New Roger Waters album "Is This The Life We Really Want?" - June 2, 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by AlanDistro, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    Great song, very powerful.
  2. Paulo Alm

    Paulo Alm Forum Resident

    In The Light
    I like it too! Great lyrics as well.
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  3. Luckless Pedestrian

    Luckless Pedestrian Forum Resident

    New Hampshire, USA
    Heh, Light My Fire, literally.
  4. Sigma6

    Sigma6 Forum Resident

    That last line feels out of place.
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  5. ryaneagon

    ryaneagon Forum Resident

    I think it's "Don't ask don't tell it could mean a loss for us, yeah."

    I'm really digging the vibe of this track.
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  6. tedhead

    tedhead Forum Resident

    Space City
  7. Ozric

    Ozric Forum Resident

    Is this going to be a multi-format release as in CD+ Blu-Ray with 2ch Hi res and multi-channel or strictly a redbook CD release only ?
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  8. MelodyFair

    MelodyFair Forum Resident

    Vancouver BC
    Is "Wish you were here" the song that follows this one? ;) Has Roger finally hit the peak of bitterness and is writing replacements for David's songs on Floyd records?

    :p of course I'm joking! That was incredible, and I'm so happy to hear it's just as biting as Amused or Final Cut.
  9. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    I think the single is great
  10. xfilian

    xfilian Forum Resident

    Essex, UK
    Yep really good song. Of course it's Rog through and through - you can tell that instantly but I am fine with that. I want to hear a Roger Waters album, after 25 years of waiting. And he is hardly going to start reinventing himself at 73 is he? I love the going down into the basement section - very reminiscent of old Floyd. Overall, a solid thumbs up from me.
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  11. Mother

    Mother Forum Resident

    On the decent but a touch pedestrian 'Smell the Roses' I can make out elements of Animals (Dogs), The Wall (Empty Spaces) and Meddle (Echoes riffage) sung in a Radio KAOS voice. Great to hear Roger and a nice Floydian boogie again.
  12. Walter Koehler

    Walter Koehler Forum Resident

    Hamburg, Germany
    What great concert Roger Waters in Shanghai 2007
    Very crazy see all this CCP members in the first row's
    When Rogers starts the flying Pig crossing the Shanghai indoor Stadium
    Brilliant Show we had lots of fun during the show and partying after in the Harleys Bar
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  13. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    Too much 'Have a Cigar' recycled. I do not like it at all

    I was hoping for something really different. Not yet more of the same
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  14. Johnny Reb

    Johnny Reb RĂ©sident du forum

    Fantastic song! The lyrics are harsh and biting, but work very well with the song. Pleased to hear his voice sounds good as well. The Floyd elements in the song really help it to be successful, and glad there is a (rather boring) guitar solo-ish part. Very happy with this and really looking forward to more!
  15. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Forum Resident

    Odense Denmark.
    Isn't that like sying you wish Mozart broke out of his rut and wrote a good rockin' boogie woogie track?
    Musicians are who they are.
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  16. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    Yes, but they do have to have creativity. Not recycling the same material.
    And he sounds uninspired. Singing just because he has to fill the vocal track. And it's not even a memorable vocal melody at all
  17. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    It has a similar groove to Have a Cigar but it's hardly a rip off
  18. fumi

    fumi Forum Resident

    New track sounds good.
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  19. Phillip Walch

    Phillip Walch Forum Resident

    There is so much in there that feels sampled, I even hear Obscured by Clouds and elements of More along with all the obvious stuff. Feels far too recycled for my liking.
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  20. xfilian

    xfilian Forum Resident

    Essex, UK
    There are elements of the song that are similar to Have a Cigar, sure. It has that whole funk thing going on and the drum slap down. As a whole, the piece is not a Have a Cigar clone though. The entire middle segment is something completely different, as is the lyric. I think it works wonderfully as it has a toe tapping vibe and the dark and eerie Floydian mid section. Really cool. You know, are we going to moan every time Gilmour releases an album with yet another long guitar solo tacked onto the end of a song and say it is a Comfy Numb rip off? It's what he does and its all good to me. Floyd fans are notoriously difficult to please. Try something new they all throw their hands up in horror and plead for that classic Floyd sound. Stick with the classic Floyd sound and you are just being derivative of past glories. You know you just can't win.

    Let's remember, this is one song from a 12 song album and as a single release it is bound to be one of the more accessible, easy going pieces with a familiar air to it. Am sure there were will some nice dark and dismal deep cuts as well!
  21. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    Like the song. Production feels a bit stifled though.
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  22. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    "just a whine from a rescue dog"...after the ticking of the bomb interlude. There's nothing sugarcoated about this. Very descriptive, biting lyrics.

    A bit early in the morning for my second listen, but that's okay!
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  23. lucan_g

    lucan_g Forum Resident

    Are we really complaining the new song sounds like elements of Animals, Wish You Were Here (ie cigar), the Wall, and even Meddle? Really?

    Think about that. o_O
  24. AlanDistro

    AlanDistro Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Sandy, OR
    Really like the new song on a first listen, can't wait to hear the rest of this album, my preorder's in!
  25. andybeau

    andybeau Forum Resident

    Coventry, UK
    Just preordered mine :pineapple:
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