Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Flowers In The Dirt*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sean Murdock, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. OobuJoobu

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    Leeds, UK
    Number 246 of 500 safely received at work in Leeds this afternoon, looking forward to slipping it in tonight (ooh-er!) :)
  2. Johnny Reb

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    Despite this decreasing my chances of winning :D , there is a "competition" going on here where they're giving away a FITD box.

    Competitions | uDiscover
  3. I answered that Macca collaborated with Frank Zappa. Do I win? :)
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  4. maccawings

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    I went with Beefheart
  5. Johnny Reb

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    Yes. They are shipping you your prize. It's a major award!
  6. mikeja75

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    I've searched the thread, but I'm not finding an easy hit...

    So...Is there a definitive list of the officially released tracks that were not included with the set?

  7. OobuJoobu

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    Leeds, UK
    For anyone wondering what the deluxe box looks like with the SuperDeluxeEdition "Producers Interview" booklet slipped inside, here it is. It fits, it's tight but not worryingly so, it's the blue in the middle of the box just above the red.....

  8. Captain Groovy

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    The real winner to me on this set is the 9-track 1988 demo disc. I didn't think it would be much of anything. But it's amazing.

    It's like a weird, raw, rockin' alternative universe album. Had no idea Paul did real run-throughs on "So Like Candy" and so many others. "Twenty Fine Fingers" is pure Buddy Holly-esque rock - "That Day is Done" raw gospel - and "Don't' be Careless Love" is... wow, it started doo-wop, finger' snappin' and then cool Paul weirdness - including his knack of throwing in a touch of reggae and weird places. Hey, that section sure worked out well for him on "Live and Let Die"..

    This is my Flowers in the Dirt's "Johnny Cutler's Birthday". I thought it really was that Phil Ramone sessions boot we've all head. But nope - it's this. And far better. Man, if they had produced Off the Ground like this... imagine what "Get Out of My Way" could have been. Great, great stuff.

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  9. Oyster Boy

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    Mine came today as well, number 238. Well pleased.
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  10. Paul H

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    Nottingham, UK
    Off the top of my head:

    We Got Married (edit)
    Figure of Eight (single version) (edit)
    Rough Ride (Put it There version)
    Long and Winding Road (Put it There version)
    Party Party (edit)
    P.S. Love Me Do
    Good Sign (Groove Mix)

    plus several edits/fades of Ou Est Le Soleil.

    (Strictly speaking, the "standard" mix of Good Sign is also missing because it turned out to be an edit.)

    One could also argue that, if Back on My Feet was considered a Flowers-era recording, so too should Once Upon a Long Ago be. That would add another four edits/mixes to the missing list.

    Then there are also the tracks from the era that were included on Flaming Pie singles: Atlantic Ocean, Don't Break The Promise, Squid, Love Come Tumbling Down, Same Love and Love Mix.
  11. Mr. Explorer

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    Omaha, NE, USA
    It's also missing I Wanna Cry and I'm in Love Again, two Choba outtakes that were first released as Flowers b-sides (but arguably belong elsewhere in the archive series).

    Also Same Time Next Year and Mama's Little Girl were first released as b-sides of Put It There, but both definitely belong on other, yet-to-be-released, archive boxes.
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  12. revolution_vanderbilt

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    New York
    If you're gonna include the Flaming Pie/Oobu Joobu tracks, you might as well include I Love This House and Beautiful Night too.

    After all this, I still think they could do a Return To Pepperland release. Advertise it as Paul's great lost eighties album. Like most lost albums, it wouldn't really be a lost album at all, but then they could take some liberties with it.
  13. Brian from Canada

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    Great White North
    Not at this time, no.

    At this point, the list of songs known to be from the sessions and commercially released are:
    • Message to Japanese fans [from the Japanese 2-CD special edition of Flowers In The Dirt]
    • Figure Of Eight (edit) [from the 3" "Figure Of Eight" CD single]
    • Rough Ride (rehearsal) [from the 3" "Figure Of Eight" CD single]
    • The Long And Winding Road (rehearsal) [from the 5" "Figure Of Eight" single]
    • Ou Est Le Soleil? (discount version) [from Disconet Dance Classics]
    • Same Love [appearing on "Beautiful Night" CD single in 1997]
    • Don't Break The Promise (demo) [appearing on "The World Tonight" CD single in 1997]
    along with these releases that were promotional releases (and therefore not available generally):
    • Good Sign (groove mix) [from a rare promo 12" single]
    • Party Party (promotional edit) [from Paul McCartney Rocks!]
    • We Got Married (edit) [from the CD single for the proposed "We Got Married" single]
    In addition to those, Oobu Joobu also included the demo for "Motor Of Love" and "Mambo Me Baby."

