Opinions on Yamaha RX-Z11 11.2-channel A/V receiver

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Vinyl Richie, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Vinyl Richie

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    considering buying one of these used for $800. Wondering people's thoughts on it.
  2. Vinyl Richie

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  3. Kristofa

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    How will you be utilizing it? Analog in? Digital in? Video? Is $800 a lot in terms of your AVR expenditure budget?

    I have been using a Yamaha RX-V775 for about 1.5 years and like it (especially the parametric EQ and internal DAC sound). But I won't purchase another AVR without more updated video/sound processing, such as Dolby Atmos, at least. If you desire those features as well, then the Z11 may be too old (9 years). It also doesn't have AirPlay, which is pretty handy and nice sounding for compatible devices; my family uses that feature quite a bit.

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  4. SamS

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    Why do you want that model in particular? BTW, it's not "real" 11.2 (really it's 7.1 with + Yamaha proprietary DSP) like the new 11.1 Dolby Atmos and DTS:X receivers are.

    If I was itching to drop ~$800 on a former flagship, I'd look for a Denon AVR-5308CI w/XT32 upgrade. The room correction DSPs in the Yamahas of that vintage are garbage, IMO.
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    I have a Z7 and have been very happy with it from top to bottom for 7 or so years I've had it. I upgraded from the V-1700. I would ask if you like the Yamaha "house sound" for their AV equipment, and while a good price compared to the MSRP, modern receivers have a lot of new, good, useful tech/bells and whistles built in. If you don't need or don't find that new tech useful, then it should be great. But careful, what you don't need today may quickly change in today's fast changing tech world.
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  6. I have been using a Yamaha RXZ1 for years and it has been very good from all aspects.
    The most notable issue is interconnect options. Newer gear just uses newer options my old Yamaha does not have.
    Fortunately the RXZ1 does have some good interconnect options so while they are not totally up to date they are also not bad ways to connect gear.

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