Peter Gabriel : Birdy / Passion / Long Walk Home - Download Codes

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  1. Funky Meadows

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    I bought these 45 RPM LPs as a bundle. To download these albums, we are told to go the PeterGabriel site and enter the codes. So far I have not been able to do this has anyone else had trouble redeeming these?

    The first four 45 RPM LP ( PG 1 - 4 ) downloads were through Bowers & Wilkins, and went through without issue. I've contacted PG's site twice asking for info but so far no response.

    Thanks for any guidance.
  2. bluesbreaker1962

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    Hi - I have purchased the vinyl and the download codes have worked perfectly well through the link provided. You enter a code - get an email and then files directly download. They are 24 Bit WAV files, apart from Passion Sources which are 16/44 WAV.
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  3. Funky Meadows

    Funky Meadows Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I figured it out shortly after making my post. Stoopid me! :rolleyes:

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