Oh my, $99.00 One Step is catching on!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Vinylfindco, Mar 18, 2017.

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    Had a listen to the Youtube clip, that is some riveting music :)
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  3. kwadguy

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    I'm waiting for the Aztec Two Step One Step.
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  4. Simon A

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    Mike Garson on piano so it should have some stardust in it. :)
  5. kyndcookie

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    I watched the promo video for this release on Elusive Disc and am listening to the demo on Youtube now. I'm torn. I'd love to hear a UD1S-type pressing by a label other than Mofi, but man, I just don't like Lyn Stanley very much. Her voice is good, but not great. While she booked very good musicians and engineers to work with, I find her work to be self-indulgent, as if it's more an exercise in her personality than really exploring things musically. I also feel like she found a niche she can really mine in audiophile record buyers. I don't have a problem with that, as there are many artists who do this. Vanessa Fernandez, for example. The difference, to my POV, is that I get the feeling she is creating music to sell instead of an artist who is creating because they are naturally creative. If people start raving about the quality it will be hard to resist, though.
  6. Bob J

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    I've heard some of Lyn Stanley's other albums and I watched the video for this new "One-Step" LP and I'm still not impressed. I can't put my finger on why she doesn't appeal to me but maybe your comment about her work being self-indulgent to you comes close. I don't find her voice to be remarkable either but I give her credit for testing the "One-Step" waters, no doubt influenced by the success of the Santana and Bill Evans releases. She certainly has surrounded herself with great talent both in the studio and for the engineering and mastering so I wish her well.

    Furthermore, I just saw that Anne Bisson is also jumping on the bandwagon with her new release although it's not being advertised as a "One-Step" album. The terminology for her record is "Direct-to-Disc". (I don't know what differences there might be between the two processes) The price is also $99.99 unless you want the autographed version that's $20 more. For what it's worth, I find Anne Bisson more enjoyable than Lyn Stanley but I still can't imagine myself plunking down $100 for Anne's album either although I should probably reserve that judgement since I haven't heard anything from Anne's LP yet.

    I know both artists have prided themselves on their records sounding as good as they can get them so it may not total bandwagon jumping but a natural progression.

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