Non-German true stereo Beatles Magical Mystery Tour*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by walrus, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. walrus

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    Nashville, TN
    I'm sure this has come up in other threads, but I couldn't find any clear answers. I seem to have finally procured a Blue Box, so now what remains is the elusive MMT. I know the German is the way to go, but are there any other options for a complete true stereo version? (Besides the digital versions, of course) Hoping to stumble on something a little more affordable, even if the quality is perhaps slightly less than an original German issue.
  2. DTB

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    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, But I believe the aren't any other options.
    I have a Capitol MMT on small dome Purple label that is all stereo.
    But, I'm afraid this one is digital.
  3. walrus

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    Nashville, TN
    Figured as much, but had to ask. Guess I'll have to wait for the remasters and hope for the best...the BB 13 put me out of commission for the most part. The German LP's are way, way out of my price range.

    I'd be more content with a 'regular' stereo pressing if the fake stereo was on side one...side two is where all the magic is for me, unfortunately.
  4. Q-Authority

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    My research seems to indicate that Capital re-released MMT in 1976 with the true stereo version, on C1-48061. So try looking for one of those for something a little different.
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  5. Adam9

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  6. walrus

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    Nashville, TN
    According to Wikipedia, that is the catalog number for a 1988 reissue. Weird that a post-'87 issue would have non-digital masters, but I will keep an eye out for it.

    I'm watching it, altho shipping from Germany will put it a bit over what I'm willing to pay. Am likely going to have to wait until after my California & SXSW trip next month before I consider buying one of these, I was just curious what was out there. I really appreciate all your guys' knowledge. :righton:
  7. Tone

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    Five seperate German Horzu/Apple Magical Mystery Tour pressings were released between 1971 & 1976.

    Horzu SHZE 327*
    (Apple with Black Horzu Logo)

    Horzu SHZE 327*
    (Apple with Black New Horzu Logo)

    Apple 1C 062-04 449
    (Apple, Remarks in English, Hand-written type)

    Odeon 28 642-7 (Club Issue)*
    (Apple, Remarks in English, Hand-written type)
    with "Clubsonderauflage"

    Apple 1C 072-04 449*
    (Apple, Remarks in English, Hand-written type)


    The later 1c Apple edtions are usually much cheaper than the original Horzu. However they sound just as good, and have the same SHZE 327 A1 / SHZE 327 B3 deadwax matrix numbers.

    You can hear, and compare clips, from this pressing at

    I hope to get some of the later Capitol pressings up, as they often sound quite good.
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  8. TLMusic

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    I agree that the German MMT is the way to go for stereo. I read about it here and managed to snag a copy before the big price increase.

    The songs from the MMT TV show were all issued in true stereo on the original 1960s UK double EP vinyl and the US Capitol album. If I recall correctly, those are different mixes than the German album. And, as far as I know there is no true stereo mix of the second half of "I Am the Walrus", since it was mixed with the radio sounds live to mono.

    Does the Blue Box have any of those tracks? If not, UK or Capitol vinyl would work for those.

    That leaves the "side two" songs, the singles such as "Strawberry Fields", "Penny Lane" and "All You Need is Love". Personally, I prefer those songs greatly in mono, but if you must have stereo, I believe the German vinyl is the only place to find true stereo mixes of those songs. Is this true, Beatles experts?
  9. wildchild

    wildchild Active Member

    There is the Mo-Fi cassette version and the DMM digital record reissue, issued after the EMI compact disc's were put out.
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  10. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your Host Your Host

    Wrong on every count but I do like your enthusiasm!:)
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  11. TLMusic

    TLMusic Musician & record collector

    Not wrong on every count. :)

    The six songs from the MMT TV show --MMT,Fool on the Hill, Flying, Blue Jay Way, Your Mother Should Know, and I Am The Walrus (except the second half)--were definitely issued in true stereo on the UK double EP (SMMT-1) and the Capitol Stereo LP. At least my copies do that.

    I am still curious--where else in the analog domain besides the German vinyl can one find true stereo mixes of "Strawberry Fields" "Penny Lane" and "All You Need is Love"?

    Edit: sorry, yes, "All You Need is Love" has a stereo mix on Yellow Submarine. I tend to forget about that album...
  12. TLMusic

    TLMusic Musician & record collector

    Whoops, I just noticed that "Strawberry Fields Forever" is also in true stereo on the old Capitol vinyl.
  13. SCOTT1234

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    As Tone says, get one of the German Apple 1C pressings. They are very affordable and easily found in excellent condition, if you use German ebay or online stores. Picked one up a few weeks ago for 12 euros.
  14. Stan94

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    Paris, France
    The very first Apple vinyl of the 1971 German MMT came inside imported US Capitol covers. Those covers bore an "EXPORT ONLY" embossed text on the back, just above the place of manufacture credit (left handside, bottom). I saw one recently in a shop, the record was trashed, otherwise I would have bought it (€50 still...).
  15. Tommyboy

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    New York
    There is also a German Apple pressing, later as well, that has different matrix numbers than the ones that you posted. It's very bass heavy. I would presume that it's from the late 70's early 80's. Some have posted favorbly regarding this pressing. I'm not too crazy about it.
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  16. Tommyboy

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    New York
    The mixes that appear on side 1 of the German LP are similar to the versions that appear on the Capitol LP and the UK EP. If I recall correctly, the only difference is I Am The Walrus, which has a shorter intro on the US Capitol album.

    You can find true stereo mixes of Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and All You Need Is Love on the UK 1967-1970 LP. The US version contains a fake stereo mix of Penny Lane and the US stereo mix of Strawberry Fields.
  17. Smartin62

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    Cleburne, Tx USA
    There are other sources for true stereo "Baby You're A Rich Man", "Penny Lane" and "All You Need Is Love":

    Yellow Submarine has the stereo "AYNIL" as well as the US "Blue 67-70" album (I think the UK is the same).

