Paul McCartney Archive Collection - Tug Of War & Pipes Of Peace coming! (Part Two)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by daveidmarx, Feb 16, 2015.

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    Of course. ;).
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    Could've been worse...that could have been the album cover!!
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    3 great tracks. I think Pipes is a lot more "fun" than Tug Of War.
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    I'll see what I can do.

    I post on tumblr occasionally, amongst other teenage Macca fans. When the box set came out, and I uploaded some scans, I was begged by a few MJ fans to upload the new footage of him and Paul. Took some work, but I did it. They were very grateful. Of course, as with my scans it was downloaded and reposted by many other people.

    All this reminds me, I never got round to watching the DVD included with Tug of War!
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    I know the albums Tug Of War and Pipes were recorded from the same sessions but someone (perhaps someone on this thread) pointed out something that fascinated me and had never occurred to me before.
    That Average Person was originally intended as the opening track of Tug of War, which was why the "do-do-dooooo, do-do-do-doooo" melody between the verses was repeated at the end of what would then be the final track, Tug Of War? Consequently, the orchestra piece that closes the song reprises the 'Average Person' melody, thus opening and closing the album in great McCartney tradition.

    Of course, I subsequently had to burn my own 'Tug Of Peace" comp, which combines my favourite tracks from the two, with Average and Tug Of War top and tailing ... makes for a great alternate album.
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    Another point regarding Paul's sessions.

    It's Not On is a track that had never been mentioned elsewhere.

    I wonder how many songs do still remain in his vaults that way.
    We've got, for instance, a bunch of documents of the sessions, like the Flaming Pie stuff.
    We only got to know this in detail because somebody dug his lid.
    Bet that Flowers In The Dirt or Off The Ground archives might reveal several tracks that have never been mentioned.
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    There are 3 songs from the Flowers In The Dirt sessions that have never been heard or even rumored. These are:
    "Coming Soon"
    "Snail's Pace"
    "Archive Edition Blues"

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    How many people wait like me and feel like being stuck in a figure of eight? That last year seems to be a rough ride with all the delays and distractions. For the last few weeks I've searched this forum for news, waiting for a good sign. I saw myself flying to my home and telling the delivery courier: "Put it there". But each time evening comes that day is done without any outcome. Hard for me to put on my brave face. The next day may be this one or that one or the one after that. But you gotta stay positive, better turn on the motor of love than throwing the first stone...
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    Ou est le Fleurs Archive release?
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    I hate to rip open old wounds, of course, and I know this is a sensitive topic, since it invites all kinds of abuse. but I'm hoping this might serve as a balm with documented proof.

    I'm updating my music files, replacing all those I ripped in the mid-2000s at a miserly 128kbps. I'm also fleshing out albums from which, previously, I'd only ripped selected tracks (back when I was more worried about the limitations of memory). Including this one:

    Since Cilla Black is not the sort of artist I'd reach for on my CD shelf (my limitation I'm sure!) and since I ripped the key tracks back in 2005 or whatever, it's quite certain that, if I'd ever listened to her "Liverpool Lullaby," it hasn't been since whenever I first bought this CD in the 1990s. Anyway, I'm listening this morning to Cilla Black's Liverpool Lullaby, track 25:

    Okay, lovely tune, but not a lullaby I'd sing to my own kids. Still, check out the opening lines:

    Oh you are... a muckie kid.
    Dirty eyes... a dustbin lid.​

    A clue! Has anyone mentioned this yet? Probably one of you geniuses knew this all along, but it just came to me now.

    So... whether or not "dustbin lid" has any relevance to Cockney slang, we hear above that it makes its way into the opening couplet of "Liverpool Lullaby" (1969) by Liverpool's own Cilla Black more than a decade before it shows up again on Pipes of Peace. Someone phone the OED!

    Just saying: maybe indeed there's a context there that most of the rest of us are unaware of.
    Someone will offer the view (reasonably) that having a context still doesn't make it a great line. Maybe so! But... having a context I think removes it from the category of idiosyncratic, boneheaded weirdness.
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  11. Thrillington

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    Sounds to me like she's singing

    'Dirty as a dustbin lid'

    Which makes it less likely she's using Cockney rhyming slang (particularly in a song about Liverpool).

    Good find though.
  12. Rob Hughes

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    :) Thanks!

    Just to be clear, though, it's not my point that anyone at all is using Cockney rhyming slang. Maybe "dustbin lid" is cockney rhyming slang for "little kid" -- but I wouldn't know! For all I know, the "Cockney rhyming slang" meme is just McCartney fans trying to justify an otherwise apparently duff lyric. But the Cilla Black song shows it to be a more acceptable lyric in a Liverpool context than it would be, say, in any Ohio or Oklahoma context I know of. For whatever that's worth!
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  13. Thrillington

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    Ah right. Well, perhaps Macca used it as rhyming slang, perhaps it was common to the Liverpudlian dialect, perhaps he was referencing this song? Who knows.

    Sadly whichever way we look at the lyrics, many here will still continue to slate it. Each to their own.
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    Just finished the SFX interview. Another good one. It sounds like the more amateur the interviewer is the better the results are. I can't remember anyone talking so straight to Paul about John's death as this guy did. He treats Macca like a human and not a god and get's a good interview out of him because of it. A lot of little things that I can't remember hearing Paul directly address in such a straightforward way before. Cheers for posting.
  17. Six Bachelors

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    So, almost two years late I picked up the TOW deluxe. Predictably, five or six of the files failed to download properly and there now seems to be no way of getting the missing files. The website considers that I have them and won't permit to download them again.

    I'm sure it has been covered in the thread umpteen times but wading through the last hundred or so pages will take some time and I struggle with the search function on this forum.

    Does anyone have any tips for getting the files I missed out on? Having the remix in hi-res was one of the attractions of this set for me. The only contact form on the official website is for "feedback". I tried it and wasn't able to submit my message. A truly stupid system for ensuring customers get these downloads (if, indeed, Paul's people actually care about that.)
  18. kaztor

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    Same here.
    It's a bit like paying for a 6-course-menu and not getting any dessert.

    Good luck with the extra Flowers In The Dirt-box content. All of it's relevant additions have been relegated to download only!
  19. Six Bachelors

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    ...or the waiter tripping on the way to your table and dropping the dessert onto the floor but the restaurant refusing the bring you a replacement and charging you anyway.
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    When I've had issues with McCartney hi res downloads I've contacted the online help address (is it still Topspin?) and they've always been really helpful.

    For other ways of getting hold of the files, feel free to PM me, I'm sure I can help you get hold of them....
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    Turns out it's Dropcards, not Topspin (I think). I have lodged a ticket (or whatever they call it) about having my download reset. I'll let everyone know how I go with Dropcards, in case anyone was never able to complete (or commence) his/her download and needs it reset.

    In the meantime, a rather awesome member here has been in touch.
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  22. Six Bachelors

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    Alright, well, the Drop cards person reset the download promptly and I was able to complete it.

    To anyone whose download was incomplete, it was quite painless and easy. I went here, clicked "Submit a request" and filled out a form which includes the download code. Got a reply quickly.

    My thanks once again to the forum member who PMed me.
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    Review of POP from No. 1 magazine in November 1983. Not a very good one either.

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    Reads exactly true to me. :agree:
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    Thank you :)

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