No Album Reviews in New Issue of Rolling Stone?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by madame george's boyfriend, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. madame george's boyfriend

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    Just got the new issue of ROLLING STONE, the one with Harry Styles on the cover. There are no album reviews in the issue. This may be a first for the magazine (besides the occasional year-end issues that skipped them back in the day). Does anyone know what's up with this? (And I don't think this is because it's a "special issue" about the 50 greatest concerts of the past 50 years. I mean, they've run reviews in other special issues in the past.) Is the magazine no longer going to publish reviews? And yes, I know reviews are mostly pointless in print these days when you can get them online the same day a record comes out, blah blah blah. Just seems odd RS would stop running reviews when it just ran a story (for its 50th anniversary year) about how its record reviews have been so influential over the years.
  2. Jeff Kent

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    Mt. Kisco, NY
  3. Finch Platte

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    The last couple of issues have had 5 album reviews apiece. I remember turning the pages and thinking, "this is it?"
  4. Haristar

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    Southampton, UK
    A music magazine without music reviews... :wtf:
  5. TheWarmth

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    I started reading that Styles interview out of curiosity and couldn't stomach it. The line about how he had a vision for his new album was hilarious, though. I have to find it. Here we go: "What would a solo Harry Styles sound like? A plan came into focus. A song cycle about women and relationships. Ten songs. More of a rock sound." Ha! Amazing. Such a novel approach.
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  6. Raf

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    Maybe Rolling Stone has finally stopped pretending to be about music.
  7. Rolling Stone as a `proper` music magazine became irrelevant long ago.
  8. I didn't think his recent music offering on SNL was a total wash, but putting forth a statement like that is pretty laugh worthy, in the context of suggesting that it would be something unique.
  9. madame george's boyfriend

    madame george's boyfriend Active Member Thread Starter

    Exactly ... but five is still more than zero ...
  10. alexpop

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  11. Northwind

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    Haven't you heard? Kids don't listen to albums anymore. The format has become irrelevant.
  12. jjhunsecker

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    It's been less and less every issue. Very strange
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  13. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    I bought the recent issue with Chuck Berry on the cover just out of habit. Was stunned to find it cost $6.99. Thinner than ever. Even the "tribute" to Chuck was rather lackluster.
  14. oldsurferdude

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    It's difficult not to notice just how incredibly "thin" the magazine has been recently. It's a mere shadow of what it used to be back in the day. Are they losing advertising or are we watching the demise of RS?
  15. TheWarmth

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    Here's another Styles quote:

    "With an artist like Prince," he says, "all you wanted to do was know more. And that mystery – it's why those people are so magical! Like, ****, I don't know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery  ...  it's just what I like."

    EVERYBODY knows Prince eats pancakes for breakfast.
  16. Aghast of Ithaca

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    There's an old joke: Two elderly women are at a Catskill Mountain resort. And one of 'em says: 'Boy, the food in this place is really terrible.' The other one says: 'Yeah, I know. And such small portions.'

    Woody Allen
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  17. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Funny the last actual review I read from the mag I bought was New Order's Technique from 89 :laugh:
    My locals never carried it at shops, so I didn't even realize it had come out until that review. I drove 40 miles to buy it.
  18. sixelsix

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    memphis, tn, usa
    Music wise, David Fricke is the only writer left who I would find worth reading on a regular basis.
    But yeah, it stopped being relevant as a music mag a LONG time ago. Guess they have dropped the pretense of being anything other than a People-type rag.
  19. Do corps even pay big money to advertise in magazines anymore?
  20. Sax-son

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    Three Rivers, CA
    Rolling Stone actually does more harm than good in my opinion. In order to stay relevant to a younger readership, they rave about music that is mediocre on a good day. I never get the feeling they really mean what they say.

    Jann Wenner needs to step aside and let a younger editor take over the reins. A music magazine needs to focus on the future and not be stuck in the 1960's or 70's. Generations tend to cling to the music they grew up with and not be so open to new trends. It's just the way things are.
  21. NightGoatToCairo

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  22. Tristero

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    Rolling Stone became more of a lifestyle/celebrity magazine than a pure music magazine a long time ago.
  23. Squealy

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    We're watching the demise of magazines.
  24. BrutandCharisma

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    Can we get "Musician" magazine back?
  25. adm62

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    Last time I read one (a few years ago), there was about 20 pages of real content and 60 of advertisements. Unreadable.

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