Pearl Jam Capture Wrigley Field Shows in 'Let's Play Two' Concert Film.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dance_hall_keeper, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Never got the hate for Wishlist - not a single note out of place and Eddie sings with his heart in his vocal chords.
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  2. Jam757

    Jam757 Forum Resident

    We need some information on the vinyl release of this on here guys! Pressing quality, mastering, sound quality, versions of songs? 98.7% chance that I buy it soon anyway but curious about those who already own it.
  3. BlackCircleVinyl

    BlackCircleVinyl Well-Known Member

    I'm at about 90% chance but I'm not getting it on vinyl without the knowledge you also seek...
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  4. Jam757

    Jam757 Forum Resident

    LOL! Agree, any blind purchase is risky these days. It does get a few good reviews on Amazon but I'll wait for some people to check in here first.
  5. Joe Spivey

    Joe Spivey Your friendly neighborhood Spivey-Man

    My quick and general assessment... pass. Sound quality and pressing is just ok. I've played it once and haven't gone back. It was received as a gift. I like the show and was there in the pit both nights. Maybe stick to streaming or CD?
  6. Jam757

    Jam757 Forum Resident

    Thanks, that's unfortunate. For a band who is as great live as Pearl Jam is with literally tons on nice sounding live material (Gorge shows, Live on Two Legs, etc.) there is barely any live vinyl available for Pearl Jam. Sad really...
  7. Joe Spivey

    Joe Spivey Your friendly neighborhood Spivey-Man

    Agreed. I've been enjoying the live Vault releases on vinyl. Not sure if they are only Ten Club members or not but perhaps worth seeking out.
  8. craigobau

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    London, England
    What a great documentary/concert film, even for people who aren't big fans of the band.

    I particularly enjoyed seeing the guy who queued up for tickets for 4 days and then got a call-out from Eddie Vedder during show. Quality stuff.

    In fact, I enjoyed it so much, i bought the soundtrack album and am now going to revisit the PJ albums I never listened to before (everything after Vitalogy).

    Having looked at a few PJ threads on SHF, it seems opinions are pretty divided on the band's catalog?
  9. brownsound2112

    brownsound2112 Forum Resident

    For me, they became very average in record after Yield...until Lightning Bolt, which I really enjoyed.

    Always brilliant live, though. Seeing them in June, can’t wait.
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  10. joshm2286

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    This happens to me every now and then and is a common thing to happen to Prime subscription members. The problem really needs to stop.

    I considered buying this when it first came out. Gonna pick this one up on Blu-ray next week.
  11. BlackCircleVinyl

    BlackCircleVinyl Well-Known Member

    I finally picked up the vinyl release of this on clearance sale at a local “big box” retailer at 50% off. I’m not expecting too much in terms of an improvement over the Tidal streaming that I’ve been listening too since release date... guess I’ll know once I spin it! Anyone else still playing this one?
  12. If you get hold of the Bluray go to the additional features and watch the full band electric version of Masters Of War.Rivals Hendrix Watchtower as the best Dylan cover ever IMHO.
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