Next XTC Steven Wilson 5.1 remix - BLACK SEA

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Phil Tate, Jul 25, 2017.

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    I've only opened Drums and Wires and I did note that there is a blu-ray disc. Didn't pay attention since I don't use a BR player in my audio system (nor do I play DVD-A). There may come a time when I've got a hard drive in the chain and I can look into how to extract music files where applicable.
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    Straying off-topic, but is the Dent mastering work generally regarded by the forum as the best on CD?
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    John Dent has done the mastering on the newest ENGLISH SETTLEMENT and the corrected polarity SKYLARKING. Both are excellent!

    Andy nor Dent has put out new stand alone CDs or LPs for the rest of XTC's catalog, yet.

    Andy has hinted that he'd like to do more Original Master Recording CDs and vinyl at some point.
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  5. "Black Sea" may well be my favorite of them all.
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    The great thing with DVD-Audio discs is that they usually have a standard DVD-V layer. Only surround won't be lossless.
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    And it's relatively easy to rip DVD-Audio - even I can do it!

    What I lack in my audio setup is surround. So I have my PS3 hooked up via optical to a Schiit DAC that feeds into my stereo setup. I don't know if that's the best way or not, but at least sound comes out when I play blu-rays! I don't like having to boot up the PS3 and the projector and go thru menus just to listen to things, though. Although I am intrigued by these releases that apparently have lots of different versions on the one blu-ray disc.
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    10th November will see the release of the fifth in a series of XTCexpanded and remixed reissues on blu-ray/CD. Black Sea is the band's fourth album from 1980, including a UK hit single in Sgt Rock is Going to Help Me, as well as other XTC classics such as Respectable Street, Generals and Majors, No Language in Our Lungs, and Travels in Nihilon. As with previous releases in this series it's another virtual box set on a single disc - the blu-ray will feature my new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes, the original mix, B-sides, demos and promo videos. In addition to the 11 album tracks, another 7 tracks from the same period have been remixed into stereo and 5.1, including a previously unissued Colin Moulding song Let's Ban the Bomb, and non-album single Take This Town. Pre-orders from Burning Shed will begin on Monday and include a postcard signed by the band's drummer Terry Chambers. The cd/blu-ray is presented in special packaging with an expanded booklet and sleeve-notes by Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers, Dave Gregory and Hugh Padgham.
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    I'm through the roof with this!!! :-popcorn:

    I have all the other mixes and have been waiting for this baby.
  10. Old Fred

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    gotta burning shed link that works for the pre-order?
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    great news but I still want English Settlement!!
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    Pre-orders from Burning Shed will begin on Monday and include a postcard signed by the band's drummer Terry Chambers.
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  14. SJB

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    Steven Wilson says the new set will include sleeve notes by Colin Moulding! That's great news - Andy Partridge had previously reported that Colin had refused to provide notes. I'm glad his voice will be heard alongside everyone else's. I also hope they find a U.S. distributor for the band documentary that recently completed filming. Two band alumni (Dave Gregory and Terry Chambers) attended the documentary's premiere - here they are with Steven Wilson and the director, Charlie Thomas.
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    I noticed that there's no mention of Instrumental mixes.

    This has to be a forgotten mention in SW's blurb, right? I can't see them suddenly not doing an instrumental mix, that seems silly.
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    Damn straight. What else will I do for my monthly XTC karaoke night?!
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    Unless there are so many other things included that disc space is the issue - these sets have pushed the limits as is, and if it comes down to dropping instrumental stuff in favor of demos, unreleased tracks etc I'll take it.

    But whatever - lets wait for the official announcement with *all* the details - very possible that his post just didn't mention it, probable I'd guess, as most think of XTC as a "song" band, not an instrumental one (that stuff's a bonus for nuts like us)
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    I hope he just forgot to mention it.
    The Instrumental mixes have been an eye opening highlight for me.

    Personally, I could use a few less demos. B-sides, unreleased songs, I'm down with that sorta stuff, but demos just aren't that interesting for me except if it's an unreleased/unrecorded song.
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    Any guesses on the 7 extra tracks (b-sides) remixed, would 'the colonel's' 2 tracks fit here?

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