    "Mama's Little Girl" is now listed as coming from 1972 sessions and is tied to Wild Life.
    "Same Time Next Year" dates back to sessions for Back To The Egg.
    "I'm In Love Again," "It's Now Or Never" and "I Wanna Cry" were from the Choba B CCCP sessions.
    "PS Love Me Do" was recorded in 1987 for a potential covers LP that never went beyond initial idea.
    "Tropic Island Hum" was recorded in 1987 as Paul prepared "Once Upon A Long Ago" but can easily be added to Press To Play instead.
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  14. Brian from Canada

    Brian from Canada Forum Resident

    Great White North
    I see the Pepperland material mostly coming with Press To Play, save for the demo of "Beautiful Night" which will come with Flaming Pie.
    It would make a great second disc wouldn't it?
    1. Spies Like Us
    2. I Love this House
    3. Squid
    4. Yvonne
    5. Love Come Tumbling Down
    6. Hanglide
    7. Christian Pop
    8. Atlantic Ocean
    9. Love Mix
    10. Big Day
    11. New Moon Over Jamaica (demo)
    12. Return To Pepperland
    13. Tropic Island Hum
    14. Once Upon A Long Ago
    leaving for disc three:
    1. Once Upon A Long Ago (long version)
    2. Pretty Little Head (7" mix)
    3. Press (original version)
    4. Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun (full version)
    5. It's Not True (7" mix)
    6. Angry (remix)
    7. Spies Like Us (party mix)
    8. Pretty Little Head (12" mix)
    9. Once Upon A Long Ago (extended version)
    10. Spies Like Us (alternative mix)
    11. Talk More Talk (remix)
    12. Press (dub mix)
    13. Tough On A Tightrope (full version)
    14. Only Love Remains (single mix)
    As for the missing cuts, two would be here…
    1. No More Lonely Nights (dance mix)
    2. Corridor Music (full version)
    3. On The Wings Of A Nightingale (demo)
    4. Fool On The Hill (unused medley version)
    5. Wanderlust (LP edit)
    6. We Got Married (demo)
    7. Lindiana
    8. No Values (film version)
    9. We All Stand Together
    10. Yesterday (busker version)
    11. Eleanor Rigby/Eleanor's Dream (LP edit)
    12. No More Lonely Nights (extended playout)
    13. We All Stand Together (humming version)
    14. No More Lonely Nights (mole mix)
    while "P.S. Love Me Do" got pushed to Choba B CCCP along with the 1987 live performances from the Prince's Trust and "It's Now Or Never" — who join the other covers that recently appeared as part of a potential lineup medley (like "Lend Me Your Comb" and "No Other Baby").

    That would just leave the charity version of "Ferry Cross The Mersey" out there, which I think would make a great addition to the bonus disc of Tripping The Live Fantastic along with the Knebworth cuts and b-sides.
  15. maccawings

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    Great having friends worldwide!!! Already have 2 Cassette Demo tapes and 4 Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane singles!!
  16. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    I just got 2 Best Buy sets on Wednesday night at my local Best Buy. And the great thing, one of my cd's had two cards with different codes so I ordered three 45's
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    If Joeislive and xTraPlayLists received notification Thursday that their Best Buy 45 has been sent, we may be shipped out of luck.

    I got a third e-mail Monday same as the other two which includes the ominous line " In the event the product becomes unavailable we will notify you."


    I think I sent my code off just a day or two after release.

    Edit; Okay I sent it off on release date, but got an e-mail from 'Roseanne' saying there were technical difficulties and to please try again with a new code included in the response.
    I followed instructions. Then received confirmation. (That was three days after the release date.)
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  18. Beaneydave

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    Sorry to be" that guy " but what is that where did you get it and what I'm I missing here

    Peace and love✌
  19. For the Record

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    Whoo, look at that box bow! Up to you to leave it in there, but that box will stretch and get a permanent bow.
  20. Beaneydave

    Beaneydave Forum Resident

    My V&M and WATSOS boxes are warping !
    They have been well stored on book shelves but still have warped. Very disappointing

    Peace and love✌
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  21. Oyster Boy

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    I have said it upthread, but so have mine, to the point where the CDs have to be removed by sliding the Coming Soon card underneath them and manoeuvring them out. Mine are well stored between the others as well.
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  22. Arnold Grove

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    Well, I guess these cards did serve a purpose after all ... ;)
  23. RAJ717

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    Exactly why I don't splurge for the box sets. I just want the music.
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  24. mrjinks

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    I don't know that those 5" adapters are actually required. My PC, as well as CD and DVD players all have a recessed area in the tray that perfectly fits the 3" size disc. I wouldn't dare slide one in a CAR player, but I have no issues playing these without the adapters otherwise...
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  25. Oyster Boy

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    My Audiolab CD player has no recess. Even though its a tray mechanism I daren't risk loading the single alone.
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