SH Spotlight Newbies getting started playing vinyl, please avoid mistracking & resulting groove damage!!!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. marcfeld69

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    I'm quite confused by the categories. Maybe these are just down to brand names but are Micro Line, Micro Ridge, Van den Hull etc. in a category different from Micro Line/Fine Line? I have an AT95e and a Denon DL-110.
  2. Steve Hoffman

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    Great "one-microphone" record.
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  3. jkm

    jkm The Medium is the Massage

    Vancouver, CANADA
    Maybe this is the place to ask this? In the early 70's I had a Dual turntable with a Danish cartridge which might have been a B&O SP-12. It would drive me crazy whenever I played Sticky Fingers and the opening guitar of Brown Sugar would come on, and there'd be bursts of distortion around the opening notes only. I never knew why. I assume mistracking? I can never hear that song without remembering that awful distortion.
  4. Beachtraveler

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    Salem, OR
    Wait, so those who told me that elliptical was the way to go were full of ****? Damnit. I swapped out a conical for an elliptical based on that advice. I have a Technics SL-Q3 Quartz Lock Direct Drive automatic turntable with a Shure M44 cartridge, with a Jico elliptical stylus. Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive stylus to fit this setup? Also, while we're at it, a preamp? I got a self-labeled "cheapo TC-400"preamp with my current setup and wonder how much better it would sound with a better preamp (if at all).

    Rest of set up is a Denon AVR 2300W with Paradigm 7 v11 Monitor series towers, center channel, and Sub 10.
  5. 389 Tripower

    389 Tripower Forum Resident

    Moline, IL USA
    I would use the Jico on Lp's, and put the original M44-7 or G conical (whichever you had) back on it for 7" 45 rpm singles.
    Doing that - you'll be good to go.
  6. Klassik

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    United Kingdom
    The advice I'd give to anybody thinking about getting into vinyl or back into it is to do what experts did in the olde days which is to get into cassette.
    Just pop the new copy on the turntable, stick a Chrome cassette in and press the red button. That way you keep your vinyl in great shape and won't need to go shopping online for reissues when the internet revival starts.
  7. EddieVanHalen

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    My record playing set up is cheap and humble but I think it's well matched. It's a Goldring GR-1 turntable (made by Rega) and a Denon Dl160 cart which I love how it sounds. I never imagined such a cheap combination could outperform an Oppo BDP-93 playing SACD's, I've tested it with Roxy Music's Avalon on LP record and Jap SHM-SACD, record wins.
    No mistracking and no inner groove distotion on the GR-1/Denon DL160.
  8. Beachtraveler

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    Salem, OR
    Anyone else care to weigh in on the Jico stylus? I don't listen to 45s, so LP only use.....
  9. 389 Tripower

    389 Tripower Forum Resident

    Moline, IL USA
    I don't have any Jico products - at least yet, but if you search the internet, and look through other relating threads, you will discover that Jico makes very good quality Styli. So as long as yours is in good condition and not worn, should be no problem.

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