Opinions wanted! Used VPI Classic 1 vs. new Rega RP6 or Scout 1.1....

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Dan C, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. macster

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    Contact the merchant that you purchased the table from and inform them of your problem and if they can't do anything contact VPI.

  2. roscoeiii

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    Yeah, you should be able to sort that issue out. I have run grounding wires from each piece of equipment to one another, and that has helped. Just unscrew a chassis screw a bit and attach a wire there. But there are a lot of variables in situations like this. Good luck tracking down the culprit.
  3. Dan C

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    A tech at Soundstage Direct has been in touch with me. We're working through the variables. Hopefully it's fully resolved soon. In the meantime, the buzz is low enough now that I can mostly enjoy what this turntable has to offer. Still audible in the quietest passages on the best vinyl though, and when I eventually upgrade to higher resolving speakers I'm sure it'll be even more noticeable.

    Funny thing is when I first posted, this is exactly the type of thing I wanted to avoid in the first place! Still oddly I have no regrets. This turntable sounds so incredible and looks so beautiful that I'm not completely discouraged by its issues.

    dan c
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