Oldest scripted series released on DVD?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vahan, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Vahan

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    I think it might have been The Lone Ranger. Is it?
  2. tmtomh

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    Lone Ranger started in 1949 according to Wikipedia. Hard to imagine a scripted series older than that, that's on DVD. But if there is one, I'm sure someone here will know.
  3. beccabear67

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    There was also a Jack Benny tv series starting in 1949.

    I also found this (on wikipedia)...

    The Television Ghost was one of the first television series, broadcast from 1931 to 1933 by W2XAB New York City, an experimental television station of Columbia Broadcasting System. Each episode lasted for 15 minutes.

    The idea of the series was that the ghosts of the murdered would tell the story of their murders. George Kelting was the storyteller and acted as the ghost, wearing white make-up and having a towel draped over his head. Due to the technical limitations of the time the visual effects were not impressive — the camera showed only George Kelting's head. No recordings of the program were ever made and the only remaining documents are photographs, making it a lost television broadcast.
  4. bartels76

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    Ed Wynn show is from 49-50 and on DVD.
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  5. beccabear67

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    Victoria, Canada
    Oh, I guess the Jack Benny DVDs don't go back to 1949, apologies.
  6. JQW

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    The BBC have released on DVD the first two episodes of The Quatermass Experiment, broadcast in July 1953. The intention was to record all six episodes via telecine, but this was abandoned after an insect got into the equipment during the second episode.

    I can't find any examples of anything earlier from this side of the pond. There's no surviving drama footage from the 1936 to 1939 BBC television service.
  7. Michelle66

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    The Howdy Doody Show might be the oldest – if you consider crazy puppet shenanigans "scripted". (The show began in 1947 as "Puppet Playhouse". There are various DVD collections out there with episodes from the late 40's, but I don't know if any from the first year or so are included.)

    The Cisco Kid was produced in 1950, but it's definitely the first scripted TV show filmed in color.

    Mister Peepers is another early show out on DVD. It began in 1952 and the DVDs give you the first 52 (extant) episodes. (Unlike The Lone Ranger or The Cisco Kid, Mister Peepers aired live and was preserved via the kinoscope process. While the two westerns look like low-budget B-pictures (more or less), Peepers (IMO) is a better example of what early network TV must have been like in general.)
  8. Plan9

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    If you mean series before the television, Fantômas by Louis Feuillade is the oldest: 1912-14. It has been released on DVD.
  9. bartels76

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    I think I Love Lucy would set the timeline here as shows are being mentioned from 52-on. Lucy started in Oct 1951 and are all out on DVD.

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