Old 'tables vs. new

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Noel Patterson, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Me too. I love my Thorens TD 166 but would also love a “pass out feature” without doing the lifting thingy you can buy:)
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    Boy, ain't that the truth! I was reminded of this just last night listening to a couple poorly mastered CDs (The Doors and LA Woman). Great source material helps a good system shine. Poor source material makes you wonder what piece of gear you need to replace instead of realizing, it's not your gear, it was the crappy recording. I was in a vinyl mood last night as well and noticed the vast difference in the quality of the recording/mastering with various records although, in my case, some of my records are over half a century old and that they are playable at all is a miracle.
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    Not sure I agree with him about not doing a recap job on at least the caps which are used in the power supply. Electrolytic caps dry out over time and stop doing their filtering function which can introduce noise into circuit. I have also read bad caps can impact speed stability as well so if it is not too expensive and you plan on using the TT a lot IMHO it is a good investment to do now.

    I am not familiar with the internals of the Denon so maybe the following is not required but when I tuned up my Technics SL-1700MKII I also had to do the following.

    1. Replace any belts related to the auto function
    2. Clean out the old lube and relub any gears related to the auto functions
    3. Look for cracks in plastic gears. I repaired a cracked gear in my Technics with Epoxy as you most likely will never find replacements for old TT's
    4. Clean all pots and controls with Deoxit or similar tuner cleaner.
    5. Check all solder joints and touch up any that look cracked or cold
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