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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by revolversoul, Aug 9, 2017.

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    I think he has a U turn Orbit but agree Automaticelectroncs comments on outboard phono stages are misinformation.
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    I would check out the new Rega P6 and the VPI Prime Scout. I own a new P3 and it has the same arm as the P6. It is really good. I have also heard the VPI at a dealer. It was used to audition my Sutherland phono, also a very good turntable. They won't sound the same, so you may have a preference. I could live with either.
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    The OP does own the U-Turn, but this thread was about wanting to upgrade to a new table. He is looking at the new Mofi Ultradeck and the new VPI Prime Scout. Not going to be a built in on these models. He also asked if that level of table was overkill for his Yamaha amp. Definitely not for the line stage and amplifier, but the phono input is the weak link of that unit.
  4. The OP has a U-turn Orbit for a turntable. Almost anything is better than a U-turn Orbit, so there are many different turntables to choose from, including an AT120, which he does NOT have. The OP is considering a MoFi or VPI TT. The MoFi is nothing to write home about and isn't any better than a U-turn. I'd recommend the VPI.
    I figured that you had the Sutherland 20/20 pre-amp that Elusive Disc sells for $2200. $900.? I've spent more than that for a set of tubes in one of the pre-amps I've built.
    As I stated earlier, there is NO standard for a pre-amp. Each make/model modifies the sound in it's own way.
    So, as for confusing, the OP is looking to upgrade the turntable, not the pre-amp. Only if the OP wants to fine-tune the sound a bit should a different pre-amp or cartridge be considered.
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    @AutomatedElectronics I am confused as to the MoFi not being any better than the U-turn. I figured for the price, it would be comparable to the VPI, and miles above the U-turn. I am not finding many reviews on the MoFi, so that is just going by pure speculation.
  6. Yes. You should ignore the trolls when they are attempting to take the thread off-course and obviously don't know what they are talking about.
    When choosing a turntable, if you can't actually try it, you have to go by the published specs and take the reviews with a grain of salt.
    OK. Take MoFi for instance. What does MoFi do? They produce re-issued records and they don't manufacture anything, especially turntables. They put their name on a turntable made for them by someone else. I have always been a fan of MoFi, dating back to when Brad Miller created it and Brad's work even before that. I have a couple copies of the first record bearing MoFi's label imprint from the early 70's. So, yes, I know all about MoFi and accept that they are a go-to from some of the best mastered recordings. If they actually made a turntable, like anything new on the market, I'd sit back and wait and see. U-turn got off to a rough start with speed issues and they even had to redesign their tone arm suspension. When you look at the basic price, what does that tell you?

    In case you haven't noticed, on forums like these, if a person runs out of pertinent information and someone offers advice that might contradict them, they are labeled a troll. The choices comes down to what you want and it is up to you to do the research. Asking questions on a forum is a good place to start. When the responses turn into name-calling, you know something is not right.
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    One last post and I am done here. I had no idea that it would be so difficult for an owner of a Yamaha A-S801 owner to answer a direct question about the unit by another owner, but I guess it is what it is.

    If you upgrade to a 1500 to 2000 dollar turntable with a nice cartridge, you do need to upgrade the phono. The Lounge seems to be the popular choice in the 300 dollar area. In a later post, you asked about the level of the upgrade and wanted something a lot better. IMHO, you are going to have to go up to about the 1K level to get that type jump. I went with Sutherland's entry level model, the KCvibe at 900 dollars. Not sure if that model is available close to you, but Audio Advice in Raleigh carries the brand. Lehman and Rogue also make good models in the same price range. The Yamaha is good enough to let you hear the upgrade from the new table/cart, but is not good enough to give you everything your new TT is capable of. So, don't be afraid to buy the table first and then save for the phono amp. Try to find a good local dealer to get your table from. Setting up a high end table isnt that hard, if you have done it for years, but getting it right matters if you want to hear what you paid for. Rega and VPI are safe choices. The new P6 and the Prime Scout are going to be in that range. You really can't go wrong with either.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I think I have ruled out the MoFi Ultradeck at this point, and still looking at my options. Still leaning towards the VPI, but looking into the Rega tables too. It seems that the P3 is rather popular, and I see that you @swvahokie mentioned that is the table you have. The new P6 looks interesting, but I also see the outgoing model on sale, so could go with that one, and save a few bucks.
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    Mobile Fidelity has opened a facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan that is dedicated to building the majority of their hi-fi components in the USA, including the tables.

