specific the political theme of a song is the more it can divide people.
    The statement that music and politics should be divided is ludicrous. It s entirely up to the artist what he/she wants to express and it s up to us if we want to listen
    Should art and politics be mixed we would not have masterworks like Picassos Guernica.
    Within music -lots of stuff from the likes of Dylan,Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, Th Clash, Nas and others
    Not to mention the one and only Randy Newman-this great American treasure here discussing Russia's president
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  16. Prudence1964

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    Upstate NY
    Well now I've officially given up on getting an inside info from that French poster. Oh well. More waiting.
  17. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    If Paul could make a political commentator as good as this I would enjoy.,Unfortunately Paul's earlier ventures into political areas has been a mixed bag.
    Randy Newman is great at these things-he us s Satire and humour but the message can be very serious
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  18. Wiserforthetime

    Wiserforthetime Forum Resident

    Yes I know he did that but I thought I read somewhere in all the promotional material for rund devil run that Linda had been wanting him to do it. I was confused by this as well but I always figured that maybe he wasn't counting Choba since it's original concept was a release for just Russia.
    I mean he used some of those tracks as b sides for flowers singles so maybe he was referring to core catalogue.
  19. Darrin L.

    Darrin L. Forum Resident

    He did that with "Choba", while she was still alive.
  20. Wiserforthetime

    Wiserforthetime Forum Resident

    Here it is:

    "It was something that Linda was very keen on me doing. She was really egging me on. She'd say, 'You know that rock 'n' roll album you were thinking of doing? Do it!' She kept bugging me about it because she was a big rock 'n' roll fan."
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  21. Darrin L.

    Darrin L. Forum Resident

    Interesting...does he reference "Choba" at all?
  22. Wiserforthetime

    Wiserforthetime Forum Resident

    Not that I saw but you can read the entire interview if you Google this:

    Paul McCartney breaks his silence with a rock ‘n’ roll album
    Steve Morse

    Mon, Oct 11, 1999 (9:52 a.m.)

    I didn't read all the way through it just now. I'm just remembering from back in '99 and I did a quick search to find that.
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  23. Sean Murdock

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    Paul probably doesn't think of Choba as a "real" album; it was just some rehearsals / auditions that got taped, became an "official bootleg," and then got wide release. A happy accident, but not an album that he intended to make. Run Devil Run, on the other hand, was quite purposeful, and also a tribute to Linda.
  24. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Choba makes for some enjoyable listening but Run Devil Run is amuch more realised project. Imo on of the best of all similar rock n roll covers album. Such energy and those vocals. No other baby I rank as on of Pauls finest vocals of all time. Don t think there is any doubt whobhe is singing about here
  25. revolution_vanderbilt

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    Maybe that's selling it a bit short, but it is very much a "side project" kinda thing, whereas Run Devil Run was a major album, complete with music videos, TV appearances, a few concerts, etc.

    Снова в СССР
    was one of my first McCartney albums though. Third one I got, to be precise, a birthday gift that April after getting Unplugged in January and McCartney in February or vice versa?) I was really looking forward to hearing him do Summertime. This was after all a year or three before you could easily look this stuff up on youtube! I enjoyed it, but maybe it was foolish of me to listen to it right after listening to my other birthday gift, Live Peace In Toronto (both featuring a Beatle doing oldies, which wasn't intentional on my part! I just picked them out because they both were rare, especially Live Peace which I didn't even know had become available again until that day.) The album grew on me though. And it's one hell of a tracklist. In that regard, it sure trumps Run Devil Run. Of course, part of the charm of Run Devil Run is that Paul is giving new life to these mostly forgotten gems, not unlike when the Beatles would cover b-sides and lesser known songs.

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