    The Bonus EP from the boxed EP set SGE-1 has stereo "BYARM" (if you can find it separate from the box).

    The US Rarities has stereo "PL" with the mono trumpet-ending tacked-on. Plus you get the "Frankensteined" version of "IATW".

    By the time you procure them all you might have been just as well off to get the German LP.
  18. walrus

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    Nashville, TN

    There's also a "convenience of listening" factor here too. ;)

    Thanks for all the info regarding German pressings. I'll keep my eyes open.

    I've also seen a supposed 1995 Capitol reissue on ebay...does anyone know anything about this, in case i stumble on one?
  19. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Forum Resident

    I believe it's cut from the same digital masters that were used for the 1987 CD's. I don't have that particular title, but I had WTB and Pepper from that series and that was the case with those.
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  20. seed_drill

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    Tryon, NC, USA
    I thought I read in Goldmine that the French MMT from 1971 was also stereo, with the standard cover. I've never heard it, so I can't attest to the accuracy of this.
  21. Muzyck

    Muzyck Just another anonymous canine Beatle fan

    Also of note ... I'm pretty sure the mix of SFF on the Capitol differs from the German MMT. It may very well be unique to the Capitol MMT Release.
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  22. Tommyboy

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    New York
    The stereo mix on the Capitol LP is different than the mix that appears on the German stereo LP, the UK 1966-1970 LP and the MMT CD (1987 and remaster).

    The following is from Brenann's Recording Variations website:

    basic recording- 29 Nov 1966 and 8 Dec 1966
    additional recording- 29 Nov 1966 and 8,9,15,21 Dec 1966
    master tape- 4 track 2d and 3d generation

    [a] mono 22 Dec 1966. edited.
    UK: Parlophone R5570 single 1967.
    US: Capitol 5810 single 1967, Capitol MAL 2835 Magical Mystery Tour 1967.
    CD: EMI single 1989.

    stereo 29 Dec 1966. edited.
    US: Capitol SMAL 2835 Magical Mystery Tour 1967, Apple SKBO-3404 The Beatles 1967-1970 1973.
    UK: Apple PCSP 718 1967-1970 1973.

    [c] stereo 26 Oct 1971 at AIR. edited.
    Germany: Hor Zu SHZE 327 (later Odeon and Apple 1C 062-04 449) Magical Mystery Tour 1971.
    CD: EMI CDP 7 48062 2 Magical Mystery Tour 1987, EMI CDP 7 97039 2 The Beatles 1967-1970 1993.

    [d] mono 29 Nov 1966 and 1995. edited.
    CD: Apple CDP 8 34448 2 Anthology 2 1996.

    This song is made out of two recordings mixed separately and edited together.
    The first portion is from take 7 of 29 Nov, a 2d generation 4-track tape containing a reduction from take 6 plus overdubs. For the standard versions [a][c], an edit at the silence at 0:55 jumps from the end of verse 1 to a later portion of take 7 containing the line "Let me take you down, 'cause I'm". Then, right in mid-phrase at 1:00, it edits into take 26 of 15 Dec for "going to, Strawberry Fields" and on to the end of the song. The Anthology [d] uses an original mono mix of take 7 without the edits and continuing to near the end, where it was crossfaded in 1995 into sound from takes 15 and 24 of 8 Dec. (Take 7 is available in stereo and complete on bootlegs.)

    The second portion of the standard versions [a][c] is from take 26, basically a 2d generation 4-track tape containing a reduction of take 25 plus overdubs, although it also contains drum and percussion tracks recorded as takes 15 and 24. Take 26 was recorded at a faster tempo than in the final mix, and was slowed down during preparation of the combined recording. There may be a slight slide in tape speed right around the join, too. For the Anthology [d], takes 25 and 26 are not used but some of the same percussion from takes 15 and 24 is heard by itself.

    The infamous spoken "cranberry sauce", actually said twice, is in the percussion track dating from take 24, and both are easily heard in the new mix [d] made for Anthology. The second one is almost cut off at the end of the fade in mono [a], but on the German single (Odeon O 23 436) just a syllable of it can be heard that is missing from known US and UK pressings. Stereo mix [c] had been the only place to hear the second one in full, since cuts off just before it.

    The newer stereo mix [c] was once known as the German stereo mix and is now the standard CD stereo mix. It has better percussion sound than the older stereo mix and more stereo separation. The older mix has a nice effect at the edit, quickly moving the cello and trumpet track across the image from left to right, where it stays, distracting the listener from the edit itself; in the newer mix [c] this track just starts suddenly on the right. The swordmandel at the start of both verse 2 and 3, which sounds like a harp, moves from left to right in the newer mix [c], while it's just centered in the older one . John counts down the rest before the start of verse 2 and 3, properly mixed out in the older mix but heard in the newer one [c]. The fadeout-fadein near the end goes to a moment of silence in the newer stereo mix [c], but comes back immediately in the others. The newer stereo mix [c] has a slightly longer final fade so we hear a second "cranberry sauce" in the drum track, left. The differences in the two stereo mixes helps in working out what is on the 4 tracks although there are still some questions.
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  23. Curiosity

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    United Kingdom
    and the UK lp dubbed from Capitol's dub.
    I'll save and and get an 180 gram box set when they come out. :idea:
  24. Tone

    Tone Forum Resident

    I've heard that pressing and agree with you Tom. A bit muddy on the low end.

    Do you recall what the matrix # is? .... as oppossed to the SHZE 327 A1 / SHZE 327 B3 sides. (which is the 'standard' edition)
  25. JJ3810

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