Pearl Jam Capture Wrigley Field Shows in 'Let's Play Two' Concert Film.

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    A project that is both audio- and video-related.
    From rolling stone dot com:
    Pearl Jam's two-night stint at Wrigley Field – during the 2016 season the Chicago Cubs ended their 108-year World Series drought – will be showcased in a new concert film and live album, Let's Play Two.

    Photographer Danny Clinch filmed the August 20th and 22nd concerts. The band performed tracks from their catalog spanning Ten to Lightning Bolt, as well as non-LP cuts like "Black Red Yellow," "Crazy Mary," a cover of the Beatles' "I Got a Feeling" and their Cubs anthem "All the Way."

    Pearl Jam's two-night August 2016 visit to Chicago's Wrigley Field will be
    showcased in the upcoming concert film and live album 'Let's Play Two.'
  2. joe1320

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    dublin, ireland
    Looks great film
  3. George P

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    Pearl Jam Capture Wrigley Field Shows in 'Let's Play Two' Concert Film

  4. ToddH

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    Mansfield, Texas
    I preordered the vinyl and amazon says it will be here by 8 but shows it as not shipped yet. Seems odd.
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  5. ToddH

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    Mansfield, Texas
    it never showed up and I got an email saying they don't know when it will be shipped.
  6. SoundAdvice

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    17 songs on the soundtrack, how many in the film?
  7. Randy5554

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    I listened to a few songs from the soundtrack on Spotify. It sounds pretty similar to their standard official bootlegs from the period (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). Each track does appear to fade in and out, so there's not any attempt to make it flow like a show. Kind of glad I didn't put up the bucks for the vinyl.
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  8. Jerquee

    Jerquee Take this, brother, may it serve you well.

    New York
    I saw this on Thursday and I really enjoyed it. The Cubs/Wrigley aspect of the film added a lot of interest beyond the performances. It's definitely a worthwhile film that goes beyond your typical concert film.
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  9. They will be selling CDs/downloads of the full 2 Wrigley Field shows that will come out on November 17 which is the Bluray/DVD release date.
  10. Joe Spivey

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    All of them if I remember correctly.

    The movie was awesome but I'm a biased Cubs fan. The ArcLight theater here is Chicago played it nice and loud. I also listened to the album on Tidal once and thought the sound quality was on par with most PJ stuff.
  11. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Saw this tonight in the theater and really liked it. The songs without Vedder on guitar sound best--his tone is too trebly and his guitar mixed too loud. Matt Cameron's drums are mixed loud too, which I liked, but I've read some criticism of that. Unlike Pearl Jam bootlegs past, Jeff's bass is present, though the theater's subs might've had something to do with that. Ed's connection to the Cubs is gone into at some length, which gives the story some of its emotional resonance.
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  12. BlackCircleVinyl

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    Anybody got the vinyl? How does it sound, what's the mastering and pressing quality like? Sadly PJ vinyl has always been a bit underwhelming, I'm hoping this will be amazing but suspect it will be just OK...
  13. PCM7027

    PCM7027 Forum Resident

    A thoroughly enjoyable film that I'd suspect anyone with no knowledge of the Cubs (or even baseball) could still appreciate. Those extra elements really add to it and elevate it above a conventional concert film. I also particularly loved the brief, impromptu rendition of Steely Dan's Dirty Work.

    If you're going to see it in the cinema, don't leave during the credits!
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  14. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Oh, I walked out during Wishlist. Anything notable after that?

    Q: how do you clear a room of hardcore Pearl Jam fans?
    A: play Wishlist.
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  15. PCM7027

    PCM7027 Forum Resident

    When the credits end, you get a blistering version of Mind Your Manners. It's awesome.
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  16. RubenH

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    How does the CD sound?
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  17. uncle

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    I wish PJ would just release full shows on video. I am not as much a fan of concert "films" that only show some of the performance or include outside stuff like interviews. I mean I can enjoy them but I really wish they would also include the full shows since they filmed them anyway. This goes for their previous release Immagine in Cornice. Similar to U2 with Rattle N Hum, I would love for them to just release a full show filmed by Joanou. I enjoy Danny Clinch's work visually so it is disappointing as a fan to now have complete shows out.
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  18. dobyblue

    dobyblue Forum Resident

    For those with the Blu-ray, how many songs are there roughly on the Blu-rays that are complete performances without any interruption?
  19. walrus

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    Nashville, TN
    This makes me absolutely insane. I've had this queued up in my Amazon video for awhile and just can't be arsed, because I know it's going to be great songs interrupted by Eddie Vedder babbling about the Cubs. I lived within blocks of Wrigley years ago, I dealt with enough Cubs fans to last me a lifetime. Just give me video of the complete shows.

    I'm really surprised this wasn't a home video the movie/documentary, fine. But sell a "Ten Club Special Edition" or something featuring the film, and then extra blu-rays of the complete shows. I'd have bought that in a heartbeat.
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  20. Joe Spivey

    Joe Spivey Your friendly neighborhood Spivey-Man

    Go Cubs! :righton:

    My Ten Club tickets put me within feet of the stage for both shows.

    I was somewhat apprehensive to watch the movie too and I'm a fan. However it was a fun ride...
  21. Combination

    Combination Forum Resident

    New Orleans

    Actually, for a lot of people, that would be Even Flow. No one who knows their music super-well walks away from a Yield song. :)
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  22. Dflow

    Dflow Forum Resident

    Love the Cubs and really line Pearl Jam. Just can't get over Eddie wearing a Sox hat on the first SNL appearance. Some things a die hard Cubs fan just wouldn't do.
  23. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    You must not know folks from the old Five Horizons-related boards. Lots of "Wishlist" haters out there.
  24. Combination

    Combination Forum Resident

    New Orleans
    Oh, I remember 5H all right - those guys would make a notation about Eddie turning around forwards instead of backwards during a song. Besides, they always struck me as the type to not leave for anything!
  25. YMC4

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    SF Valley, CA.
    it's on Amazon Prime now...pretty well done n i'm only a casual PJ fan.
    i even got misty eyed a bit during Release...doesn't happen often n certainly not during concert doc.

    couple quick thoughts after viewing it :

    1. haven't heard Black in 15 years or so, forgot how great that song is.
    2. surprised that Ed didn't know Dirty Work was done by Steely Dan, 70's music buff that he is...
    3. Theo Epstein should be our next president.

    go check it out :righton:

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