New Record Label: Intervention Records

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by chosenhandle, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Geee!

    Geee! Forum Resident

    I had never heard Flying Burrito Brothers but enjoy Gram Parsons; knowing the quality of Intervention from the Joe Jackson LPs, I took a chance.
    @IR Shane ! Another winner.
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  2. kdart91

    kdart91 Well-Known Member

    • Os mutantes
    • Caetano veloso
    • David Axelrod
    • Third Ear Band
    • Kevin Ayers (1st two)
    • Queens of the Stone Age (Rated R and Songs for the deaf)
  3. Clonesteak

    Clonesteak Forum Resident

    Kalamazoo, MI
    Just like they are doing their releases of new albums?
    A new Tool album is like? Something my nine year old might never know the feeling of. :hide:
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  4. Geee!

    Geee! Forum Resident

    My Intervention wish list...though I don't know how viable (are they available & would they sell enough units?)
    All the following here have lovely SQ or at least the promise of nice SQ

    Cowboy Junkies | Lay It Down, 1995 Geffen (never on vinyl)
    Cowboy Junkies | Pale Sun Crescent Moon, 1993, RCA (never on vinyl)
    Cowboy Junkies | Black Eyed Man, 1992 RCA (I have an EU pressing, which is good)
    Lyle Lovett | The Road to Ensanada, 1996 Curb (No on vinyl)
    Lyle Lovett | Joshua Judges Ruth, 1994 Curb (un-affordable vinyl)
    Widespread Panic The band reissued/issued their 1st 4, which were decent but not outstanding. The campaign stopped for some reason.
    Joe Jackson | Night Music, 1994 Virgin (no vinyl)
    Joe Jackson | Night And Day II, 2000 Sony Classical (no vinyl) I'd buy any JJ from @IR Shane , but these have never been issued. Sad to hear about Volume IV not happening. (Plus Body And Soul & Big World which many want are cheap and sound great)
    Meat Puppets | Forbidden Places, 1991 London
    Meat Puppets | Too High To Die, 1994 London
    Dwight Yoakam | This Time, 1993 Reprise
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  5. shepherdfan

    shepherdfan Forum Resident

    Eugene, OR
    If I was to venture to guess, I think Mike Timmins will likely have the Cowboy Junkies albums be handled by Analogue Productions.
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  6. IR Shane

    IR Shane Forum Resident

    Puget Sound, WA
    Please check out my upcoming reissue of Marshall Crenshaw's Field Day, in conjunction with Marshall and Pledge Music!

    Click HERE to watch Marshall discuss the reissue.
  7. CraigVC

    CraigVC Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    No SACD??? :mudscrying:
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  8. IR Shane

    IR Shane Forum Resident

    Puget Sound, WA
    There will be an SACD of the original repertoire only. It will be a while as I have to get the tapes back to KG to do this. I hadn't planned on it, but as mentioned tings have changed on my distribution to make me more open to SACDs, and that's only very recently. I can't even guess at a date. OTOH, Gilded Palace is about to go into production. High hopes of that still making July, but if it doesn't it will be early August.
  9. CraigVC

    CraigVC Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    A Marshall Crenshaw Field Day SACD will be awesome. You just "turned my frown upside down," Shane! :winkgrin::goodie::pineapple:
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  10. IR Shane

    IR Shane Forum Resident

    Puget Sound, WA
    There's more than one of you right?
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  11. Preston

    Preston Forum Resident

    KCMO Metro USA
    I'm a big fan of the Meat Puppets and have their first five albums on original pressings (bought on day of release). I saw the recent announcement of a re-issue of their albums and sent an e-mail to the label. They said they were mastered from Red Book files (CD), because the original analog master tapes have been lost. I can't believe labels can be so LAME.
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  12. Jellis77

    Jellis77 Forum Resident

    Hi Shane,

    So we've got the 2 Judee Sill 2x45rpm LPs, the Joe Jackson dbl Live, Billy Squier and Marshall Crenshaw on the way - did you also mention Murray Head - Nigel Lived a way back as well?

    All sound interesting to me - anything else you can tell about on the horizon?
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  13. googlymoogly

    googlymoogly Forum Resident

    Those tapes may be misfiled or otherwise misplaced, or maybe the label just doesn't want to lease them out without more money on the table. Remember when the label said that the Doors' master tapes couldn't be used anymore, and then later licensed them out to Analogue Productions for their 45 rpm reissues?
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  14. DPM

    DPM Forum Resident

    Nevada, USA
    Is anybody here a fan of The Records? Their three albums of catchy guitar-based pop have never received any kind of audiophile label treatment. Their debut album had two cuts--Starry Eyes and Teenarama--that received a fair amount of airplay on both sides of the pond. I think they are a prime candidate for an Intervention--so to speak. The Virgin pressed LPs of that time were pretty dismal.

    Shane, would you have any interest if the tapes were available and licensing them was not too expensive?
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  15. IR Shane

    IR Shane Forum Resident

    Puget Sound, WA
    Some VERY good ideas here!
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  16. IR Shane

    IR Shane Forum Resident

    Puget Sound, WA
    I've never heard of them but checked them out on Apple Radio. There are other choices in this vein I hope to action soon.
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  17. IR Shane

    IR Shane Forum Resident

    Puget Sound, WA
    All true- how many more do you want for now? Just kidding. Yes, believe me there's more and it's awesome, but not quite ready to talk out loud about. I'd also add that the Judee Sills, Billy Squier and Marshall Crenshaw are all getting SACD releases.
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  18. picassoson

    picassoson Forum Resident

    New York City
    Gene Clark - No Other 2LP AAA with second disc of alternate album take "demos" pretty please!

    No one has done a decent reissue of this yet, and OG's are getting pricey...

    Bought and love the Burritos release btw!
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  19. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Forum Resident

    Don't forget to try to issue your next releases in 33 RPM if possible...a double lp 45 RPM is so expensive in europe that it's fun anymore to buy it...
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  20. Blair G.

    Blair G. Forum Resident

    Delta, BC, Canada
    Billy Squier SACD
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  21. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Forum Resident

    East Bay, Ca
    Another Side, Good King Bad and Weekend are all hallmarks of my youth. Please consider.
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  22. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Forum Resident

    East Bay, Ca
    I think a lot of people were feeling this way, know.
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  23. MagneticSouth1966

    MagneticSouth1966 Forum Resident

    Just ordered the FBB and will be all over the Judee Sill reissues! A BIG +1 on IR looking at The Records and Gene Clark's No Other... please, thank you!!!
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  24. tomd

    tomd Forum Resident

    Hi-IR-any luck in getting the rights to The Smithereen's albums? I'm assuming your going for Especially For You and Green Thoughts?
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  25. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    I know there is some marketing going on here, but hey, why not? I do respect Marshall for agreeing to press this to IR vinyl. I really wish more artists would do this. Are you listening Jimmy?
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