New 'Star Trek' TV Series a Go at CBS All Access

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by dirwuf, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. That's precisely it and, the further they got from TOS or stayed in that universe, the less popular the series was (with the exception of Nexr Gen)

    I really liked Bryan Singer's idea--The Federation has fallen apart, they are no longer a major power and are in decline. The Klingon Empire is in disarray and a new threat from outside the nearest Federatin and Klingon galaxy is threatening. The two must work together and the Federation must bring the broken shards together.
  2. They saw it as an opportunity to bring a sense of "reality to it, I.e. People who you like on the show could DIE.

    Did it happen to anyone else besides duplicate Riker? Nope.
  3. And we can figure out that the spores probably have something bad associated with them given what happened to the other science vessel and the fact that it isn't used in other Trek shows but it will be damn interesting to find out what and how they get there. It's a well written show.
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  4. dougotte

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    I hadn't thought of these points until a day after I watched the 3rd episode, but now I'm wondering:

    1) Why was the Klingon on the sister ship?
    2) When we see Lorca w/ one of the monsters at the end, was it the same one chasing them on the sister ship? How did they get it back to Discovery? It seems they couldn't detect them via sensor, otherwise they would have known before they first beamed over.
  5. Saintbert

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    The Klingon seem to know what Discovery is up to, with their research into the spores since they were on that sister ship. Maybe Lorca is a Klingon, infiltrated into Federation. If you look into "Klingon augment virus" alluded to in message #799, it's not that farfetched an idea, right? Maybe he has a past parallel to Burnham's, born Klingon, raised by humans. The monster, I assume, is the same one they had chasing them,
    but how it fits in would be wild speculation on my part...
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  6. Giant Hogweed

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    I thought the first two episodes were run of the mill 90s Star Trek, ie; stiff wooden acting and dialogue and generally not very exciting. However the third episode was a great improvement, actually quite different. It was refreshing to hear people with a bit of attitude for once, as if it would actually be on a real ship - whiny and sarcastic, and not the perfect, well rounded, bottled up people like in some of the previous shows.
    I like that its gone a bit ‘weird’ and no one really knows what’s going on or why that creature is on a Starship.
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  7. I haven’t seen the show yet as I can’t figure out where to watch it and I am not going to subscribe to a streaming service just to watch one show. I think somebody told me the subscription is $5.00 for a year? If that is truly the case, I might subscribe. Otherwise, I will wait until it is inevitably released on Netflix.
  8. HGN2001

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    The All Access service is $5.99/month with ads or $9.99/month without.
  9. Deesky

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    It won't be released on Netflix in the US. This has been widely covered.
  10. gd0

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    My favorite Star Trek Moment was when Picard had finally had enough and punched one of those little Garden Gnomes directly in the nose. No phaser, just bare knuckles. KO. Mighty satisfying, even if vicarious.
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  11. well dang it those tens of angry face reacts on Facebook have to be good for something, right?

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  12. jriems

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    Just got a 50%-off-for-two-months offer from CBS All Access, so joined up again temporarily.

    I really enjoyed episode 3, and as long as they don't focus every episode on Klingons and the Klingon war, I'll be happy.
  13. Saintbert

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    Interestingly, that Ferengi was played by Max Grodénchik who would play Rom the Ferengi in DS9 a few years later. He had quite a character arc in the latter series, overcoming his small lobes (the Ferengi sign of business acumen) to become a hero engineer.
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  14. Cerebus

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    Another good one, surprised they killed off a cast member so fast.
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  15. Laservampire

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    I just tried to watch it and couldn’t get through the second episode. Holy moly this show is a mess.

    The fact they need to verbally explain every goddamn thing that’s going on is infuriating. It’s like it’s written by a child.
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  16. HGN2001

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    Ep. 4 was another good one, IMHO.
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  17. jriems

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    I agree, episode 4 was pretty good. One thing I found comical/frustrating is that the episode title was truncated on every screen of the CBS All Access app - so I didn't know the full title of the episode until looking it up afterwards (The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry).

    So, the new experimental method of travel:

    The saucer section becomes a "gyroscope" (for lack of a better term). Does that mean that there is nothing within those rings beyond the bridge (decks, crew, etc.)? If those sections are populated, wouldn't what's left of the crew be painting the walls/floors/ceilings at this point? ;)
  18. Cerebus

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    I don't really understand the mechanics of the "gyroscope" but it looks good. The effects so far are amazing - I love the camera shots where we move around the outside of the ships from angles we've never seen before.
  19. That's for the benefit of the trufans. And yet, they're still complaining because nobody's explained why the Klingons look different. :p

    Somebody on TrekBBS pointed out that it's just the outside of the rings that spin. Not sure how true that is but damn if it doesn't look cool :D
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  20. MikeJedi

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    Great show .. The first two eps were not bad .. But starting episode 3 this show rocks ! Best trek on TV since Voyager .. ENT was just OK .. I think this show has legs ..Lorca is a badass and I really like how Burnham is progressing .. Cool storyline too .. Curious how the Klingon story arc will go .. I loved how the federation colony looked a lot like how the colonies looked on the original series had that same feel/look
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  21. Saintbert

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    Episode 4, another good one. The series really came unto its own after the two-part pilot. Some of the character relationships still have me puzzled (what is Saru's problem? what is Saru?)
    The solution to the ship's navigational issues was a bit too convenient, but well within the Star Trek deus ex machina screenwriting tradition. Plugging in a giant space bug should be the first thing you try in a tough spot, though.
  22. Edgard Varese

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    I've now watched the first four episodes and am enjoying it very much indeed.
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  23. Deesky

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    I read a blog comment to a review of the show which I thought was spot on. It said:

    "Well this is the Star Trek Hollywood thinks we want, while McFarlane gave us the Star Trek we actually wanted. who knew."
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  24. Todd Fredericks

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    My main issue so far with the show is enough with the subtitles. Does this mean every alien race we may enounter will need them or anyone from Earth who may not speak english as their primary language? We get it, now move on.........
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  25. Saintbert

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    Agree one hundred per cent! Like I said earlier, it takes away from the performances and the way we perceive them. Science fiction doesn't have to be "authentic." Speak a few words in Klingon and then switch to English, please. Maybe when the Klingon start to interact more with the Federation people, they'll start using English, but so far the scenes are just tiring. When was the universal translator invented, anyway? Isn't the point that everyone in the galaxy speaks their own language and gets everything said to them translated to that language? (Doesn't apply to accents, like Russian or Scottish, obviously.)

    By the way, maybe this is true for CBS too, but Netflix (who show the series outside North America) has an option for Klingon subtitles. I wish they had an option for the Klingon dialogue!
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