    If you want real value, you should read some of the threads and posts here about the Marantz TT-15S1, I don't think anyone can really touch it right now, you can buy the table cheaper than you can buy the Clearaudio Satisfy tonearm it comes with, and it includes a pretty nice Clearaudio MM cartridge too. Been around for quite a few years, so lots of info out there. If the aesthetic fits your style, it's a great deal. But yea, the new Rega P6 looks like a nice table too, though quite a bit more costly than what you can buy the Marantz, at least here in the US.
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  10. I wouldn't go too overboard on a cartridge or turntable. If you are buying new records, look at the turntables and cartridges that the factories which make those records test what they make on. I haven't seen one that uses a U-turn or MoFi, but use more common lower cost equipment. Of the ones which use higher dollar equipment, it is older classic equipment like Technics early 1000 series and Garrard 301's. The cartridges they use are usually in in sub-$200. class. When I noticed that one manufacturer was using an AT1240, I asked them what cartridge they used. They answered, whatever we find lying around, but nothing in particular. One of the more common cartridges that I've known record manufacturers to use is the Shure M97xe. Quality Record Pressing uses one of these cartridges with their Technics 1000. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy, but the record manufacturers are not as critical about the records they make as the people are who buy them.
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    If you never overkill with your new audio purchases you will never end up with a good system. It will remain at its current level even if you replace it all. :)
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    I am obviously mad as I buy new records and play them on a 5K+ TT and phono stage. Of course any record will benefit from a TT or phono stage upgrade. Even the noisy pressings will sound less noisy. I've seen some rather good TTs being pictured at pressing plants. Record Industry in Holland recently got SL1200G decks to test their pressings. Nothing wrong if they have a well maintained Garrard 401 or SP10 if they use a cartridge over £100. The main purpose of the plant TT is determining faults rather than ultimate SQ. The vinyl cutting plant and label should be doing the critical listening to determine if the mastered sound is up to their standards. Obviously there are some labels who don't care or understand this concept.
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    To the OP: I currently have a AT120 with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge and Music Hall cork mat. It sounds fine but I don't think it would be a step up from your U-Turn. I am looking to upgrade my table as well. I am keeping an eye on the Rega P6, the new Technics SL-1200GR and MOFI tables. I'll read some reviews (professional and user) before deciding. If I were to choose now I would go with the Rega P6 as it is probably the safest choice.
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    As noted by swvahokie, Rega and VPI are both good choices but have noticeably different ergonomics as well as sound characteristics. Regas are generally easier to set up than VPIs (but can also be less easy to adjust for cartridges other than Rega), and tend to have a somewhat lighter weight sound than VPI. I don't think it's wrong to say that those who prefer the sound of one don't generally like the sound of the other.

    John K.
  15. Record Industry in Holland is often used by Pallas for their overflow work. Using turntables like the 12ooG shows that the record manufacturers prefer commercial DJ-type turntables. Most do not use expensive cartridges. Not only are they looking for defects, but they are also listening to sound quality. But, most are not as concerned with their records as much as many who buy them.
    As I aid, there is no standard for phono stages(pre-amps) so each will sound different. Some well-engineered will be designed to reduce noise distractions while others are just designed to bring out more sound. A further noise reduction phono stage may be required.
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    You seem to be on the right track. The new Planar 6 looks like the huge upgrade from the RP6 and likely worth the money as opposed to the buying the discounted outgoing. But if you're stretching your budget to get there there's no shame going with discounted RP6 over the new Planar 3. The RP6 should come with a TT-PSU which is a $400 optional accessory for a Planar 3. I myself did the same thing when they discontinued the P5 when they released the RP6. I think it's smart to avoid the MoFi at this point. There just isn't enough information on quality.
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    The 1200G costs $4000 dollars. Try again.

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